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Empireo Juggernaut Overdrive, also known as the Silver Dragon of the Highest Supremacy is the upgraded form of the Scale Mail after Vali successfully sealed the thoughts of the past possessors of Divine Dividing.


In Volume 9 of the light novels, Vali revealed that like Issei, he is also in contact with the past possessors of his Longinus, Divine Dividing and that unlike Issei, persuading them by words is not his style, claiming he will take the greater challenge of dominating the past possessors as it is more interesting that way.

In Volume 11, Vali hints that he has obtained the form surpassing Juggernaut Drive in his conversation with Issei.

Debuting in Volume 12, Vali revealed that he managed to dominate and seal the past possessors of Divine Dividing, thus unlocking Juggernaut Overdrive.

In Volume 24, it is revealed that Vali can maintain his Juggernaut Overdrive for far longer, overcoming its weakness of high stamina consumption as he can use it for long term battle, as the form has become his primary battle form.


Empireo Juggernaut Overdrive is the enhanced version of Juggernaut Drive and is stated to be as powerful as Juggernaut Drive with the addition of the fact that it can be strengthened even further. Vali, in this form, was capable of easily defeating Pluto, an Ultimate-class Grim Reaper, that was able to fight on par with Azazel in his Down Fall Dragon Another Armor. Cao Cao stated that Vali in this form is comparable to a Super Devil and with Vali himself claiming that he can fight against Gods in this form. Empireo Juggernaut Overdrive is Vali's answer to a power different from the Juggernaut Drive after successfully overcoming the curse of the Juggernaut Drive. 

  • Compression Divider (コンプレッション ディバイダー, Konpuresshon Dibaidā): In this state, Vali can use an enhanced version of Half Dimension, which halves a specific target constantly until they vanish from existence. This ability is very powerful as it killed Pluto in just a second and was able to compress Aži Dahāka's forbidden magic.


Despite the immense power of this form, originally Vali couldn't maintain this form for very long, as it had a weakness of consuming an immense amount of stamina due to not draining the lifespan of the user. This was seen in Vali's battle with Pluto, where after compressing Pluto, Vali had to release the form and was breathing hard due to exhaustion. This weakness was again displayed during Vali's deathmatch against Aži Dahāka, after compressing Aži Dahaka's magic, Vali was breathing very heavily and his consciousness became disorderly for a moment, causing him to kneel on the ground with one knee. Vali himself acknowledged that his Empireo Juggernaut Overdrive is difficult to use compared to Issei's Cardinal Crimson Promotion, saying that that Issei has better aspects than him since Issei can use his Crimson Armor even during training. As of Volume 24, Vali has overcome this weakness as he can use his Silver-White armor in long term battles.


Like the Juggernaut Drive, it requires a special chant to activate. The chant goes as follows:

I, who is about to awaken,
Am the White Dragon Emperor who will take the law down to the darkness.
I walk the road of domination with infinite destruction and by piercing through the imaginary dream.
I shall become a pure Emperor of White Dragon
And I shall have you obey the silvery-white illusions and the perfect evil ways!


Waga, mezameru wa
Ritsu no zettai o yami ni duou to su Hakuryukou nari
Mugen no hametsu to reimei no yume o ugachi te hadou o yuku
Waga, muku naru ryu no koutei to nari te
Nanji o hakugin no gensou to madou no kyokuchi e to shitagaeyo u

After which, Divine Dividing announces "Juggernaut Over Drive!"


  • The meaning of "empireo" is "heavenly and celestial".
  • Empireo Juggernaut Overdrive can be considered Vali's Abyss Side Balance Breaker.
  • Empireo Juggernaut Overdrive is Vali's alternative to a form different from Juggernaut Drive, which can be considered as Vali's counterpart to Issei's Cardinal Crimson Promotion.