The Extra Demons are the houses of top-class Devils who are not a part of the 72 Pillars. Currently, most of the Extra Demons have secluded themselves from the current Devil Society, not wanting to involve themselves with the government.


#1Abaddon- [ + ]
#2Belphegor- [ + ]
#3Mammon- [ + ]
#4Lucifuge- [ + ]
#6Agaliarept- [ + ]
#9Nebiros- [ + ]


  • Mephisto Pheles is the only member of the Extra Demons who doesn’t have a clan and has been active since the time of the original Four Great Satans.
  • The clans of Lucifuge, Satanchia, Agaliarept, Fleurety, Sargatanas and Nebiros are known as the Six Houses of Lucifer as they served the Lucifer Clan.
  • The clans of Mammon and Belphegor are the names of the devils associated with the Seven Deadly Sins.

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