The Fallen Angels (堕天使, Datenshi) are one of the Three Factions in High School DxD, alongside the Angels and Devils.


  • A Church occupied by Fallen Angels
  • Religious icons destroyed by Fallen Angels
  • Religious icons destroyed by Fallen Angels
  • Religious icons destroyed by Fallen Angels

Fallen Angels are Angels that have fallen from the grace of God, due to having "impure thoughts" that divert them from the teachings of the God in the Bible. The leaders of Grigori were tempted by human women and had fallen after having sex with them.

Despite being cast out of Heaven, Fallen Angels and their subordinates have been known to occupy churches and use them as bases. However, they go out of their way to destroy all of the religious icons in these churches in the process out of spite for their former leader.

Currently, the Fallen Angels have the smallest population among the Three Factions.


Fallen Angel

Fallen Angel Warriors as they appeared in the anime

Fallen Angels have an appearance similar to their Angel counterparts with their wings; however, their wings are colored black as opposed to the Angels' white wings. Also, because they have been cast out of Heaven by God, they also lack the halos above their heads. They have black hair (with the exception of Kalawarner who had blue hair, Mittelt who had blonde hair, Penumue who has purple hair, Azazel who has golden bangs along with his black hair, and Tamiel who has blond hair) and violet eyes (except Kokabiel who has red eyes, Kalawarner who had brown eyes, Mittelt who had blue eyes, and Dohnaseek who had dark blue eyes) and are often seen wearing dark-colored clothes, mainly pertaining to the colors black and violet, to match with their hair and eye color.

Like their Angel counterparts, the rank of a Fallen Angel depends on how many wings he or she has. For example, Azazel, the former leader of the Fallen Angels, has six pairs of wings (twelve altogether) which justify his former position. The blackness of the wings of each Fallen Angel is also different. Azazel, for example, has jet-black wings with feathers that have the color of everlasting darkness.


  • Light spears of varying shapes and colors
  • Raynare holding a spear of light
  • Kokabiel wielding swords of light.
  • Azazel multiple light spear attack

Although they have been cast out from Heaven, Fallen Angels retain the ability to create Light Weapons. This type of weaponry is extremely harmful and poisonous to Devils, as it is shown many times when Issei is wounded by Dohnaseek and Raynare. Fallen Angels have the ability of flight via their feathered wings, their wings have also been shown to retract into their backs as if they've completely disappeared. The Fallen Angels can use the feathers of their wings as projectiles to pierce their opponents, with the feathers being as hard as steel and are also capable of using their wings for both offense and defense.

Like Devils and Angels, Fallen Angels have a unique ability which allows them to communicate with different people from around the world without the language barriers. All Fallen Angels also have increased physical abilities, such as superhuman strength, endurance, and speed.

Unlike Angels and Devils, who require the use of a respective Brave Saint or Evil Piece to replenish their numbers, Fallen Angels can replenish their number of "pure" Angels simply by tempting the remaining pure Angels in Heaven to join them. It is unknown if it works in the opposite direction, where the Fallen Angels can redeem themselves via selfless and righteous acts to rejoin Heaven. They can also increase their numbers through childbirth, as with the case of Baraqiel with Akeno through Akeno's mother.

Fallen Angels, like other factions, have their own system of magic and spells. This includes a method to wipe the memories of large numbers of people, as shown when all of Issei's friends forgot about Yuuma, or when Azazel wiped the memories of the girls of Kuoh Academy.

Magic CircleEdit

Fallen Angel Magic Circle

Fallen Angel Magic Circle

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Cadre Edit

Cadre (カドレ, Kadore) are a group of high tier fallen angels who are noted for their power. They have a unique characteristic of having multiple fallen angel wings, as they possess 5 pairs of fallen angels wings. The Cadres are noted to be very powerful and proficient in using their light weapon abilities as they can shoot out multiple light weapons without fatigue. Most of the Cadres have become executives of the Grigori.

Population Edit

The population of Fallen Angels consisted of the Angels who fell after being tempted by desires and had sex with humans in exchange for the knowledge of Heaven. The Fallen Angels are capable of interbreeding among themselves unlike Angels, though the rate of pregnancy is low, as they are capable of breeding with other supernatural species as well but the rate of pregnancy is also low. Fallen Angels can easily produce children with humans, as seen with the birth of Akeno Himejima: between the union of the Cadre; Baraqiel and his human wife Shuri Himejima. During the Great War, the Fallen Angels lost a good majority of their population as numerous Fallen Angels were killed including several leader-class fallen angels. The Fallen Angels are noted to have the smallest population among the Three Factions. During the Demonic Beast Riot, Azazel also reveals that Grigori lost more of it's members to the Khaos Brigade after a group of top-class Fallen Angels had been discovered to be giving out information to them. Due to losing more of its top-brass members and the decreasing rate of natural-born Fallen Angels, Azazel says that the leaders of the Grigori didn't have any intention of trying to continue the existence of the Fallen Angels as a race, as they opted not to make a reincarnation system like the Evil Pieces and Brave Saints, despite being capable of doing so as Azazel stated that the Fallen Angels can end with him and the Grigori though they would accept any angel who fell.



Grigori (グリゴリ, Gurigori) is an organization created by Azazel and the Fallen Angels who fell with him; they were also called "The Watchers of the Children of God" (in other words, the “Sacred Gear” possessors), and arguably represents the Fallen Angel "mainstream." The members of Grigori include exiled Church members (Valper Galilei and Freed Sellzen, for example) and Sacred Gear wielders that Azazel and the other members kept as their respected members; for example of these members are Tobio and Vali (Vali would later defect). Grigori invites or takes in possessors of Sacred Gears that have no family and are left alone, looking after these Sacred Gear possessors while training them on how to use their powers, turning them into experienced possessors to remain within the organization.

During the Great War, Grigori was the first to retreat after losing most of their forces, except for their leaders. Ever since then, Azazel has become more peaceful and tries to avoid battles as much as possible. However, there were still small fights between the Fallen Angels and other factions which did not reach Azazel's knowledge. An example was when Raynare and a group of Fallen Angels acted behind Azazel's back and performed a ritual to steal Asia Argento's Twilight Healing.

The Fallen Angels have started going into the entertainment industry in the Underworld, where they have started to make vacation homes for powerful allies like Odin and the Four Great Satans.

The leaders of the Fallen Angels all are quite taken with the game Mahjong to the point they created a competition many years back called the "Leader of Fallen Angel Mahjong Competition", which currently has had a total of 316 competitions.

Known Fallen AngelsEdit

Name Position Status

Former Governor General, Advisor of Special Technology.

Alive (Sealed)

Former Vice Governor General, Governor General

Baraqiel Vice Governor General, Cadre Alive
Kokabiel Former Cadre Imprisoned
Armaros Researcher of Anti-Magic, Cadre Alive
Sahariel Researcher of the Moon, Cadre Alive
Penemue Chief Secretary, Cadre Alive
Tamiel Head of Business Department, Cadre Alive
Satanael  Cadre Unknown
Raynare N/A Deceased
Kalawarner N/A Deceased
Dohnaseek N/A Deceased
Mittelt N/A Deceased
Akeno Himejima Reincarnated Devil, Former Human/Fallen Angel Hybrid Alive
Samael Dragon/Fallen Angel Hybrid Imprisoned


  • Grigori is an alternative name for the Watchers from the Book of Enoch. Also, the leaders of Grigori are all Fallen Angels from the Book of Enoch.
  • Azazel mentions in Vol. 8 that female Fallen Angels possess seductive bodies in order to seduce men.
    • Azazel has stated that, even for a Fallen Angel, Akeno is particularly seductive.
  • Samael (the Dragon Eater) has the upper body of a Fallen Angel.
  • The members of Grigori originally lived in the Fifth Heaven.[1]
  • Members of the Grigori become members of Team Lightning for the Azazel Cup such as Armaros and under the leadership of Baraqiel.


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