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The Devils (悪魔, Akuma) are one of the Three Factions in High School DxD, alongside the Angels and Fallen Angels. There are two major types of Devils in the story: The Pure-Blooded Devils (純血悪魔, Junketsu Akuma), and Reincarnated Devils (転生悪魔, Tensei Akuma).


Devils are beings that originated from the Underworld created by the Original Lucifer using the body of his wife Lilith in order to create a military force to destroy God and the Angels and realized his personal ambition for world domination which consisting of the High-Class Devil nobles of the 72 Pillars and Extra Demons and the countless armies of Middle and Low Class Devil soldiers under them. The total life span of a Devil is approximately 10,000 years. The Devils were originally ruled by the Four Great Satans prior to their death in the Great War. Following the end of the Great War, the descendants of the original Satans apart from Rizevim wanted to continue the Great War but were faced with opposition by other Devils, most prominently the Bael clan, who assumed authority after the death of their leaders. This started a civil war between the Devils with the descendants of the original Satans losing the war and a new government was formed among the Devils. The new government then appoints four new Satans through strength and accomplishment in the civil war.

After the formation of the new Devil government, Ajuka Beelzebub developed the Evil Pieces system to help replenish the decreased armies of the Devils, eventually creating the Rating Games.


Devil Soldiers as they appeared in the anime

Most Pure-Blood Devils looks the same as Humans, albeit with one pair of black bat-like wings that can be hidden at will. However, those from the Phenex Household instead possesses bird-like wings made from fire. Devils are able to use their demonic powers to appear much younger than their physical age, for example Venelana looks as if she were the same age as her youngest child, Rias.

The are some devils who appears to have the characteristics of creatures and monsters such as members of the extinct House of Vepar being devils who appears akin to merpeople, members of the House of Forneus having the head of a sea monster like an anglerfish, Zephyrdor has pointy elf-like ears, and Roygun has two horns on her head.

Some pure-blood devils has multiple pairs of bat-like wings, however, unlike angels and fallen angels who can gain multiple wings over time, this is limited to those who are descended from the original Satans; such as Vali Lucifer, a Devil/Human hybrid, revealing his relation to the Original Lucifer by revealing his multiple bat wings in Volume 4 (four pairs in the anime and four in the manga). Rizevim Livan Lucifer has shown to have twelve bat wings in Volume 18, as well as Tsufaame Tereaku Leviathan in Highschool DxD Zero, and Ingvild Leviathan who has four pairs of wings.

Reincarnated Devils can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, such as the case with Tannin, a former Dragon King, Koneko Toujou, a Nekomata, and Enku (a Qilin).


All Devils have enhanced physical abilities such as superhuman strength, endurance, and enhanced sense such as sight and hearing; in addition to being able to see clearly in the dark as creatures of the night. Devils are able to fly through using their bat-like wings, which are capable of retracting into their backs as if disappearing entirely. They also possess a passive ability called "Language", which allows normal people listening to them to hear it in the language they're most familiar with and vice versa. According to Rias in Volume 4, Devils are also immune to being sunburned.

Devils also wield demonic power, which was described in Volume 2 as letting them control phenomena, letting a Devil using their demonic power to create various elements ranging from fire, water, and lightning. As revealed in Volume 14, to use demonic powers, a Devil must first acquire the power of imagination and the power to create, as well as good sense for either. Devils who have higher demonic power are able to develop resilience against all manner of holy-based objects and weapons such as Light Weapons, whereas those with lesser will be eliminated.

One of the Four Great Satan or other Satan-Class Devils are easily able to destroy Japan several times over using their powers, which Sona noted in Volume 4 commenting about Serafall's "glitter." It is unknown how powerful Ultimate-Class Devils' attacks are, but since most High-Class Devils are capable of destroying an entire mountain using a demonic blast, it could be hinted that their immense power can cause greater damage than that.

Members of the 72 Pillars and Extra Demons, which consist of Pure-Blooded Devil nobles can inherit special innate abilities unique to their clan, though occasionally the children of the members who marries out of the clan into another one would also inherit their abilities, becoming a common practice among the remaining pillars. Those from the Phenex has the Immortality, in addition to powerful Fire and Wind-based powers; those from the Bael and Gremory Clan who were related or born to Venelana Gremory (née Bael) has the Power of Destruction; and those from the Abaddon Clan inherits the Hole. All of these unique abilities appears to originate from the progenitor of the clan such as the First Bael Head, Zekram Bael. All the Pure-Blooded Devil nobles who don't inherit such powers are looked down upon, even by members of their own family.

Devils also have the ability to cast magic spells, having developed their own system of demonic magic powered by demonic power. Examples being the ability to bind and later summon a Familiar, as well as Issei's Dress Break and Pailingual spells. The most common usage would likely be the magic circle used by Devils for travel, and especially to make contracts.

High-Class Devils are able to gain peerages, rule over other Devils depending on their family's rank and powers, and can have up to 15 "servants", which are represented by each piece in a chess game (Rook, Knight, Pawn, etc.). The High-Class Devil takes the position of "King". Lower-Class Devils are often looked down upon, and usually, serve a Devil of higher authority. High-Class Devils also have the ability to reincarnate Humans and other races into Devils through the Evil Pieces system, as seen with what Rias did with Issei and Asia Argento.

Clan Abilities Normal Spells Custom Abilities
  • Language
  • Transportation
  • Binding
  • Summoning
  • Elemental demonic power
  • Appearance manipulation
  • Self-Destruct
  • Evil Pieces activation
  • Mind Reading
  • Demonic Bullet
  • Blade Barrage
  • Illusion
  • Audio-Visual communication
  • Mind Control
  • Defensive Barrier


A common weakness for all Devils is that they cannot go near/get involved with anything that has to do with the Biblical God, as they will suffer nasty side effects (headaches, immense pain, etc.), as seen when Issei couldn't go near the Church when he was talking to Asia, or when he tried to pray but only ended up collapsing from the pain soon after. They are vulnerable to holy objects such as crucifixes, holy water, and the Bible, and can get killed easily by Holy Swords and Sacred Gears with divine properties, such as Blade Blacksmith and the True Longinus (Asia's Twilight Healing, however, is a notable exception). These effects are caused by the system put in place by the Biblical God, which was being kept up by Michael and is now being kept up by Gabriel, and only she has the power to change the system.

They are also susceptible to light which significantly drains them of their energy once hit (in Volume 1, Issei comments that sunlight also appears to drain him of his energy, reducing him to normal human levels, at least at that time). Also, intense light, such as the light-based weapons used by Angels and Fallen Angels and the light swords used by exorcists, can severely wound, if not kill, a Devil. Devils with higher demonic power, however, can develop a certain degree of resistance to light.

Devils can also be infected with a cold that only Devils are susceptible to as seen when Issei and Saji came down with it, which made them unable to move. The Devil's face turns red and they gain a high temperature along with blurry vision.

Types of Devils

Sirzechs Lucifer, a Pure-Blooded Devil

  • Pure-Blooded Devils (純血悪魔, Junketsu Akuma) are Devils such as the original Four Great Satans and the original Devils created by the Mother of all Devils; Lilith, including the first generation aristocrat Devils of the 72 Pillars and Extra Demons, each who ruled their own domain in the Underworld along with their pure blooded descendants. Each clan of 72 Pillars has a unique ability that is specific to their clan which originated from their progenitor, such as the Bael's Power of Destruction or Phenex's Immortality, as the descendants of the clans are born with such unique abilities which occasionally get passed to other clans as Pure-Blooded High Class Devils interbreed with each other.

Issei Hyoudou, a Reincarnated Devil

  • Reincarnated Devils (転生悪魔, Tensei Akuma) are created by High-class Devils using Evil Pieces to reincarnate other species into Devils; who serve the High-class Devil who is their King.
    • Stray Devils (はぐれ悪魔, Hagure Akuma) are Reincarnated Devils who have diverted away from their masters for their own selfish desires. Without their masters to keep their powers in check, they become a great threat if their powers go beyond their control. The Devils take this case very seriously, and any Devil who becomes a Stray will usually be killed on the spot.
  • Mixed Heritage Devils (混合遺産悪魔, Kongō Isan Akuma) are devils either born between a pure-blooded devil and a reincarnated devil, or between two reincarnated devils. They could not be considered as Half Devils due to both their parents being devils, and are not considered Pure-Blooded Devils due to their diluted blood as High-Class Devils look down on reincarnated devils. Possible famous mixed heritage devil would be Coriana Andrealphus, which could explain why the Andrealphus clan is stated to be extinct in the Light Novel Volume 8, but considered active in the first lore.

Vali Lucifer, a Half Devil

  • Half Devils (半悪魔, Han Akuma) are Devils of mixed heritage created by the interbreeding of Devils and other species, most notably Humans. Due to the Pure-Blooded Devils pride and their obsession with pureblood purity, the half Devil descendants of the pure-blooded devil clans are often scorned and looked down upon. However, due to their mixed blood they gain the abilities of both species, as Half Devils with Human heritage can manifest Sacred Gears. Two famous Half Devils are Vali Lucifer and Ingvild Leviathan, who are the half-Human/half Devil descendants of the original Satan clans, in addition to being the possessors of the Longinus Sacred Gears.
  • Super Devils ((ちょう)(えつ)悪魔(デビル), Chōetsu Debiru), also known as Transcendental Beings are Devils considered irregular beings due to possessing abilities surpassing realm of Devils, making others wonder whether or not they can be considered devils. At first, three people were considered Super Devils: Sirzechs Lucifer, Ajuka Beelzebub and Rizevim Livan Lucifer who has power exceeding Satan-Class Devils; Sirzechs and Ajuka, in particular, has enough power to be considered among the "Top 10 Strongest Beings" using their full power. In fact, their coup d'etat against the Old Satan government succeeded partly due to Sirzechs and Ajuka's support. After the Evil Dragon War, due to their continuous and abnormal growth, the current Heavenly Dragons: Issei and Vali were nominated as Super Devil candidates. After the Hell Disaster, they were both officially certified as Super Devils after being approved by Zekram Bael. Furthermore, Hades' research created two Super Devils named Balberith and Verrine, but they haven't been certified by the underworld government.

Known Super Devils

Active Super Devils (Official)
Active Super Devils (Unofficial)
Deceased Super Devils


The population of Devils consisted of the original Four Great Satans and the Devils created by the Mother of all Devils; Lilith, which consisted of various Devil noble families from the 72 Pillars and Extra Demons as well as the commoner Devils who live in the territories of the Devil noble families who are subservient to the Original Satans. Countless devils died as a result of the Great War, with Lilith nearly dying from the strain of artifically reproducing too much Devils. During the Great War, 40 clans of the 72 Pillars were destroyed in the conflict as numerous High-class Devils of the 72 Pillars were killed along with their soldiers as 40 out of 72 clans were destroyed in the conflict.

It is noted that Devils have exceptionally long lifespans but cannot reproduce easily as the rate of pregnancy among devils is very low, sometimes requiring would-be-parents hundreds of years to produce a single child and having more then 2 children is considered rare among devils.

Due to the excessive loss of population, the Evil Pieces system was created to replenish the number of Devil by reincarnating other species into devils, with humans being the most common choice among the species.

In recent times, many High-class Devil have started reincarnating humans who possess Sacred Gears as their devil servants in order to obtain the strength of the Sacred Gears in service of the Devils. As a result of the low population, it is common for male High-class Devils to have harems of multiple women in order to have a greater chance of producing children.


The Devils' ranking system, as explained by Rias

The Devils use a hierarchical system that is split into four different ranks. The ranking here refers to the hereditary title given to Devils base on their classes and clans and reflect on strength. They are:

Ranking Information
Special-Class Devils A new class without any precedents, Special-Class Devil is awarded to those who have appropriate abilities, both social and political influence. It is bestowed upon those who have attained great achievements in the defense of the Underworld. The only Devils who have attained this rank are Issei Hyoudou and Vali Lucifer.
Ultimate-Class Devils This class was the highest class a Devil could attain by either training or being born with great power (until the creation of the Special-class Devil rank). As a devil comes into this class, they gain a rank in the Underworld as Satan, Great King, King, Archduke, Archduchess, Duke, Duchess, Prince, or Princess.
High-Class Devils This class belongs to most younger Pure-Blooded Devils from the 72 Pillars or the Extra Demon clans, who have yet to master their power, or to strong reincarnated Devils who have risen in rank. Once a Devil has attained this rank, they are given one of the following titles: Marquis, Marchioness, Margrave, Margravine, Count, Countess, Viscount, Viscountess, Baron, or Baroness.
Middle-Class Devils This class belongs to Middle Class Devils who usually live in one of the High-Class Devil's territories, or to reincarnated Devils who have passed the Middle-Class promotion test. Once a Devil has attained this rank, they are given one of the following titles: Baronet, Baronetess, Knight, or Dame.
Low-Class Devils The weakest class who are usually reincarnated Devils or commoners. They are usually part of a High-Class Devil's peerage or serve one of the clans. Low-Class Devils can promote themselves to higher rankings depending on their performance.

There are three different ways to raise one's ranking:

Ways Information
1. Contracting Doing Devil jobs by granting the client's wish. This includes having a high number of contracts completed with high-quality rewards. A Devil's contracts will garner points over time, but it is a gradual process unless the human customer is someone with great power and influence. This is considered to be the slowest method. A promotion through contracts are seen as more of a tradition.
2. Military Accomplishments Obtaining great achievement in times of crisis or situations. This includes showing exceptional ability or skill in combat. By defeating high-ranked enemies of the Devils, such as leaders of the Angels or Fallen Angels, a Devil can be rewarded. This is the fastest method, However, this route is unlikely in the current stalemate without a full-scale war.
3. Rating Game The last method is by doing well in Rating Games. This includes earning high points, public esteem, and opinion in official Rating Games. This is the modern path of ascent in Devil society, as it was designed to promote and train new powerful Devils. The Rating Game allows reincarnated Devils to hone and show off their skill and abilities against others in a controlled non-lethal environment. Performing well in the Rating Game raises reputation and leads to promotion. Some of the Top Rankers in the Rating Games have all reached Ultimate-Class, With the 7th ranker being the highest-ranked reincarnated Devil. This is by far the best method to raise one's own ranking.

Once a Low-Class Devil has earned the right to raise their ranking, they must first be tested before actually gaining the position. Not everyone succeeds in these tests, but they can try as many times as they choose, as the permission does not normally expire. The Middle-Class promotion test has three parts that are modeled after the tests in the Human world since a majority of the Devils who taking the promotion tests are reincarnated Devils (former humans). The first part is a written report that addresses the theme of aim and ambitions. The second part is a written test involving the history and government of the Underworld. The third is a practical where an individual faces off against another participant from the test in a one-on-one fight. During this battle, Pawns are given special permission that allows them to promote themselves as if they were in enemy territory.

In Volume 11 Kiba has stated there is a High-class promotion test where the participants are required to know about strategies that are based on tactics, however as the author did not write about this test before Issei's promotion in Volume 22, it is likely that Issei did not need to do this test.

High-Class Devils and above are allowed to have their own "peerage" which consists of members who represent each piece in a game of Chess while for reincarnated Devils that have reached Ultimate-Class, they will receive the right to choose a part of the Underworld as their territory. There is actually no conflict when a Low-Class Devil starts his own group while still being a part of another peerage after becoming High-Class. When a Devil reaches High-Class, they receive a set of Evil Pieces to start their own group. However, even after going independent, Devils are still obliged to fight as underlings whenever their master has a Rating Game, for example, Issei still has to fight as Rias' Pawn if she ever has a Rating Game despite commanding his own peerage.

High-Class Devil Promotion Ceremony

As seen with Issei, when a Devil goes to their High-Class promotion ceremony at the ceremonial hall, that Devil and those with them are escorted in limousines under strict guard. Several security cars surround the limousines meaning the Devil becoming a High-Class Devil is treated like a VIP. At the ceremony itself, the Devil getting promoted stands in front of an altar (a reincarnated devil stands with their master) and the Satan in charge reads what is written on their certificate which states the reasons for their promotion. The Satan proclaims them as a High-Class Devil and they kneel down on one knee to receive their certificate with words of acceptance. They display their certificate to the audience to which they applaud. Next comes the crowning ritual. For a reincarnated Devil, they face their master at the altar, get down on one knee, and their master places a crown upon their head with another round of applause meaning the ritual is complete.

For the final part, the Satan stands on the altar once again summoning a stone monument that shines in black which floats in the air. The monument is made from the same material as the Evil Pieces. The Devil getting promoted envelopes their hand in their aura and touches the monument. Their heart instantly makes a large beat and the monument shines crimson, showing their handprint for a moment and then the monument returns to normal. Their registration as a King is complete and they are handed a small box containing their 15 Evil Pieces for making their own peerage. As such, the ritual is done with the most crucial part of the ceremony. What comes after this is the words of congratulation from the guest which is read by the host of the ceremony and after the newly promoted High-Class Devil leaves the ceremonial hall, the ceremony is over.


Four Great Satans

The Four Great Satans (四大魔王, Yondai Maō) are the four rulers who control the Underworld. The original Satans were dominating tyrants who desired world domination, thus the reason for involving Devils in the Great War against the God of the Bible, Angels and Fallen Angel. The current Satans are not the actual ones but were chosen to replace the original Satans who died in the Great War, and each was named after the four original Satans: Lucifer, Beelzebub, Leviathan, and Asmodeus. Therefore the names "Lucifer" and "Beelzebub" are not personal names, but are more like managerial positions.

Satan Clans

The Satan Clans are Devil royal families whom are biological descendants of the original Satans. Due to most members's tyrannical arrogance in their royal lineage which caused them to scorn and oppressed all other Devils even pure blooded High Class Devil nobles of the 72 Pillars and Extra Demons, disregarding them as not true Devils along with their intention to force them into restarting the Great War, most members of the Satan Clans were exterminated by the Anti-Satan Faction in the Devil Civil War, while some surviving members form the Old Satan Faction in hopes of overthrowing the current Devil government.

72 Pillars

The 72 Pillars (72柱, Nanajūni Hashira, referring to the 72 demons of the Ars Goetia) are a list of 72 Devil noble families who descended from the first generation of High Class Devils created by the Original Lucifer out of his wife Lilith such as Zekram Bael and Runeas Gremory. Each clan possessing dozens of armies serving under them. After the Great War, however, every clan lost a majority of their armies and 40 clans from the 72 Pillars even faced extinction, with only 32 clans remaining (in reality, there are more than 32 houses that are still active but have lost some of their statuses in the 72 Pillars due to having mixed heritage).

Extra Demons

Extra Demons (番外の悪魔(エキストラ・デーモン), Ekisutora Dēmon) are the houses of top-class Devils who are not a part of the 72 Pillars. Currently, most of the Extra Demons have secluded themselves from the current Devil society, not wanting to involve themselves with the government. Devils from the Extra Demons who involve themselves with the current Devil Government will have to break all ties with their households such as with the case of Kuisha Abaddon, Bedeze Abaddon (the 3rd ranking champion in the Rating Games) and Roygun Belphegor (the 2nd ranking champion in the Rating Games).

The only known houses are the House of Lucifuge (where Grayfia and Euclid comes from), the House of Abaddon (where Kuisha and Bedeze comes from), the House of Belphegor (where Roygun comes from) and the House of Nebiros. Mephisto Pheles is the only Extra Demon that doesn't have a clan. Gremory seal-disclaimer.png A majority of the Extra Demons serve under one of original Satans, such as the House of Lucifuge, Satanachia, Agaliarept, Fleurety, Sargatanas, and Nebiros serving the Satan, Lucifer. Rudiger Rosenkreutz is revealed to be a Bishop from the House of Mammon.

Lilith's Children

Lilith's Children (リリスの子供たち(リリス・チルドレン), Ririsu Chirudoren), also known as Unknown Devils, refers to the group of Artificial Devils created by the Greek God of the Dead; Hades, using the body of the mother of all Devils; Lilith and the knowledge of the Book of Lucifer, which contains the technique that the First Lucifer used to create the 72 Pillars. They serve as Hades' shock troops against his war on Team DxD and the Three Factions. The only named artificial devils are Balberith, Verrine, Gressil and Sonneillon.


  • The families of the 72 Pillars are named after the 72 demons from the Ars Goetia, one of the five books of The Lesser Key of Solomon, also known as the Lemegeton.
    • In Highschool DxD, the 72 demons of the Ars Goetia actually refers only to the ancient first generation 72 Pillars progenitors spawned from Lilith such as Zekram and Runeas whom are refered by their surnames Bael and Gremory in the Ars Goetia instead of their personal names given by Ishibumi as Runeas's overall appearance actually matched the depiction of the demon Gremory in demonology. Thus any of their descendants are not recorded in the Ars Goetia.
  • Belphegor and Mammon are two of the devils associated with the Seven Deadly Sins along with Lucifer, Satan, Leviathan, Beelzebub, Asmodeus.
    • Abaddon sometimes appeared interchangeably, replacing Leviathan.
  • It is notable that despite their wings being folded and unfolded into their backs, like with others such as angels and fallen angels, there is never a sign of their clothing being torn in the places where their wings came out.
  • Similar to Dragons, Devils have a particular illness that affects their species.
    • Their Devil Fever similar to humans give them the natural fever, in addition to them unable to use their demonic powers and sixth sense. In Volume 13, Issei had gotten sick from both the Dragon Flu and Devil Fever at the same time.
    • It is said that High-Class Devils with strong demonic power rarely catch a cold, but can catch it if they are tormented by anxiety and lose their physical strength.
    • Devils can be afflicted with a unique illness called the Sleep Disease; a disease that causes one to fall asleep and will cause the afflicted to grow weaker and soon die if they aren't hooked up to a life-support machine. The disease is almost incurable, with it being able to last even 100 years. There are rare cases where those were cured with Misla Bael, who Issei had used Pailingual on and Ingvild Leviathan, who awakened because her Longinus; Nereid Kyrie manifested.[1] [2]
  • It is considered something of a rite of passage for a young up-and-coming Devil to make a pact with a Magician. Young Devils are warned to choose carefully when making such a pact as, if they choose the wrong Magician, it will reflect poorly on the Devil.[3]
  • According to Koneko, it is somewhat common for some female devils to seduce and sleep with a male devil whose peerage they wish to enter.[4]
  • A Devil can have their Familiars hand out fliers instead of doing it themselves for Devil's jobs, such as when Rias sent out her Familiar to give Issei a flier.
  • Rias states that in the past Devils 'did' steal souls, however, they no longer do such serious things. [5]
  • It is revealed that all the current Heads of the Devil households will leave everything to the next heir and enter their retirement after passing the household onto them.[3]
  • It is revealed that even after maturing, unlike humans it's possible for the bodies' of devils to continue growing due to factors such as their demonic power, as shown as Asia' breasts have grown to being almost as big as Xenovia's.[6]
  • The same as most powers, demonic power can be influenced from one's emotional state, whether excitement or rage; raising based on intense emotions, and, in turn, grief can weaken their powers too.
  • The Japanese term for Devil (悪魔, Akuma) is a bit of misnomer: the word 悪 (aku) means evil, cruel... However, not all Devils are cruel and evil as the term stated. It could be assumed that the word 悪魔 is mostly used for reference or academic purposes.
  • Anyone who has devil heritage can advance in rank. Ingvild Leviathan had attained the rank of Ultimate Class Devil while she was still a Half Devil.
  • Engaged Devils will have an Ancestral Tour visiting previous generation that are still alive.


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