"I Begin My Training!" is the ninth episode of the High School DxD anime. It premiered on March 2, 2012.


In order to prepare for the Rating Game that's scheduled after ten days against Riser Phenex and his peerage, Rias prepares a cottage in an uninhabited mountain for the Occult Research Club to begin their training activities. However, despite training with Kiba in sword fighting, with Akeno on magic, and finally, with Koneko on close quarters combat, Issei fails miserably, while Asia shows some talent in magic. However, later on, while cooking using magic, Issei notices that upon imagining Akeno's naked body, he can harness his demonic power to peel the potatoes with remarkable ease. Coupling it with the feeling he got when he first activated his Sacred Gear against Kalawarner, Issei finally gets an idea for developing a new move. Meanwhile, Grayfia is seen discussing with her master, Sirzechs, on Rias' decision to accept the Rating Game challenge. During nighttime, Issei sneaks out and starts practising the new move that he earlier thought of, alone, until Asia shows up to his help. The next day, Rias starts explaining about the history of the Devils, Angels, and Fallen Angels which in turn leads to the creation of the Rating Games. Later on, at night, when Issei has a conversation with Rias about Riser's abilities, Rias tells him the reason that she had for rejecting her engagement, causing Issei to wallow over his own weakness. The next morning, Issei once again has a sparring match with Kiba. However, having trained rigorously for ten days, his and the Occult Research Club's various efforts pay off when Issei manages to power up his Boosted Gear enough to use Dragonshot, which he then uses against Kiba, causing an entire mountainside to be levelled as a collateral. This, not only secures his first win against his fellow comrade, but also causes Rias' training regimen to achieve to its desired conclusion.


Original airdate: March 2, 2012

Written by: Noriyoshi Nakamura

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  1. In the light novels, Issei thought up the idea on Dress Break when he saw Akeno hand him vegetables to peel, however in the anime, Issei got the required inspiration when he remembers the feeling he got when he activated his Sacred Gear for the first time during his fight with Kalawarner.

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