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Death Scythes are the primary weapons of Grim Reapers.


Each Grim Reaper uses a Death Scythe as his primary weapon, showing great skill and proficiency in wielding it.


Grim Reaper Scythe's are noted to be large and decorated with various accessories linked to death such as skulls and monster hands placed on them.

Bennia Orcus wields a scythe with a long curved black blade with neon gold lines through out the blade.

It is noted that the higher tier Grim Reapers scythes are darker in color.

Pluto wielded a scythe that was red and black colored.

Thanatos wields a pure black scythe.


Grim Reaper scythes are noted to cut and damage the lifespan of those that it slashes. If a opponent takes too many slashes from the scythe their lifespan will be reduced to nothing and they will die, thus allowing the Grim Reaper to harvest their soul.[1] The most powerful Grim Reaper; Thanatos is noted to be able to harvest the souls of most beings in a single slash due to his immense power.[2]

However, it is noted that the Grim Reaper scythes cannot harvest the souls of those who have received divine protection of a God-class being, which protects their soul. Even Thanatos; who is the most powerful Grim Reaper, was incapable of harvesting the soul of Issei Hyoudou, due to the fact that his soul was protected by Ophis' power of infinity, which prevented damage to his lifespan, thus only allowing Thanatos to deal physical damage.[2]



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