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The Four Great Seraphs (四大セラフ, Yondai Serafu) are the current leaders of Heaven and the Angels after the death of the God of the Bible.


At some point in the past, the Four Great Seraphs and the Angels were led by the God of the Bible to fight against the original Four Great Satans and the Devils in the Underworld as well as Azazel and the Fallen Angels in the Great War, the latter of whom retreated prior. The God of the Bible eventually died in the Great War because of his exhaustion after placing numerous seals on the beast Trihexa and lost more than half of the armies of Angels.

After the Biblical God’s death, The Archangel Michael became the current leader of Heaven and the Angels. However without God, the Angels were incapable of increasing their numbers normally until the Four Great Seraphs created the Brave Saints system which allows humans to be reincarnated into Angels.

During the Evil Dragon War, three of the four Seraphs sealed themselves with the legendary beast Trihexa, leaving Gabriel as the sole Great Seraph remaining in Heaven.

Current Members

Name Title Status
Gabriel Leader of the Angels, Four Great Seraph, Throne of Heaven Alive

Former Members

Name Title Status
Michael Former Leader of the Angels, Former Archangel, Four Great Seraph (Formerly), Throne of Heaven Alive (Sealed)
Uriel Four Great Seraph (Formerly), Flame of God, Throne of Heaven Alive (Sealed)
Raphael Four Great Seraph (Formerly), Throne of Heaven Alive (Sealed)


  • The Four Great Seraphs are the Angel counterparts of the Four Great Satans.
  • In Christian tradition, each of the Four Great Seraphs govern each one of the seven heavenly virtues that oppose the seven deadly sins:
  • The leader of the Seraph is in control of the Holy System that God of the Bible left behind to govern miracles as was demonstrated by Michael and later Gabriel, who received the control of the system from Michael.
  • It was mentioned there are few Seraph from Ten Seraphs considered as a candidate to take a new seat for Four Great Seraphs.
  • Reincarnated Angels that have be promotion also have be considered as a candidate to become a new Seraph such as Dulio, who is being considered as a new Seraph.