Durandal is one of the four Holy Swords forged through the means of alchemy and magic, said to be on par with the original Excalibur. It is the primary weapon of Xenovia Quarta of the Occult Research Club.


According to legend, the first owner of Durandal was the Paladin of the Holy Roman Emperor Charlemagne, Roland. Roland used Durandal to fight against an army of 10,000 men, showcasing his and its immense strength.

Vasco Strada had wielded Durandal during his time as an exorcist in his youth and showcased a great mastery of Durandal reaching the original wielder, even defeating and cornering Kokabiel during World War Two.

Prior to the series, Xenovia Quarta, the current wielder of Durandal displayed difficulties using and mastering the blade compared to her predecessors.

In Volume 9, it was later revealed that Xenovia had sent Durandal to the alchemists belonging to the Orthodox Church who found a method to suppress its great power due to her lack of control. It was later sent to Xenovia who revealed that the six fragments of Excalibur were used to form a sheath around it thus granting the blade their individual powers becoming Ex-Durandal.

In Volume 11, Cao Cao had broke Ex-Durandal using his Balance Breaker, then the six Excalibur Fragments and seventh was given to Xenovia and Irina by Le Fay to be repaired.

In Volume 19, it was revealed that the Church created a Durandal Replica that has one-fifth of the power of the original, which was handed to Vasco Strada. In the rebellion, Xenovia became able to separate Ex-Durandal into their original forms, Durandal and the original Excalibur.

In Volume 23, it was revealed that after receiving the techniques of the Three Faction and furthering their Holy Sword Research, the church created Durandal II, an evolution of the Durandal Replica so that Vasco could display his sword skill that was called a "miracle".


The Durandal is a large uniquely-shaped broadsword with a blue blade and a golden edge. The sword has a semicircular guard on the left side of the handle that extends to the bottom just above the pommel, with a small extension on the right side of the handle. Standing from the tip of the blade, the Durandal is slightly taller than Xenovia, surpassing the latter's height by just a few centimeters.

After being transformed into the Ex-Durandal, a large sheath surrounds the blade at all times but can be retracted to allow melee fighting.


Durandal is a unique sword, to the point that it even responds to its wielder. For a wielder that seeks destruction like Xenovia, the Durandal releases a massive amount of aura with destructive powers. For a wielder that seeks precision like Yuuto, the aura releases a quiet hum and is easier to control. However, Yuuto still claims that the Durandal is like "a wild horse that needs to be tamed". The holy aura of the Durandal can also be used on other weapons, as shown by Xenovia when she uses it on Issei's Ascalon.

After being transformed into the Ex-Durandal by fusing the Excalibur fragments with Durandal in Volume 9, the sword also gained their abilities as well:

  • Allows the wielder to cast illusions and manipulate dreams (Nightmare)
  • Allows the wielder to transform the sword into any shape he/she desires (Mimic)
  • Allows the blade and/or wielder to become invisible (Transparency)
  • Grants the user and blade enhanced speed (Rapidly)
  • Grants the ability to unleash overwhelming destructive force (Destruction)
  • Amplify/strengthen the effects during a holy ritual (Blessing).
  • Allows the user to control all things that he/she wishes (with the inclusion of Excalibur Ruler in Volume 12)

All the powers of Excalibur could be used through Ex-Durandal or by separating one of the Excalibur Fragments from it, letting Xenovia wield two swords using both swords. As of Volume 14, she started to master all the seven abilities of the Excalibur fragments.

In Volume 19, Vasco stated that Durandal can "cut through everything", including even the Bael Clan's Power of Destruction as he sliced through Rias' Extinguished Star using a Replica. Xenovia has separate Ex-Durandal into it's individual parts: Durandal and Excalibur; in addition to gaining full control over Durandal's destructive powers by discarding all control and having it eliminate everything in its path. Following Xenovia separating all the seven Excalibur Fragments from Durandal in its original form, she lost access to Ex-Durandal.



Xenovia wielding Ex-Durandal

Ex-Durandal (エクスデュランダル Ekusu-Dyurandaru) is an upgraded version of Durandal, fused with the Excalibur fragments by the Church which function as a sheath. The Excalibur fragments can be materialized to be used as an additional sword. In Volume 11, Cao Cao broke Ex-Durandal using Polar Night Longinus Chakravartin's Cakkaratana; but, in Volume 12, it was repaired and fitted with all seven Excalibur Fragments. Yuuto has stated that if Xenovia mastered the individual seven abilities of Ex-Durandal, then Xenovia would not only surpass him but would have enough skill to fight against Cao Cao's Sub-Species Balance Breaker on an equal level.

In Volume 9, Xenovia has proven to be able to separate the components of Ex-Durandal, e.i the seven Excalibur Fragments to dual wield them. As of Volume 19, she was able to separate it into both Durandal and True Excalibur respectively after receiving advice from Vasco Strada, letting her switch to her original dual-sword style.

Durandal Replica

Durandal Replica (デュランダル・レプリカ, Dyurandaru Repurika) is a replica version of Durandal which was an early research of the Church into recreating Holy Swords after Ex-Durandal was repaired. The replica is noted to only contain a fifth of the original Durandal's power, though is noted that a skilled user like Vasco Strada can utilize it to the point of such a limitation being unnoticalbe.

Durandal II

Durandal II (デュランダルII, Dyurandaru II) is an evolution of the Durandal Replica and the result of the Church's Holy Sword Research and was made so that Vasco could display his sword skill that was called a "miracle". After Vasco Strada started participating in the Azazel Cup as a member of Team Rias Gremory, he used Durandal II as his primary weapon. During the match against Arthur Pendragon, the Durandal II accumulated a large amount of damage, allowing the members of Team Red Dragon Emperor of the Blazing Truth to break it during their match. It was later sent to be repaired by the Church alchemists.


  • The chant that Xenovia performs while summoning Durandal is a reference to the legend that says that the golden hilt of the sword contains one tooth of St. Peter, blood of St. Basil, hair of St. Denis, and a piece of the raiment of the Blessed Virgin Mary.
  • Durandal or Durendal is derived from the French durer, meaning "to last" or "to endure".
  • The design of Durandal is based on the sword form of Gundam Astray Blue Frame Second L. Miyama coloured it blue to match with Xenovia's hair colour, because they associated it with the time they painted her hair blue.



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