Elmenhilde Karnstein is a Noble pure-blooded Vampire and a member of the Carmilla Faction, a female-dominated Vampire faction, that was previously in a civil war with the Tepes Faction, a male-dominated Vampire faction.


Elmenhilde has a doll-like appearance with long wavy light blonde hair, deep red eyes, and a beautiful face similar to that of a Western doll. She also has pale skin tone similar to that of a corpse. Her body measurements are [B75-W56-H80]; height is [150 cm] and body weight is [42 kg].

She wears a red dress worn by princesses back in the Middle Ages, with an ornamented head-dress. In Volume 23, she appears at the Hyoudou Residence wearing the Kuoh Academy girl's uniform.


As a pure-blooded Vampire noble, she originally had an extremely arrogant, noble, and selfish personality, often discriminating against those who are not pure-bloods, such as herself, although she was capable of acknowledging someone's strength, even if their outside her race. However, some time after the chaos caused by the civil war in her homeland and Rizevim's actions, she becomes much more calm, sweet, sensitive and kind, ultimately dropping her discriminatory and arrogant attitude.

Elmenhilde is seen to act flushed and embarrassed at the mention of Issei, someone who she had previously looked down on, showing that she has fallen for him. She can be quite clumsy with trivial things when nervous, as shown when she tripped and dropped a tray with teacups by accident.


Elmenhilde was born into the House of Karnstein, one of the highest ranking noble Vampire families of the Carmilla Vampire Faction. At one point she's chosen as the envoy to recruit Gasper to their side for the Vampire Civil War.


The Legend of Oppai Dragon and his Lively CompanionsEdit

Vol.16 First Colored Illustration

Elmenhilde with Bennia, and Loup Garou

She first appears in Volume 14 as a special envoy of the Carmilla Faction, revealing that the Tepes Faction has gained a Longinus possessor in the form of Valerie Tepes. She requests for Gasper who was originally from the Tepes Faction to join their side, using peace negotiations of the Three Factions as a means to force the Gremory Clan to hand Gasper over to them or risk allowing the Devils to lose trust on their intentions for peace.

She reappears in Volume 16 as the escort for the Occult Research Club in the Carmilla Territory. She later appears again with Bennia's help to inform the Occult Research Club that the Vampires from the Carmilla Faction will start their action to suppress the coup d'etat group of the Tepes Faction. She is last seen after the chaos left behind by the mass-produced Evil Dragons transformed from the modified Vampires in both the Tepes and Carmilla Factions, caused by Rizevim and his group, where she is noticeably distraught about the damage to her homeland and the fact that there were traitors in her faction.

LN 21 illustration 2

Elmenhilde with Sirzechs and Azazel

In Volume 21, it's been revealed that Elmenhilde has been going place to place as a vanguard, which is stated to be a rather difficult job. She meets up with Sirzechs Lucifer and Azazel to hand over a memory stick containing research data about the Holy Grail that Marius Tepes had hidden even from Rizevim. Azazel teases Elmenhilde if she wanted to visit the hospital nearby where Issei is at, which she rejects with a blushing reaction.

Red Dragon Emperor of the Blazing Truth × White Dragon Emperor of the Morning Star: The True Dragon(s) of the Kuoh AcademyEdit

At the end of Volume 22, Elmenhilde appears before Issei to request that she joins his peerage for the Rating Game World Tournament.

Elmenhilde Bringing Tea

Elmenhilde serving tea

In Volume 23, she moves into the Hyoudou Residence. She has been taking notes and records of the match between Issei and Baraqiel earlier to assist Ravel in improving the strategies of Issei's peerage. At the residence, Elmenhilde comes to bring tea to everyone, but she's not used to the task and accidentally out of nervousness, drops the tea though her near-accident was saved by Xenovia's Excalibur Ruler's ability. She then has a training session with Ravel, running laps to increase her stamina although she does not reach the minimum expectation of Ravel, but has the determination to continue her training. Elmenhilde finally shares her reasons of wanting to join Issei's team, which is she wants to put the incident of her homeland behind her and overcome her past and with Issei asking why she wants to be in his team specifically, she silently blushes. On the day of the match she officially joins the team as Issei's Pawn worth 2 pieces. During the match against Dulio Gesualdo, Elmenhilde takes a bottle which contains Ravel's blood, which allows her to have Phoenix wings grows from her back. She then takes another bottle that has Issei's blood, to which the taste is so delicious to her, that it causes her to lose her mind. She gains crimson and black dragon aura coming out of her body which gives her remarkable strength as an effect.

In Volume 24, Elmenhilde was unable to go to the Kuoh Academy’s pool because of the summer sunlight so she was waiting in the club room at the old school building. She later assisted of defending the Fafnir Stadium where both teams of Rias and Vali were facing each other in order to protect Koneko and Kuroka from Thanatos and his Grim Reapers troops.

In Volume 25, Elmenhilde and her team were watching the tournament in Issei’s room and sees Diehauser winning against God-class beings, the mysterious new devils Balberith and Verrine, and the Shooting Star team who owns new Sacred Gears. After Rossweisse’s marriage with the Chief-God Vidar, Elmenhilde and the team began to analyze the members of Team Leisure of the Kings such as Typhon and his weather abilities, Apollon whose light power is dangerous even to ultimate-class devils, and Vidar’s kicks and mystical boots puts him on par with Thor. Rias comes to Issei’s room and informed the team that they been summoned to the vip by Ajuka who offered to help train both teams in the smartphone game called Beelzebut. During their break from their training, Elmenhilde watched the girls talking about Issei saving them and became interested as she writes in her notepad about a kidnapped princess and wondered if she had a fiancé.

On the day of the match, Elmenhilde travel together with her team to Valhalla in Norse mythology at the Thor Stadium for their fight against Team Leisure of the Kings. When the match started, Elmenhilde and Asia rode on Bova’s shoulders because of their lack of stamina and they flew to the floating islands of the artificial Yggdrasil. While flying to the floating island, they noticed Typhon is waiting for them so the team decided to let Elmenhilde, Bova, and Roygun take on Typhon. Elmenhilde and his two team members were overwhelmed by Typhon’s weather abilities and even though Elmenhilde gained the powers of a dragon and pheonix by drinking Issei’s and Ravel’s blood, she was unable to endure Typhon’s attacks. As Roygun used her crack on the locations of the field, Bova and Elmenhilde unleashed their attacks on Typhon but he didn’t suffer significant damage. Elmenhilde was ultimately defeated by Typhon along with Bova and Roygun in the end of their battle.

Elmenhilde and his team celebrated at the Hyoudou Residence along with the rival teams for passing the preliminaries and entering the main stage of the tournament. She watched as the girls fought over Issei and quietly wondered how she should get in the fight.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Vampire Physiology: Being a Vampire, Elmenhilde has normal/common abilities of a Vampire.

  • Immortality: As a pure blooded vampire, Elmenhilde possesses immortal abilities that allows her not to age.
  • Blood Consumption: Elmenhilde can absorb other people's powers by drinking their blood.The effects are strengthened due to it being a virgin blood. As it shown when she drank both Ravel's and Issei's blood in Volume 23, gaining Ravel's Phoenix wings of fire and Issei's crimson and black dragon aura. Elmenhilde can shoot enormous balls of dragon aura her opponents. Issei's blood also allows her to temporarily walk in sunlight.

Flight: During the events of Volume 25, Elmenhilde has demonstrated the ability to stay afloat in mid-air.


  • Elmenhilde's last name, Karnstein, is a reference to the Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu's novella Carmilla , where it is the main character, Carmilla's family name as a countess (which is parallel to Bram Stoker's Dracula). In an interesting note, Carmilla actually predated Draculla by 26 years.[1]
    • Her family name could imply she is a descendant of Carmilla.
  • "Elmen" refers to elm wood from an elm tree and "Hilde" means "battle", so the full meaning of her name would be "hard/hardened battle" due to wood being a solid. Elmen possibly refers to the fact at first, Elmenhilde had a 'hard' (stubborn) personality due to being extremely arrogant.
  • Since Elmenhilde comes from Romania her nationality is Romanian.
  • Elmenhilde's birthday is on August 28th[2].