"I'll Destroy the Holy Sword!" is the third episode of the second season of the High School DxD anime. It aired on July 21, 2013.


Issei and Kiba begin their fight against Irina and Xenovia, but end up losing to them. The two Exorcists, then leave the school area with both Issei and Yuuto getting frustrated at their loss. Before leaving, however, Rias asks them about the identity of the Fallen Angel, who stole the Excaliburs, thus, learning that the one responsible was the Fallen Angel Leader, Kokabiel. Back at the Occult Research Club, Yuuto leaves the building, extremely frustrated over his loss to Xenovia. After seeing Yuuto leave the clubroom in such frustration, Issei decides to assist Kiba in his endeavor of seeking revenge against the Excalibur swords. Coercing Saji into his plans with Koneko's help, the three start their search for Xenovia and Irina, before finally finding them in a street. The trio, then, forms an alliance with the two Exorcists, helping them to retrieve the Excalibur swords while handing them one so that Yuuto can destroy it. Kiba, touched by Issei and Koneko's actions, agrees to accept the help of the two, thanking them for their assistances. Later at night, Issei meets up with Kiba and others, starting their plan to destroy the Excaliburs. Meanwhile, a mysterious young man appears beside Issei's client.


Original airdate: July 21, 2013

Writer: Tetsuya Yanagisawa

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Devils Fallen Angels Humans Others

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Differences between Light Novel and AnimeEdit

  1. In the light novel, Kiba revealed that he fought Freed after meeting with Xenovia and Irina at the family restaurant, while at the anime, he revealed it after his loss to Xenovia.
  2. In the light novel, Kiba went to the family restaurant after receiving a phone call from Issei, while in the anime, they met at a park.
  3. In the light novel, Xenovia argued against Irina over the fact that she brought the fake looking painting in town, while in the anime (Blu-ray & DVD), Xenovia argues against Irina within the abandoned church.

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