D×D is a team formed to combat Rizevim Livan Lucifer and the Khaos Brigade. In the aftermath of Rizevim's death and the end of the Evil Dragon War, DxD has been reorganized into a peacekeeping force to defend the mythological world from those who would threaten the balance of the world such as Hades and the Alliance of Hell.


D×D was officially formed in Volume 16, after the impact left by the Qlippoth at the Vampire's territory, with Rizevim revealing all of his goals. The main purpose of this team is to prevent Rizevim from releasing 666 and pitting it against Great Red which could result in the end of the world.

In Volume 17, while members of D×D were attending the open day for Sona Sitri's School, they are suddenly attacked by members of Qlippoth. They manage to protect the school along with the children and their families, but lost the floating city Agreas to Qlippoth. 

D×D helped defend the Heaven against the attack of Qlippoth in Volume 18. Although they were victorious in the fights against Qlippoth, the team was surprised at the fact that the attack happened for no reason and just because Heaven was close to the place[1] where they got the fruits of wisdom and life.

In Volume 19, D×D defeated the exorcists, led by two notable warriors: Vasco Strada and Ewald Cristaldi, that rebelled against the Church.

D×D manages to locate the stolen city Agreas, the base of Qlippoth in Volume 20, where began an invasion to take it back. In the end they manage to retrieve Agreas, defeat most of Qlippoth's members and finish Rizevim once and for all, but are then met with a reawakened Trihexa who begins to go on a world wide global rampage led by Apophis and Aži Dahāka with the Sephiroth Graal, followed by an armada of Evil Dragons and mass produced Scale Mails under their command.

In Volume 21, in the last stand to stop the Khaos Brigade and Trihexa who has split into multiple bodies, Team D×D developed an army of various races and factions to finish off Trihexa and Qlippoth's army. When the war continued to drag on Azazel initiates his plan to seal all of Trihexa's bodies along with him and many of the other mythology leaders.

Privileges and PurposeEdit

The group functions as an anti-terrorist cell to confront Khaos Brigade effectively. They are given permission to appear in any location where Qlippoth is in activity to confront them by the leaders of various mythologies. They are not intended to function as a mobile army and appear together at any given location, but to primarily send the nearest groups to confront Qlippoth when they do appear. Their role is also stated to be to protect Great Red, as Qlippoth's ultimate objective is to summon 666 to eliminate it. Finally, for the sake of confronting their adversaries both present and future, the group's training is supervised by Sun Wukong himself.


Initial Members Edit

Name Information Rank Race Status
Dulio Gesualdo Dulio is the leader of the D×D Team, known as The Strongest Exorcist Joker Reincarnated Angel Alive
Sun Wukong Sun is the Second-In-Command of the D×D Team, known as the Monkey King Buddha Buddha Alive
Rookies Four Rookies Four are the four leaders of the youngest of Devils High-Class/Middle Class Devils Reincarnated Devils/Devils Active
Occult Research Club The new and old members of one of Kuoh Academy’s clubs High-Class/Middle-Class/Low-Class/Ace Devil/Reincarnated Devil/Reincarnated Angel Active
Sona Sitri's Peerage They are the peerage of Sona High-Class/Middle Class/Low-Class Reincarnated Devil/Devils Active
Sairaorg Bael's Peerage They are the peerage of Sairaorg High-Class/Middle Class Reincarnated Devil/Devils Active
Seekvaira Agares' Peerage They are the peerage of Seekvira High-Class/Middle Class Reincarnated Devil/Devils Active
Griselda Quarta Griselda is Gabriel's Queen. She was Xenovia's sword teacher and Ward Queen of Hearts Reincarnated Angel Alive
Slash/Dog Team They are the team of Grigori agent corps lead by Tobio Ikuse Grigori Agents Humans Alive
Vali Team They are the team that follow the leadership of Vali Lucifer High-Class Devils/Monkey King Devil/Human Hybrid, Youkai, Golem, Wolf, Humans, Reincarnated Devil Active
Ddraig One of the Two Heavenly Dragons, the Welsh Dragon known as the Red Dragon Emperor Heavenly Dragon Dragon Sealed in Boosted Gear
Albion One of the Two Heavenly Dragons, the Vanishing Dragon known as the White Dragon Emperor Heavenly Dragon Dragon Sealed in Divine Dividing
Fafnir Fafnir is one of Five Great Dragon Kings Dragon King Dragon Alive
Yu-Long Yu-Long is one of Five Great Dragon Kings Dragon King Dragon Alive
Vritra Vritra is one of Five Great Dragon Kings Dragon King Dragon Sealed in Vritra's Sacred Gears

Reserve Members Edit

Name Information Rank Race Status
Hero Faction They are a group of descedants of famous mythological heroes who wield Sacred Gears and are lead by Cao Cao Mount Meru Agents Humans Active

Former MembersEdit

Name Information Rank Race Status
Azazel Azazel was the former Adviser of Special Technology for Grigori N/A Fallen Angel Alive (Sealed)


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