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It’s nice to meet you all. I am Diethelm Waldseemüller. I am Raphael-sama’s [Ace]. Let us be acquainted from now on.

–Diethelm introducing himself to Team Red Dragon Emperor of the Blazing Truth, Volume 23, Life.1 A [King] From Now On


Diethelm Waldseemüller is Raphael's Ace.


Diethelm is a tall black-haired man who appears in his mid-30s. He wears priest vestments and has a black beard.


Diethelm is shown to be a polite and gentlemanly person.


At some point in the past, Diethelm was angelized by Raphael into his Ace.

Powers & Abilities

Light Power: As an Angel, Diethelm has the ability to use the same light powers to produce different effects.

  • Light-Based Weapons: As a Angel, Diethelm can create light-based weapons such as a light sword, spear, or bow. Diethelm can create several spears of light simultaneously with ease.[1]

Immense Strength: Diethelm has displayed immense strength, being able to hold his own against a Touki-enhanced Ouryuu.[1]

Immense Stamina: Diethelm has massive amounts of stamina and endurance. He was durable enough being able to withstand multiple attacks from Ouryuu, including a direct punches from a Dragon's Pulse-enhanced Ouryuu without sustaining injuries and keep on fighting.[1]

Immense Speed: Diethelm possesses impressive speed, keeping up with Ouryuu even after he covered himself in Touki.[1]

Skilled Tactician: Diethelm has show has some skill in strategy, using long-range attacks as a response to Ouryuu covering himself in Touki, which increased his close combat potential.[1]

Flight: Being an Angel, Diethelm can fly using his wings.


Holy Resuscitation: (癒の聖者からの回復(ホーリー・レズスサイテーション), Hōrī Rezususaitēshon), also known as the Restoration from the Healing Saint, is Diethelm's Sacred Gear, which is similar to Twilight Healing. However, unlike the latter, it only works on those only related to Heaven.[2]

  • Fourteen Holy Salvation: (十四救護聖人による救済(フォーティーン・ホーリー・サルベーション), Fōtīn Hōrī Sarubēshon), also known as the Salvation from Fourteen Healing Saints, is Diethelm’s Holy Resuscitation Balance Breaker, which allows him to increase the area of his Sacred Gear's effects as well as the range of symptoms that it can cure. If the target was a believer, even a serious illness could be completely cured.[1]


  • Diethelm's first name translates to "protector of the people" in German.
  • His last name, Waldseemüller, may refer to Martin Waldseemüller, a German cartographer and humanist scholar.


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