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European Monsters are a group of various species of supernatural beings native to Europe shown in High School DxD.


Like the Youkai, European Monsters have many different appearances, dependent upon the specific species. From the bird-like Harpy, to the snake-tailed Lamia.


The abilities of each European Monster differs in accordance to the species.

Types of European Monsters


Harpies are a species of monster that resemble Humans, albeit with feathered wings in place of their arms and bird-like talons in place of their feet.

  • The majority of the Harpies are females as stated by Kiyome Abe (a beast tamer).
  • One Harpy currently serves under Kiyome Abe. Like the rest of Kiyome's monsters, she has been taught how to play tennis.


Lamiae have the upper body of a human and the lower body of a snake.

  • The majority of Lamiae are female as mentioned by Kiyome Abe.
  • One Lamia currently serves under Kiyome Abe. Like the rest of Kiyome's monsters, she has been taught how to play tennis.


Birdman are avian humanoid creatures similar to Harpies, having feathered winged arms, clawed feet and a large beak for its mouth. They are said to have originated in Easter Island, some have migrated to other country such as Japan.

  • Watanabe family are the Birdman that live on Easter Island and where most Birdman are descendants of.
  • Takahashi family are Birdman that live in Kobe, Japan and descendants of Watanabe. Despite being referred to as "sky monster", they are incapable of flight but are swift at running. One of these is someone named Sky Takahashi who serves as Kiyome Abe's personal bodyguard. He has a short term memory, forgetting things after taking three steps. He was partnered with Issei in the final match against Kiyome's father. He mentioned to have a relative named Yoshida that he mistook Issei for.


Cerebus are large, three-headed dog creatures around 10 meters tall. The body has thick legs, each with a set of sharp claws. Each head has a pair of red eyes and a mouth lined with sharp fangs. Additionally, each head can shoot balls of fire from its mouth.

  • Cerebus are known as Guard Dogs of Hell.
  • During Kokabiel's attack on Kuoh Academy, he summoned two of these creatures to attack the Gremory group, though they were defeated soon after.
  • In "Having a Mad Tea Party!", Iolava Amon owns a Cerebus with the ability to use Dress Break from long range.

Pale Horse

A horse that lives in the deepest part of the Underworld, Cocytus. It is a horse that is said to be difficult to ride and it will kick and kill any of those it doesn't like, including its master.


Minotaurs are humanoid monsters with the head of a bull. They normally range from 4 to 5 meters in height, have a thick chest and arms, sharp fangs, and carry large axes which are bigger than the average human. They normally travel in herds and will attack if a member of their herd is injured. Despite having the head of a bull, Minotaurs are actually carnivorous.

  • In "Hell Teacher Azazel", Issei battled one of these creatures because its liver was need to cast a spell. With help from Azazel, Issei managed to win. However, after the battle, a herd quickly attacked Issei only to be wiped out by Azazel.
  • Azazel is a fan of Minotaur meat, comparing it to Matsusaka beef.


Unicorns have the basic appearance of a horse, but with a horn growing out from it's head. Since ancient times, their horns have been heavily treasured as medicine that had powerful healing properties. It can also be used to dispell a spell. If the horn breaks off, it can grow back if the proper medicine is applied.

  • In "Hell Teacher Azazel", Akeno lured a unicorn into dropping it's guard before knocking it unconscious.


Dullahans are sets of animated headless armor which carry their heads in their arm. They are able to give immense strength to their wearers but the person wearing the armor cannot take it off easily due to a curse.

  • A Dullahan named Mr. Smith was temporarily serving Kiyome Abe who was watching over the armor and it's horse while the head was at the hospital recovering from a hernia. When Issei first met him, it was serving as the tennis team's headless mascot under the name "No Head Honda". Normally Honda wouldn't be allowed near the tennis team, but Rias and Sona were okay with it since he was doing it as a mascot.


According to Abe there are two types of Mermaids. The typical Mermaids are the ones with a fish head and legs. Currently only two were shown. Kiyome Abe's Mermaid Estleena was a tuna with legs, while her father's Mermaid was a shark with legs. A common weakness of the fish-headed Mermaids are their incapability to remain in land even for few minutes.


Fairies are magical creature that supposedly have human-like appearances and can come in small sizes. Allegedly they have their own system of magic and spells known as Fairy Magic.

  • The only know Fairy to have been mentioned was the one residing within the Sacred Gear Twinkle Aegis as per its pact.


Tribes of Dwarves from Norse myth who specialise in crafting magical tools, weapons and a variety of constructions. Their most notable inventions are the chains of Gleipnir, the hammer of Thor; Mjolnir and the ships Skíðblaðnir such as Ryuuteimaru.

Majority of them hid themselves in the "other world" due to the major change in the human world, small groups of them however still live in a secret area on Earth though.


Elves are human-like creatures with pointy ears who specialise in magic. The only know Elf to have been mentioned was an elder who was a Dark Elf that knows a technique to enhance ones magic within. The elder called upon in Volume 7 to boost the magic power within Gleipnir.

Similar to the Dwaves, majority of Elves hid away in the "other world", while small groups of them still live in a secret area in the human world though.


A legendary cephalopod-like sea monster of gigantic size that appeared in the Short Story "Oppai is the Sun", where it was summoned by Gragg Forneus to kidnap Lilitifa Vepar and ensnare all the girls of the Occult Research Club with its mucus secreting tentacles.


Gorgons are mostly a race female with snake heads in place of actual hair, Gorgons have the ability to turn any living creature into stone when a victim makes eye contact with one.

Known European Monsters