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A rebellion of Church warriors who grew dissatisfied with the changing status quo of being forced to abandon fighting the supernatural enemies of the church. Challenging Team DxD, the Exorcist hope to regain their former way of life.


Due to Heaven making a alliance with other members of the Three Factions such as Devils and Fallen Angels, many exorcist had to stop hunting them due to the newly created alliance, causing some dissatisfaction among the exorcists. As the alliance slowly expanded to include other races that the Exorcists hunted such as Vampires, the dissatisfaction turned into anger as many exorcist couldn't accept the discarding of their previous grudges due to many exorcist lives being ruined by Devils or Vampires. Hearing the complaint of Teodoro Legrenzi, Vasco Strada and Ewald Cristaldi rallied many dissatisfied exorcists to their side as they challenged Team DxD, who were regarded as the symbol of the Kuoh Treaty and the Three Factions alliance.


The members of Team DxD were split into two groups, one group (Brave Saints, Sitri Peerage and Yuuto Kiba) to deal with Ewald Cristaldi and his students, while the other (Gremory Peerage, Genshirou Saji and Arthur Pendragon) would deal with Vasco Strada and his subordinates.

After the group that was meant to deal with Cristaldi approached the ruins of a church, they engaged his subordinates in battle as Tsubaki Shinra used her Balance Breaker, Nostalgia Tea Party to create 3 demons which incapacitated a large number of exorcists.

Dulio staying behind after defeating Cristaldi

A small group of Brave Saints (Dulio Gesualdo, Griselda Quarta and Irina Shidou) and Yuuto Kiba, engaged Cristaldi directly in battle. While initially overwhelmed by his sword skill and mastery of Excalibur, Dulio was able to gain the advantage after revealing his technique; Speranza Bolla di Sapone, which made the people present remember what they cherish, sapping the majority of exorcists will to fight. Cristaldi was defeated by Grislelda increasing the power of Irina's Holy Sword purification ability and Yuuto's Holy Demonic Sword draining the holy aura of the Exacilbur replica. After confirming Cristaldi's defeat, Irina and Yuuto rushed over to assist the remaining members in the fight against Strada.

The members of the Occult Research Club attempted to engage Strada in battle but he was able to deflect and counter all of their attacks; such as Yuuto's Holy Demonic Sword, blocking Irina's Hauteclere strike, disassembling Rossweisse's magic, peeling away Gasper's Balor form with Durandal's holy aura, cutting down all of Saji's Malebolge Vritra Promotions attacks. Issei attempted to use Cardinal Crimson Promotion to attack, with Strada blocking his punch as he sliced apart Akeno's Holy Lightning Dragons and Rias' Extinguished Star.

After giving Xenovia advice on how to use Durandal properly, Strada fought against Arthur Pendragon, with the two of them being a even match despite both not using their full power, with Arthur ending the duel by walking away, stating that he would have preferred to fight Strada when he was younger.

Xenovia stepped forward as she split Ex-Durandal into Durandal and True Excalibur, engaging Strada in a fight again. Despite both of them being a even match, Strada began to lose due to his advanced age limiting his stamina.

As the members of Team DxD and the Church exorcists reached an understanding with each other, the alternate space was attacked by Walburga and her army of mass-produced Evil Dragons. Already prepared for that, Rossweisse activated her magic technique which stopped the mass-produced Evil Dragons movement. Realizing she is outmatched, Walburga attempted to flee but wasn't capable of doing so due to Tobio Ikuse using his Longinus to sever all of her transportation magic techniques. Knowing she couldn’t escape, Walburga activated her Balance Breaker and attacked the Team DxD members present. Issei used Dividing Wyvern Fairy to Penetrate through her magic defenses as he activated Pailingual to anticipate her movements. The rest of Team DxD dispersed her Balance Breaker's attacks with their own as Issei defeated her using Crimson Blaster.


Due to reaching an understanding from the words conveyed on the battle field, the Exorcist Rebels surrendered. Vasco Strada gave Asia a collection of letters with gratitude of people who were saved by her power and arranged to allow her to meet with them at her discretion. He also gave Azazel a portion of the original Holy Grail as gratitude, due to DxD helping to expose the traitors in Vatican who were allied with Rizevim. After addressing Yuuto, he revealed that one of his comrades from the Holy Sword Project survived, a girl by the name of Tosca as Vasco told Yuuto to protect her.

For his role in leading the Exorcist Rebels, Vasco Strada was sentenced to house arrest in a prison barrier created around his home. While the punishment would have originally been more severe, due to his past achievements, beliefs, and the pleas of many of the Church’s warriors, his punishment was merely reduced to house arrest.

Valerie awakens from her coma

Due to obtaining a fragment of the Holy Grail, Valerie Tepes was able to awaken from her coma, although she was only capable of moving inside certain areas of Kuoh Town which had a special barriers.

Receiving word from Sona Sitri, it was discovered that Riser and Ravel Phenex had vanished during their Rating Game against the Champion.


Team DxD

Name Information
Occult Research Club Fought against Vasco Strada and his students while Yuuto Kiba and Irina Shidou went to fight Ewald Cristaldi and rejoined the rest of the club after finishing their fight. While initially unable to win against Strada, Xenovia was able to push him to the point of exhaustion after returning to her original two sword-style swordsmanship. They later defeated Walburga, with Issei dealing the final blow.
Sona Sitri's Peerage Fought against Ewald Cristaldi and his students with Tsubaki Shinra helping to non-lethally suppress the apprentice Exorcists with the use of her Balance Breaker.
Brave Saints Fought against Ewald Cristaldi and his students, with Dulio Gesualdo, Griselda Quarta and Irina Shidou taking on Ewald himself with the help of Yuuto Kiba. Irina later assisted the Gremory Peerage in fighting Strada and Walburga.
Vali Team Kuroka and Le Fay provided support behind the scenes while Arthur Pendragon fought against Vasco Strada, only to stop after seeing that Vasco would be unable to keep fighting due to his advanced age, much to his sorrow and disappointment.
Tobio Ikuse Provided support behind the scenes as he severed all of Walburga transportation magic equations to prevent her from escaping. He later collected her Longinus Incinerate Anthem, which had rejected her as it's wielder.

Exorcist Rebellion

Name Information
Vasco Strada The former wielder of Durandal. He fought the members of the Gremory Peerage and was able to repel all of their attacks. He later fought against Arthur Pendragon to a draw as Arthur stopped fighting due to being unable to enjoy fighting Strada due to his advanced age. During his fight against Xenovia, he taught her the correct way to wield Durandal as he was able to fight equally against her but becoming fatigued due to his old age. It is revealed that he and Ewald didn't have any intention of rebelling and just wanted to help other disillusioned exorcist accept the new status quo. After the battle, he gave Asia letters of people who she healed with her power and set up a way to meet them, as well as retrieving Yuuto's old comrade Tosca and giving Azazel a portion of the original Holy Grail.
Ewald Cristaldi The former wielder of Excalibur. He fought against Yuuto Kiba, Irina Shidou, Dulio Gesualdo and Griselda Quarta but was defeated by them.


Name Information
Walburga The leader of the Stray Magicians; Hexennacht and the possessor of the Longinus; Incinerate Anthem. She attempted to take advantage of the infighting in order to kill Team DxD. She attempted to flee after her mass-produced Evil Dragons were disabled by Rossweisse's magic, but was incapable of doing so due to Slash/Dog severing her teleportation magic. Trying to fight against Team DxD, she activated her Balance Breaker but was defeated by Issei Hyoudou and Xenovia Quarta.
Mass-produced Evil Dragons Produced by the Holy Grail, they acted as shock infantry for Qlippoth, fighting against Team DxD. All of the mass-produced Evil Dragons that were brought by Walburga were disabled by Rossweisse's magic.