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Fire Breath is a technique primarily used by Dragons and some other creatures such as Typhon and 666 (Trihexa).


Fire Breath is a ability noted to be common among nearly all dragons, as it is one of their signature abilities along with their ability to use their dragon aura and their claws. While most dragons use the standard fire breath which produces flames, other dragons can develop the ability to breath other elements from their mouth such as ice, or lightning depending on their species or unique abilities.


Fire Breath allows the user to spew a immense amount of intense flames, being able to engulf entire areas in a fiery inferno.

Some dragons have refined their fire breath to a great degree, becoming famous for its power. An example of this would include Tannin, the former Dragon King and current Ultimate-class Devil, whose flame breath is stated to have the power rivaling that of a meteor strike, being named the Blaze Meteor Dragon due his fire breath.

Another dragon famous for his fire breath is the Welsh Dragon; the Red Dragon Emperor Ddraig, who can enhance his flames with his unique powers of Boost and Penetrate. Ddraig's fire breath is so potent that he has a unique fire breath called Blazing Inferno of Scorching Flames (燚焱の炎火(いつえきのえんか), Itsu Eki no Enka), which can incinerate anything including Gods, reducing even their souls. The only beings who could withstand it are Ddraig's rival; Albion, and the Dragon Gods (the completed Ophis and Great Red).

The Dragon King Vritra's black flames were noted to possess a special curse that curses the enemy for eternity and is difficult to dispel.

The Evil Dragon Crom Cruach was able to train himself to the point of being overwhelm even Ddraig's standard flames which were enhanced with his Boost ability. His flames are hot enough to break though Vali Lucifer's Compression Divider and melt his Empireo Juggernaut Overdrive armor. It was shown to be able injure the Golden Dragon King; Fafnir to a great degree.

The Imperial Beast; the 666 (Trihexa)'s fire breath is so powerful that even a casual blast can completely destroy an entire island as well as blow as the mountains, lakes and forests.


  • If a Dragon is afflicted with the Dragon Flu, they will be unable to breathe fire until they are cured.[1]


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