"I Got a Girlfriend!" is the first episode of the High School DxD anime. It premiered on January 6, 2012.


Issei Hyoudou is one of the biggest perverts along with his two friends, Matsuda and Motohama, and attends a previously all-girl school. Having his usual school day, Issei goes to peek at the girls of the Kendo Club along with Matsuda and Motohama, who fled after realizing that the girls noticed them, leaving Issei to the mercy of the girls. After getting beaten up by the Kendo Club girls for peeking, Issei meets a crimson haired girl, Rias Gremory, in the old school building, falling in love at first sight. Later on his way home, Issei receives a confession from a girl named Yuuma Amano. During their first date, Yuuma suddenly kills Issei at the end of the date, revealing her black wings to Issei much to the latter's surprise before creating a spear of light and piercing his body. Moments before his death, Issei thought of Rias and ends up, unknowingly, summoning her. Issei wakes up the next day in his room and was surprised to find that none of his friends remember Yuuma. He also realizes that he has gained the ability to see in the dark and developed increased strength at night. While on his way home from his friends' house, Issei went to the park where he last met Yuuma, meeting another Fallen Angel, Dohnaseek, who also attempts to kill Issei. Dohnaseek successfully injures Issei but before he can deliver the finishing blow, Issei is rescued by three girls, one of them being Rias. The next morning, Issei discovers both Rias and himself naked in his bed. Rias wakes up smiling and she explains to him that she is a Devil and she is his master as he was reincarnated by her.


Original airdate: January 6, 2012

Written by: Tetsuya Yanagisawa

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Differences between Light Novel and AnimeEdit

  1. In the Light Novel and Manga, Raynare only grew a pair of black wings on her back as opposed to the Anime where her outfit changed entirely when she revealed her identity as a Fallen Angel.
  2. In the Light Novel, when Dohnaseek attacked Issei, Rias rescued him alone, while in the Anime, Rias, along with Akeno and Koneko arrive to rescue Issei.

Miscellaneous TriviaEdit

  • While Rias was playing a chess game with Akeno, on the chessboard there are four red pieces: the King, the Queen, one Rook, and one Knight, which represents her (the King), Akeno Himejima (the Queen), Koneko Toujou (the Rook), and Yuuto Kiba (the Knight).
  • Issei's clothes that he wore in his date with Yuuma looks exactly like what he wore in his date with Akeno in the Light Novels.

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