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Dohnaseek was a Fallen Angel allied with Raynare in the latter's plot to steal Asia's Sacred Gear [1].


Dohnaseek was a middle-aged-looking man with short black hair and dark blue eyes[2].

His attire consisted of a pale gray trench coat over a white dress shirt with a matching ascot, black pants and shoes, a pair of black gloves, and a black fedora[2].


Dohnaseek was shown to be somewhat of a battle maniac[3]. In the anime, Dohnaseek was shown to be somewhat arrogant, looking down on both Rias and Akeno who came to confront him and his allies[4].


Not much was known about Dohnaseek, other than the fact that he sided with Raynare in her plot to steal Asia's Sacred Gear[1].


The Red Dragon Emperor's Awakening

He was the first Fallen Angel to attack Issei after he was revived as a Devil[3].

Later on, he, along with Kalawarner and Mittelt, fought against Rias and Akeno during the Occult Research Club's mission to save Asia from Raynare[4]. He was terminated by Rias' Power of Destruction[1] after making fun of Issei for how he was treated by Raynare (then as Yuuma) on their first date, which angered Rias[4].

Powers & Abilities

Light-Based Weapons: Dohnaseek could generate and throw light spears to kill Devils[3].

Flight: Being a Fallen Angel, Dohnaseek could fly using his wings[3].


  • Dohnaseek's height was 183 cm. (6 feet) according to the visual book with his data. This made him the fourth-tallest male character in the series, behind Azazel, Sairaorg and Mil-tan.
  • In the anime, Dohnaseek's light spear was blue.
  • He is the only Fallen Angel that was a part of Raynare group to appear before his death in the Light Novels and Manga


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