The Exorcists (エクソシスト Ekusoshisuto) are members of the Church that are tasked with killing Devils, Fallen Angels, Vampires and Demonic Creatures that can potentially harm Humans.


Exorcists mainly consist of priests and nuns from the Church. All Exorcists have been extensively trained in the Church from a young age, resulting in them possessing abilities that greatly surpass that of normal humans. Occasionally, there may be an Exorcist that strays from the teachings of God and are exiled from the Church, becoming a Stray Exorcist (はぐれエクソシスト Hagure Ekusoshisuto). Stray Exorcists usually go to the Fallen Angel's side, though the Stray Exorcist may approach other groups as well.

Following the formation of the Peace Treaty between the Three Factions and the creation of the Brave Saint, most of the skilled exorcists were recruited into the Brave Saint, while the remainders lost their purpose in life as Devils, who were the Church's main enemies, have become their allies, with the only enemies the exorcists now fight being Monsters and supernatural beings who refuse to ally with the church. This eventually leads to a rebellion lead by Vasco Strada and Ewald Cristaldi.


Freed showing his exorcist weapons

Freed showing common Exorcist equipment

Exorcists are equipped with many tools to help them battle supernatural beings. Among the tools that Exorcists have are Light Swords, crosses, the Bible and Holy Water, as well as guns loaded with light bullets, which are harmful to devils. Exorcists with greater skills can be given more powerful weapons such as the Holy Swords, however, these rare people would need to have a natural aptitude for them or have the Light Container implanted into them.

The Higher-ups Exorcists have holy power and can use magic and recite a chant to create a barrier of holy energy the strength of the barrier can be further enhanced by Blessing to trap their opponent.

There are also Exorcists that are born with Sacred Gears and use it as their main weapon over the usual equipment.

Known Exorcists

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