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A massive event that is considered one of the largest recent conflicts in the Underworld, which nearly lead to the collapse of the Underworld as it required all of the Three Factions and their allies strength to repel. It also lead to the dissolvement of several Khaos Brigade factions, such as the Hero Faction and Old Satan Faction.


The Hero Faction, after their defeat in Kyoto, grew tired of following Ophis' orders as they sought to use the Infinite Dragon God's power for their own end, making a deal with Hades to use Samael in order to obtain Ophis' power.

Vali, learning about this through his own connections, sent Ophis to the Hyoudou residence as Ophis was interested in the current Red Dragon Emperor's growth.

During the celebration for the Rias Gremory peerage Mid-class Devil promotion, the Hero Faction ambushed the Occult Research Club and Ophis as well as Kuroka and Le Fay Pendragon, who were sent by Vali to protect her.


Cao Cao and Georg ambushed the group by teleporting them to a artificial dimension, with Georg releasing fire magic that Ophis negated. Cao Cao attempts to stab Ophis with his True Longinus but due to her being infinite, she was undamaged.

Kuroka and Le Fay summon Vali to their location by swapping Fenrir with Vali, sending Fenrir to fight the other Hero Faction members. Cao Cao had Georg summon Samael, who devoured Ophis, as he started to drain her powers. The Occult Research Club and Vali attacked Samael to try to free Ophis but all of their attacks were devoured. Cao Cao revealed his Balance Breaker, as he used one of the orbs to destroy Xenovia's Ex-Durandal, as he had the orb change shape to stab her, defeating her. Enraged, the ORC attacked him, as Cao Cao used another orb to seal Rias and Akeno's powers.

Kuroka and Le Fay attempted to attack him but her used another orb to redirect the attack by using teleportation to teleport Kuroka and Le Fay near Asia, which prompted Issei to use Welsh Sonic Boost Knight to intercept it, greatly injuring him due to the light armor. Azazel and Vali tried fighting against Cao Cao but he used Medusa's Eye on Azazel to weaken Azazel before stabbing him.

Kuroka shielding Koneko from the blast

Enraged, Vali attempted to blast Cao Cao with his demonic power, which Cao Cao warded off by using a orb to redirect the attack to Koneko which Kuroka intercepted, greatly injuring her. Getting further enraged, Vali attempted to use his Juggernaut Drive, as Cao Cao had Georg use Samael on Vali, defeating him. Kiba attempted to stop Cao Cao by using his Dragon Knight troops, but Cao Cao easily destroyed them with his orbs. As Georg had retrieved Ophis' power, Cao Cao had Georg swap him and Siegfried, as he told his opponents that the Grim Reapers would arrive soon, before he was summoned away.

As the group attempted to fight the Grim Reapers, Le Fay teleported Xenovia and Irina away so they could warn the Three Factions about the situation. Issei used his Welsh Blaster Bishop to destroy the barrier devices located on the roof and hall along with the Grim Reapers surrounding them as they moved their fight outside the hotel, Issei increased Rias and Akeno's powers with Gift as Siegfried appeared along with more Grim Reapers, who attacked Issei though he easily defeated them.

Rias using her breasts to replenish Issei's aura

Pluto revealed himself and engaged Azazel in battle as Kiba battled against Siegfried, gaining the advantage by tricking him with his Dragon Knights. Georg used his mist to teleport 300 more Grim Reapers as the ORC huddled together to fight them off. Issei used Gift on Rias' breasts, which replenished his aura, allowing him to use Welsh Blaster Bishop again, which he used to destroy the Grim Reapers and overwhelm Georg and Siegfried.

After that, Shalba Beelzebub appeared with Leonardo, as he forced Leonardo to use a unstable temporary Balance Breaker to create giant Anti-Monsters which Shalba planned to unleash on the Underworld. The activation of the Balance Breaker destabilized the artificial dimension, as the Hero Faction members retrieved Leonardo and teleported away. Shalba began attacking Vali as with Kuroka was trying to gather everyone to teleport away, with Issei staying behind to defeat Shalba and retrieve Ophis.

Ophis watching Issei die

Issei equipped his Cardinal Crimson Promotion, which he used to overwhelm Shalba. Becoming desperate, Shalba used a arrow coated with Samael's blood, which he had originally planned to use against Vali, to try to defeat Issei. Although Issei had been affected by the curse, he was still able to defeat and kill Shalba, as he retrieved Ophis and convinced her to come with him. However, the poison of Samael begun to affect him more severely as he seemingly died, with his Evil Pieces being summoned by Azazel as the ORC mourned his seeming death. Though in actuality, Issei had survived, due to Ddraig sealing his soul in the Boosted Gear as his body was destroyed due to the curse.

As the Gremory group attempted to get answers about the possibility of Issei's survival, they visited Ajuka Beelzebub. While there they also encountered Siegfried and the remnants of the Old Satan Faction, who came to give a offer to Ajuka to join the Khaos Brigade, due to wanting his power. While seemingly interested at first, Ajuka turned them down due to his friendship with Sirzechs, which enraged the Old Satan Devils, who attacked Ajuka. Ajuka easily defeated them by using his Kankara Formula, which allowed him to control all of the demonic power they tried to use against him, as he defeated them without getting up from his chair.

Yuuto continuing to fight Siegfried, despite having his arm cut

Yuuto Kiba challenged Siegfried to a fight, as he tried to kill Siegfried to get revenge for Issei. Siegfried used a special doping called Chaos Break, to increase his Sacred Gears power which allowed him to endure Gram's Dragon Slayer aura as he overwhelmed Yuuto, cutting off his arm.

As Yuuto got up, one of Issei's Evil Pieces turned into Ascalon, which Yuuto used to force Siegfried on the defensive. During the duel, Gram chose Yuuto responded to Yuuto due to choosing him as its new wielder, as Yuuto implored to come to his side if it has chosen him, burning Siegfried's hands. Asia and Koneko came to help Yuuto, as all of the girls received Issei's encouragement from his Evil Pieces. Rias and Akeno destroyed Siegfried's Twice Critical arms as Yuuto stabbed him with Gram and Ascalon, defeating him. Yuuto was also chosen as the new wielder for all of Siegfried's Demon Swords (Balmung, Nothung, Tyrfing and Dáinsleif), becoming their new wielder. After receiving the news of the fact that Issei's soul was still alive, the ORC was overjoyed. They returned to the Gremory castle to prepare to go out to the capital to assist the evacuation effort.

Ophis at Issei's side as he awakens

Meanwhile in the Dimensional Gap, Issei was revealed to have survived as his body was being reconstructed by Great Red. During that time, he had Ophis remove Samael's blood and place it into a bullet found from a Gogmagog in the Dimensional Gap, in preparation for his confrontation with Cao Cao.

In the Realm of the Dead, Sirzechs and Azazel confronted Hades about aiding the Hero Faction, as Hades tried to leave, though Sirzechs wouldn't allow it. Hades asked Sirzechs to entertain him by revealing his true form, which Sirzechs did as he transformed into his Beast of Destruction form. On the other side of the Netherworld, the Vali Team was rampaging against the Grim Reapers.

At the same time, the forces of the Three Factions and their allies began pushing back the Anti Monsters as they received special magic from Ajuka Beelzebub which was effective against the Anti Monsters, as several groups lead by Diehauser Belial, Tannin and Yasaka were able to push back the Bandersnatch.

Gasper overwhelming Georg with his hidden powers

The Occult Research Club (all members except Issei) reunited as they teleported to the north-west district of the capital, seeing Saji's Vritra Promotion form battle against the Hero Faction. Arriving at their location, they noticed the Sitri peerage defeated by the Hero Faction. Yuuto saved Sona, Tsubaki and Saji with his Dragon Knight troops, rushing them to Asia to be healed. Xenovia, Irina and Akeno teamed-up against Jeanne as Sairaorg arrived to their location. Sairaorg took on Heracles and easily defeated him. As Georg taunted Gasper about Issei's death, Gasper unleashed his hidden powers which creating a vast darkness that generated shadow creatures as Gasper transformed into a Beast of Darkness. He easily overwhelmed Georg, as his darkness ate Georg's magic circle and the surrounding darkness used time-stop to stop Georg's elemental magic attacks. Georg tried to capture Gasper with his mist but the darkness ate his mists and his magic. Trying to retreat by teleporting, Georg was restrained by Saji as Gasper's monsters moved to attack him, defeating him.

Rias tearfully happy at Issei's return

In the Dimesional Gap, Issei succeeded in having his body recreated as he and Ophis were returned to the Underworld by Great Red. When they returned to the Underworld, they noticed the Lucifer peerage fighting the Jabberwocky. As Great Red did not like the way that Jabberwocky looked at him, he lent his power to Issei, combining with him to create Super Gigantic Balance Breaker. Issei teamed-up with the Lucifer peerage to defeat the Jabberwocky, by lifting it into the air so Issei could finish it with his Longinus Smasher. After the fight, Great Red separated from Issei, returning to the Dimensional Gap, with Issei and Ophis heading to the Occult Research Club's location. Arriving at their location, his comrades became overjoyed at his miraculous return. Issei then fought against Jeanne, defeating her Lamia Holy Sword armor by using Dress Break.

After that, Cao Cao appeared along with Pluto, who was sent by Hades to retrieve Ophis. Vali Lucifer joined the fray as he challenged Pluto to a fight. Vali revealed his new form, Empireo Juggernaut Overdrive, which he used to easily defeat Pluto, breaking Pluto's scythe and using his special ability, Compression Divider, to compress Pluto into non-existence.

Vali looking at the defeated Cao Cao

After witnessing that, Issei challenged Cao Cao to a fight, hoping for a rematch to get back at Cao Cao for defeating him. Issei transformed into his Cardinal Crimson Promotion form, engaging Cao Cao in duel. While initially evenly matched, Cao Cao slowly gained the advantage, using his destruction orb to send Issei through several buildings. Issei used the bullet filled with Samael's blood to hit Cao Cao, as it started to affect him due to his Medusa Eye. Weakened, Cao Cao attempted to use Truth Idea to defeat Issei but it wouldn't activate as the spear acknowledged Issei's dream instead of Cao Cao's ambition. Cao Cao and Georg escaped as Georg teleported them away with Cao Cao distracting Issei and the ORC by releasing intense light.


Cao Cao along with Georg and Leonardo were sent to the Realm of the Dead by Indra, with him taking their Longinus', but promising to return the Longinus if they could escape from it.

Because the immense loss of manpower and the fact that the majority of its leadership had either been killed or captured, the Old Satan Faction and Hero Faction were effectively dissolved.

Due to him having the ORC meet Ophis secretly without telling the other members of the Three Factions, Azazel was forced to resign from his post as Governor of Grigori, becoming the supervisor of Kuoh Town and a advisor of special technology for the Grigori.


Three Factions

Name Information
Occult Research Club One of the central groups involved in the event. Originally charged with watching Ophis, they were attacked by the Hero Faction and defeated. After the Anti-Monsters began to rampage, they were sent to assist in evacuating civilians where they encountered the main members of the Hero Faction, who they defeated.
Sona Sitri's Peerage Originally sent to evacuate civilians at the capital, they were later attacked by the main members of the Hero Faction and defeated.
Sairaorg Bael's Peerage Sairaorg and his peerage were dispatched to protect and help the civilians to evacuate. They later fought against the remnant of the Old Satan Faction while evacuating the civilians, as Sairaorg and Regulus went to aid the Gremory Peerage in their fight against the Hero Faction, with Sairaorg defeating Heracles on his own.
Seekvaira Agares' Peerage Originally sent to evacuate civilians at the capital.
Sirzechs Lucifer's Peerage They were sent to stall and defeat the Jabberwocky, which was heading for the capital of Lilith. They also assisted in the evacuating the civilians. They helped defeat Jabberwocky alongside Issei Hyoudou, who combined with Great Red in order to kill it.
Ultimate-class Devil Peerages Lead by Top 10 Rating Game player, Diehauser Belial, they were sent by the devil government to deal with the Bandersnatch.
Grigori squads They were sent to stop the Bandersnatch and other anti-monsters.
Brave Saints They were sent to stop the Bandersnatch and other anti-monsters.

Name Information
Vali Team Originally, more then half of the members were sent to deal with the other Hero Faction faction members, while the rest guarded Ophis. After that, they rampaged in the Netherworld, defeating Grim Reapers, as Vali defeated Pluto.
Valkyrie squads They were sent to stop the Bandersnatch and other anti-monsters.
Greek warriors They were sent to stop the the Bandersnatch and other anti-monsters.
Kyoto Youkai Lead by Yasaka, they dealt with the Bandersnatch and other anti-monsters.

Khaos Brigade

Name Information
Hero Faction The main faction that was behind the event, as they attempted to use Samael to steal Ophis' power to create their own Ouroboros, which would listen to their commands. Main members were defeated by the Occult Research Club and Sairaorg Bael.
Old Satan Faction Joined the Anti-Monsters in attacking the Underworld, starting a coup d'état against the current government. A squad of Old Satan members later attempted to assassinate Ajuka Beelzebub, but were defeated and killed by him. The rampaging members were later stopped by the members of the Three Factions.

Name Information
Grim Reapers Allied with the Hero Faction under Hades command, in order to obtain Ophis. Lead by Pluto, they fought the Occult Research Club in the alternative space. Grim Reapers in the Netherworld were later attacked by the Vali Team, with Pluto being killed by Vali.
12 Bandersnatch and 1 Jabberwocky Giant Anti-Monsters created by Shalba Beelzebub forcibly using Leonardo's Annihilation Maker Balance Breaker. which left Leonardo comatose. The monsters were teleported to the Underworld by Shalba so that they could destroy the Underworld. Initially the members of the Three Factions and their allies were unable to defeat the Bandersnatch; due to their durable nature, but after receiving the magical technique that Ajuka Beelzebub created, which was effective against the Anti Monsters. One Bandersnatch was taken down by the alliance army lead by Diehauser Belial, a second by Serafall Leviathan, a third by Tannin and his servant Dragons, a fourth by Yasaka as the Bandersnatch were getting continuously defeated.

The Jabberwocky initially headed to the Devil capital of Lilith in order to destroy it, as a attack unit lead by Diehauser Belial tried to stop it but was unable to inflict any significant damage due to the Jabberwocky's regeneration abilities. Later, the servants of the Satans tried to stop it and delay it's arrival to the capital until the evacuation of civilians was completed. The Jabberwocky was finally defeated by the combined efforts of Issei Hyoudou, in his Super Gigantic Balance Breaker due to Great Red's power and the Lucifer Peerage, as Issei destroyed it with Longinus Smasher.


  • Hades was the main instigator of this event, as the one pulling the strings behind the scene as he allied with both the Hero Faction and Old Satan Faction, in order to obtain Ophis' for himself.