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Koneko Toujou and Rias Gremory with their respective familiars.

Familiars (使い魔 Tsukaima) are monsters and supernatural beings in High School DxD who have been magically bound to a Devil as a servant or ally.


Familiars are considered as a basic requirement for Devils. They could assist their masters in various tasks, be used for information gathering and relaying messages, as well as perform any other odd jobs that their masters could think of. Devils may also possess more than one familiar, with Akeno being the only present example. Familiars are shown to have different abilities depending on their species. For example, Asia's Dragon familiar acts as her personal bodyguard and Issei's familiar, Ryuuteimaru, acts as a mode of transportation. Devils may summon their familiars to them at any given time.


Rias' Familiar handing out a flyer to Issei

There does not appear to be any specific duties that familiars are supposed to perform, though Rias has stated they can be used to bring information or carry messages. Mostly they have been shown performing janitorial work and odd jobs for their masters.

Known Familiars

Bat (?)
The actual race is currently unknown.
  • ?: Rias Gremory currently has one but it's name is not known at present. In Volume 8, Issei describes it as a bat the same color as Rias's crimson hair. In the anime, it is revealed to have been the woman (suggesting that the familiar is female) who gave Issei the flier with the contract seal to summon Rias when she resurrected him as a Devil.
Cat (?)

The actual race is currently unknown.

  • Shiro (シロ): Shiro is the familiar of Koneko Toujou. It has white fur and hazel eyes, matching its master's.
  • ?: Kuroka's familiar also appears to be a cat but with black fur to match hers respectfully. In Volume 6, Kuroka used her familiar to lure Koneko to her.
Tiny Demon (?)

The actual race is currently unknown.

  • ?: Akeno Himejima currently has one but it's name is not known at present. In Volume 8 it is described as a small Oni. In the anime, Issei calls it an imp.
    • The anime shows Akeno has multiple of these familiars.
Small Bird (?)

The actual race is currently unknown.

  • ?: Yuuto Kiba's familiar. Its name has not been revealed at present, and is the only one of the Occult Research Club's familiars not shown in the anime.
Bird (?)
The actual race is currently unknown.
  • ?: Riser Phenex's familiar, appearing only in the anime, it is a red eagle like bird, most likely a Phoenix. Riser has shown that he is able to see distanced things through the eyes of his familiar.
Sprite Dragon

A top-tier normal-class Dragon that can generate powerful blue lightning. According to the Familiar Master, a Sprite Dragon needs to be tamed as a child or else they will become uncontrollable as adults. A Sprite Dragon is considered as a top-breed familiar.

Bust Bug (?)
The actual race is unknown at present.
  • ?: Maverick Devil's familiar. It was shown to enjoy large breasts.

It is the legendary ship Skíðblaðnir that was created by the tribe called Ívaldi who also created Thor's Mjölnir. Supposedly, very few of these ships were created. Skíðblaðnir is a living ship capable of flying through the air.

  • Ryuuteimaru: Issei Hyoudou's familiar given to him by Surtr Second in the Extra Life of Volume 13. It initially appears to be a small ship (starting at the size of a toy boat) that will continue to grow and evolve into different forms by using the aura and imagination of its master as its source. Despite its small size, it call still fly while carrying its master. It was stated that as it grows, Ryuuteimaru would be able to fill the role of transportation and eventually serve as a living, flying harem palace for Issei. However, it has evolved in a different direction, taking the form of Apocalypse AnswerArms.
Dog (?)

Is a legendary creature in Chinese and Korean mythology.

  • Final Death Xiezhi: Xenovia Quarta’s familiar. A black xiezhi the size of a dog who was previously one of the Four Invincible Generals in the Vortex Bunch organization, that became Xenovia's familiar. He is a being that is said to protect a household, but instead wanders around travelling. When defending someone, he is said to be a master of defense though his weaknesses is beautiful women.

Potential Familiars

Other races have been mentioned as being possible candidates for Familiars. These include:

Dragon Kings

  • Tiamat: Tiamat was mentioned in the side story "The Familiar's Requirements" by the Familiar Master as a candidate for a powerful familiar, although it is stated that no devil has successfully made a familiar contract with her.


Undines are described as humanoids with blue sparkling hair and the body of a male martial artist. Undines are said to be a water-type Seirei (Holy Spirit).

Nine-Headed Hydra

The Nine-Headed Hydra's greatest features are its deadly poison that even Devils fear, and its immortal body. The Familiar Master touts it as one of the most evil pets who would even kill its own master.
  • At least one of these creatures resides deep within the Pet Forest. Rias Gremory seemed to like the idea of it being Issei's familiar and suggested they find it.

Slime and Tentacles

Slime is a gelatinous form with a greenish hue that lives in the Pet Forest. It has no real shape, as its form is almost constantly changing. According to the Familiar Master, Slime is a type of creature that loves to eat clothing (of women in particular).

Tentacles are long flexible organisms who work together with Slime to attack their prey. They are fond of women's secretions.

  • Slime-taro: Slime-taro is the name Issei Hyoudou gave to the slime that ambushed the Occult Research Club before it was destroyed by Rias Gremory and the others. Since it was destroyed before Issei could make a contract with it, he could not make it into his familiar.

How to Obtain

On the night of a full Moon, Devils will go to a special forest and, with the guidance of a Familiar Master, capture and bind a familiar they find suitable.