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Draconic Deus also known as Earth, is the planet where the events of High School D×D takes place.


Prior in the series, Draconic Deus became the birthplace of the Human race and the other supernatural beings. The Christian mythology of the Three Factions started thousands of years before the start of the story after the Biblical God cast out Angels that opposed his teachings, creating the Fallen Angels who inhabited in the Underworld alongside the Devils of the 72 Pillars and Extra Demons, who were born by the original Lucifer and his wife Lilith, and they waged war among themselves, which ended after the deaths of the God of the Bible and the original Four Great Satans, sealing this information from every mythologies.


In Volume 0, the Devils faced internal strife known as the Devil Civil War, as they devolved into two factions; one that supported the original Satans' children in restarting the Great War and a another side which wanted to preserve peace so that the Underworld could recover. The strife grew into a internal conflict known as the Devil Civil War, in which the Anti-Satan faction won, thus banishing the descendants of the original Satans' clans to the outskirts of the Underworld as the four aces of the Anti-Satan faction became the new Four Great Satans.

The Red Dragon Emperor's Awakening

In Volume 3, the Cadre Kokabiel attacked Kuoh Academy, where Rias Gremory and Sona Sitri; the two sister of two of the new Satans go to school, in hopes of restarting the Great War. During his battle against Rias Gremory's peerage, Kokabiel revealed the God of the Bible had died in addition to the Satans, causing the system that governs miracles to not operate as efficiently as before. Kokabiel was later defeated by Vali Lucifer, who took him into Grigori custody.

Birth of the Breast Dragon Emperor

In Volume 4, the members of the Three Factions held a peace conference to discuss the current state of affairs between them. All sides agreed that further war and conflict between them was pointless and would only lead to their destruction as Azazel offered a peace treaty between the factions. The meeting was later attacked by members of the Khaos Brigade Magician faction, Nilrem and Katerea Leviathan; a descendant of the Old Leviathan. After repelling the attack, the Three Factions formalized their peace agreement into a treaty known as the Kuoh Treaty (駒王協定, Koma-ō Kyōtei).

The Heroic Oppai Dragon

In Volume 7, during the Three Factions battle with LokiIssei Hyoudou was contacted by the Breast Fairy that serves Chimune Chipaoti; the Goddess of Breasts and one of the Etoulde Pillar Gods, who assisted him in unlocking the ability to wield Mjolnir.

In Volume 11, the Rias Gremory's Peerage was asked by Azazel to look after Ophis, who gained an interest in Issei Hyoudou due to his unnatural growth as the Red Dragon Emperor. During the Rias Gremory's Peerage's Mid-Class promotion test party, the group was attacked by the Hero Faction who stole a portion of Ophis' power, which the planned to use to create their own Ouroboros Dragon, which would obey them. As the battle continued, the fight was interrupted by Shalba Beelzebub, who used Leonardo to create giant Anti-Monsters which Shalba planned to unleash into the Underworld as revenge for rejecting him. This event sparked the Demonic Beast Riot, which saw the Three Factions and their allies successfully repel the giant Anti-Monsters and defeating the Hero Faction as well as the remnants of the Old Satan Faction.

The Legend of Oppai Dragon and his Lively Companions

In Volume 16, during the Vampire Civil War, Rizevim Livan Lucifer revealed himself as the new leader of the Khaos Brigade. He explained his plans to invade the other world of E×E by reviving the Apocalyptic Beast; Trihexa in order to kill Great Red so that Rizevim and his army can cross the Dimensional Gap and enter the other world.

In Volume 21, during the Evil Dragon War, after the death of Rizevim Livan Lucifer and the awakening Trihexa, Apocalyptic Beast and the Evil Dragons began their rampaging all over Dragonic Deus and it’s mythological worlds, which ended by defeating Evil Dragons and sealed Trihexa in the Isolation Barrier Field, at the cost of the major leaders of every mythologies sealing themselves with it.

Red Dragon Emperor of the Blazing Truth × White Dragon Emperor of the Morning Star: The True Dragon(s) of the Kuoh Academy

In Volume 25, a denizen of Draconic Deus Issei Hyoudou was contacted by a Pillar God of Evie Etoulde Chimune Chipaoti (Also known as Chichigami) to warn him of the incoming threats that will appear in his world, advising him to collect the twelve Chosen Heavenly Breasts to repel this threat.

In True Volume 2, Chimune Chipaoti reappeared in Issei’s dream to remind him of the threats appearing in Draconic Deus and he needs to collect the twelve Heavenly Breasts. Dragonic Deus was infiltrated by a small of numbers beings of Evie Etoulde as a scouting party to scan the lifeforms of the world, before making their report to Regalzeva.

In True Volume 4, a human woman named Sefaira Seraselbes somehow arrived to Dragonic Deus from Fadir Ferdora. She was found unconscious by the Devil Verrine and her Grim Reapers assistants, escaping the area before the Evies arrived. Afterwards, DxD faced off against Hades' Alliance of Hell in the city of London, as DxD defeated the group and forced it to disband by capturing its remaining members, including its founder Hades.

While transporting Hades and Angra Mainyu, the Vali Team were attacked by two high-ranking Evie; Bebevu Su and Gvardora, who managed to kidnap the captured gods and transport them to their ship. After awakening from her coma, Sefaira warned that her presence on Draconic Deus would endanger everybody on the world.

It is revealed that Great Red, one of the Dragon Gods and guardian of the Dimensional Gap, was killed by one of the pillar Evie gods; Regalzeva. Regalzeva then commanded his subordinates to prepare for the subjugation of Draconic Deus and to continue the search for Sefaira Seraselbes. In secret, Haz Ilyus, a member of the Melvazoa faction to assist and monitor Regalzeva, ordered his own subordinates to make contact with the intelligent beings of Draconic Deus, continue the search for Sefaira Seraselbes and find the individual of Draconic Deus that one of the Etoulde gods: the Chicigami, contacted.


Name Information


The planet which High School D×D takes place in. It was dubbed  "Draconic Deus" by the deities of Evie Etoulde. It is the homeworld of the Humans, Dragons, Youkais, and became a resident of the other species.


The homeworld of the Devils of the 72 Pillars and Extra Demons, and the Grim Reapers from the Realm of the Dead. It became the resident for the Fallen Angels after they fell from grace in Heaven. It was originally ruled by the original Four Great Satans until their death at the Great War and positions was taken over by Sirzechs Lucifer, Ajuka Beelzebub, Serafall Leviathan, Falbium Asmodeus, making the Underworld a more peaceful place for Reincarnated Devils.


The birthplace of the Angels and the former resident of the late God of the Bible. It’s the place where Humans and the other species go after they died. After the Biblical God’s death, the Four Great Seraphs became the leaders in order to maintain the Holy System.

Dimensional Gap

The gap that exists between the three worlds (Earth, Heaven, and the Underworld) and is considered a void world. It is the birthplace of Ophis, the Infinite Dragon God, and Great Red, the True Dragon. The Dimensional Gap was originally the home of Ophis and is currently being occupied by Great Red.


The home of the Norse Gods and the Asgardians. It was formerly ruled by the former chief-god Odin until he was sealed along with the major gods from every mythologies. Odin’s third son Vidar became its new ruler by the Norse higher-ups.

Mount Olympus

The home of the Greek Gods and its located at the highest mountain in Greece. It was formerly ruled by the chief-god Zeus until he was sealed along with the major gods from every mythologies to fight against the Trihexa. Zeus’son Apollon became the new ruler after his father’s absence.

Mount Meru

The home of some of the Hindu Gods.It is the sacred five-peaked mountain of Hindu, Jain, and Buddhist cosmology and is considered to be the center of all the physical, metaphysical and spiritual universe. It’s also where the Hindu God of war Indra resides.


Name Information


The main species of the planet Earth and the beings focused by the Devils, Angels, and the Gods. The humans are inherited by the Sacred Gears that was bestowed to them by the God of the Bible to help defend themselves against the supernatural beings. They are often reincarnated by Devils by using Evil Pieces to bring to their side to help flourish their population and the Angels uses the Brave Saint to reincarnate Exorcists into Angels after they couldn’t be born since the Biblical God’s death.


The beings that are originated from the Underworld created by the Original Lucifer using the body of his wife Lilith in order to create a military force to destroy God and the Angels and realized his personal ambition for world domination.


The beings created by the God of the Bible in order to fight against the Devils and Fallen Angels. They were given the power of Light Weapon that could kill Devils and by extension the Fallen Angels. After the death of God of the Bible, the Angels were incapable of increasing their numbers until the Brave Saints was created by the current leaders of Heaven, the Four Great Seraphs.

Fallen Angels

The former Angels who have fallen from the Fifth Heaven due to having impure thoughts that divert them from the teachings of God and became residents to the Underworld. The leaders of the Fallen Angels are the Grigori, were tempted by human women and had fallen after having sex with them. Despite being casted out of Heaven, the Fallen Angels retained their ability to Light Weapons.


The supreme deities and the rulers of their mythologies. They are figures of worship and veneration by Humans and the most powerful beings that have the power to surpass Satan-Class, rivaled only by the Heavenly Dragons and possibly Super Devils, and surpassed by the Dragon Gods. All of the major gods were sealed in the Isolation Barrier Field to fight and contain Trihexa, while those who were left behind became the new leaders of their mythologies and some started to cause some trouble.


They are the beings who have made their ascension to Buddhahood and became deities.


The creatures that represent power and are large masses of energy who act freely and selfishly. As such, in all ages, Dragons are admired, respected, and feared by all. They are one of the most powerful beings that could rival or surpass Gods and Satans, such as the Two Heavenly Dragons and Dragon Gods. Dragons live according to their own free will and love hoarding treasures.


A group of various species of supernatural beings native to Asia. They have have the appearance that of a human with animal characteristics and often hide in their respective countries from the Humans by concealing their animal characteristics.


The half-god warriors from Asgard, the Valkyries are powerful beings who serve the deities of the Norse myth and whose roles are equivalent to that of Angels, where as they guide souls to the afterlife and protect the Norse gods from threat.


The immortal beings that resides in the darkness of Romania since ancient times. The Vampires are a race that are proud and aloof, often looking down on the other species due to their arrogance. That changes after the Vampire Civil War and the actions of Rizevim, where they now do not discriminate against other species and are instead working with them.

Grim Reapers

The sub-species of God that serves to one of the Pillar Gods of Greek mythology Hades in the Realm of the Dead, the lower strata of the Underworld. Like Hades, the Grim Reapers despises the Devils and Fallen Angels, often looking at them with hostilities. They wield their weapons known as Death Scythe that can shortens the lifespan of those slashed by it with a special type of curse.

European Monsters

A group of various species of supernatural beings native to Europe. Like the Youkais, some of them have the appearance that of a human with a monstrous characteristics.


One of the species of Norse mythology and also known as Giants who resides inside of Járnviðr. Loki turned a Jötunn woman into a wolf and had her mate with Fenrir, giving birth to Sköll and Hati. Among their species if the Fire Giant Surtr who can manipulate fire able to burn down God-class beings, and his clone Surtr Second.


  • The name "Draconic Deus" comes from the Evies, especially Regalzeva's faction, naming the worlds they conquered based on the two most powerful species of that world. "Draconic" from "Dragons" and "Deus" from "Gods".
  • The Evie refer to Earth as "Draconic Deus", while in High School D×D, Earth will be basically kept as "Earth"[1]