Dragon Shot is a move used by Issei Hyoudou and Euclid Lucifuge


Although unnamed at first, it was first used in Volume 2 during his training in the mountains against Yuuto Kiba to eliminate a nearby mountain. It was named officially Dragon Shot during their Rating Game against Riser Phenex and soon become one of Issei's signature moves.

In Volume 16, Euclid Lucifuge later replicated this move after creating a Boosted Gear Replica.


There are three known methods of using the Dragon Shot:

  1. The first method where Issei fires a beam of energy of concentrated Demonic Powers. This move is generally used in tandem with the Boosted Gear to increase its destructive powers.
  2. The small scale Dragon Shot that is meant for knocking out humans. Issei created this move while fending off the members of the Hero Faction who are humans.
  3. The third way where Issei redirects his Dragon Shots by moving them in different directions. This method was created following Issei's fight with Sirzechs, being inspired by the way Sirzechs uses his Power of Destruction.


Dragon-shot Neo Bust BurstEdit

Dragon-shot Neo Bust Burst, a collaboration move by Issei and Rias. While wearing his Scale Mail armor, by having Issei grope Rias' breasts, he essentially powers up to boost his Dragon Shot to a huge level.

Dragon BlasterEdit

Dragon Blaster, a severely boosted variant of his Dragon Shot when wearing his Welsh Blaster Bishop armor, capable of leveling battlefields and briefly warping space-time. The drawbacks to this is the amount of time it takes to charge the cannons and stamina lost with each shot. However, this can be replenished by Rias' "Oppai Beam".

Crimson BlasterEdit

Crimson Blaster, an enhanced version of the previous move when Issei wears his Cardinal Crimson Promotion armor. Issei can concentrate its attack to one point when targeting a single target.

Infinity BlasterEdit

Infinity Blaster, a further augmented version of this move when Issei wears his version of the Diabolos Dragon armor that's mixed with Ophis power of infinity, the wings contain cannons that shoot out a powerful blast of red and black aura that leaves even Rizevim injured to a extent that his body is almost fatally damaged.


  • Issei's technique is a reference and derived from Goku's "Twin Dragon Shot" technique of Dragon Ball Z.


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