Dress Break, also known as Clothes Collapse, is a technique developed and put to use by Issei Hyoudou.


While training in preparation for Rias' Rating Game against Riser Phenex, Issei invented the technique to fight against Riser's peerage, which consisted entirely of girls. Following its creation, it became one of the two signature moves of Issei that he uses against female opponents, along with Pailingual.


Dress Break has the ability to strip women of their clothing by touching the clothes. To use Dress Break, Issei first comes into contact with his target, after which a magic circle appears at the point of contact. Finally, Issei triggers the Dress Break with a snap of his fingers. Aside from clothing, Issei can also remove any magic covering the female body as well, as shown in the case of Asia and Jeanne. A variation of the spell can be used to peel fruits and vegetables.

Dress Break can also be used to solely "strip" women of any the effects of spells or abilities that have been used against them, such as mind manipulation. Issei hopes to someday combine both variation into one.


Ver. B (Body) Edit

This move is used to "strip" women by destroying their clothes and/or armor.

Ver. A (Astral) Edit

This move is used to "strip" women by destroying the effects of spells or abilities that have been used against them.

Dress Break DxDEdit

Dress Break DxD, an enhanced version of the spell augmented by the Diabolos Dragon armor, by using his Dragon God aura, he can halt his target’s movement. While strengthening his left hand he can destroy a female uniform without touching it.


  • In the anime, the inspiration for Issei's Dress Break came from his fight with Kalawarner, when the latter was stripped naked by the energy released from Issei's Sacred Gear when he first activated it.
  • Issei states that he initially could not decide between this spell or one that would allow him to see through clothing.[1]
  • This technique doesn't appear to affect anything from the neck up such as hair clips, ribbons or even masks.
  • Dress Break resembles the Disarming spell from Negima! (Mahō Sensei Negima!).


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