"I Pick a Fight!" is the eighth episode of the High School DxD anime. It premiered on February 24, 2012.


Issei dreams of himself marrying Rias which indirectly leads him to get in touch with his inner Dragon. Later at school, Issei, Matsuda, and Motohama are seen peeping at the girls of the kendo club in the girls changing room before getting roughed up by Koneko. At the clubroom, Asia is seen healing Issei with Rias saying that she has no problem with showing her body to Issei. After Issei and the others leave, Rias and Akeno have a private conversation on Rias' recent favoritism towards Issei. As Akeno leaves, an unknown magic circle is shown to appear before Rias in the clubroom. Back in Issei's room at night, Rias suddenly appears, oddly asking Issei to take her virginity out of the blue. Before Rias can continue, a new figure appears and interrupts them, introducing herself as Grayfia. Rias then leaves as she's escorted out by Grayfia. The next day, Issei meets Riser Phenex, another High-Class Devil from the Phenex Clan, and Rias' fiancé. Rias and Riser then have a dispute, due to the disagreement caused by Rias' blatant refusal to marry Riser, with the latter's intention of marrying Rias so that it doesn't stain his family name. Seeing the dispute between Rias and Riser escalate, Grayfia offers mediation terms, proposing either of them sort out their differences by playing a Rating Game with each other. After it is decided that they would have a Rating Game against each other to solve the problem, Riser introduces his full peerage to Rias and the others causing Issei to look upon Risers' female only peerage with a mixture of jealousy, envy, and admiration. However, after seeing Riser shamelessly flirt with his Queen, Yubelluna, paying no mind to his fiancé's presence, Issei gets angry and challenges Riser to a fight, but immediately loses, being struck down by Mira, one of Riser's Pawns, whom he also claims is his peerage's weakest member. Riser then leaves after Rias accepts the terms for the Rating Game.


Original airdate: February 24, 2012

Written by: Katsuyuki Kodera

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Devils Riser Phenex's Peerage Humans Others

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  1. The peeping action at the beginning of the episode only happens in the short story, Familiar's Requirement.
  2. Riser kisses Ile and Nel and touches their breasts in the light novel, while in the anime, he kisses Yubelluna and fondles her breasts.

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