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I serve as a maid in the Pendragon household and I'm called Elaine Westcott. Mainly a servant of Le Fay-sama. Devils from Japan, I'm pleased to make your acquaintance.

–Elaine introducing herself to the Occult Research Club, DX.5, Life 2. Maid of the House of Pendragon

Elaine Westcott is a maid serving the House of Pendragon and a descendant of one of the founding fathers of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. She is also Le Fay's attendant who was responsible for her education and took care of her since childhood. 


Elaine is a young British woman in her early twenties (estimated to be 25 years old). She has black hair that is tied above her head and wears a maid outfit, carrying a air of elegance and the atmosphere of a proper lady around her.


Elaine is dutiful and composed young woman who takes her job as maid seriously, as she shows concern about Le Fay's life in Japan and worries that she might be receiving bad influence from the likes of Kuroka.

She is noted to be a good judge of character as she was able to discern that while the members of the Vali Team and Issei have some quirks, they were ultimately good people that were treating the Pendragon siblings well.

While it is noted that she is proper maid, she is shown to be a bit of airhead who lacks tact as she unintentionally insulted Bikou by telling him upfront that he had a vulgar look or that she couldn't tell that Issei was the Red Dragon Emperor.

Though she is devoted to her duties as a maid, Elaine is deeply in love with Arthur and hopes that the two of them can be together in a proper relationship despite their differences in status.


Elaine was born to the Westcott family, whose ancestor William Wynn Westcott founded one of the major Magician associations, the Golden Dawn. Elaine later learned magic, becoming a skilled Magician among the members of the Golden Dawn. At some point in time, she became a maid of the famous Pendragon family as the attendant and magician mentor of Le Fay; the Pendragon family's only daughter, teaching her about magic and even allowing her to join the Golden Dawn due to Elaine's connections to them. During her time serving the Pendragon family, she fell in love with Le Fay's brother, Arthur; who was the heir of the family and he returned her feelings as he fell in love with her as well. However, due to the differences in their status and Arthur's popularity as a formal marriage candidate, Arthur left his household in order to protect her from getting kicked out of the Pendragon family service.[1]    

Powers & Abilities

Master Magician: As a descendant of the one of the founders of the Golden Dawn, William Wynn Westcott, Elaine is said to be a very skilled magician. Her skill was such that she trained Le Fay Pendragon into a very powerful Magician in her own right and even Vali Lucifer acknowledged her capabilities.


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