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How many of those so-called Phoenix Tears are there? Ten? Twenty? In front of me, Crom Cruach, enjoy using them. —But, I’ll definitely kill you over a hundred times! I’ll chase you down relentlessly until your consciousness perishes!

–Crom Cruach to Niðhöggr, Volume 20, Life.3 Hyoudou Issei

Crom Cruach is an Evil Dragon known as the Crescent Circle Dragon and is said to be the strongest Evil Dragon. He was formerly affiliated with the Khaos Brigade's Qlippoth along with the other Evil Dragons.


He has the ability to shapeshift into a human form or a Dragon form. In his human form, Crom Cruach has the appearance of a tall handsome man wearing a black coat with a long mixture of black and blond hairs as well as heterochromatic eyes where his right eye is gold and his left eye is black and he has pointed ears.

In his true form, Crom Cruach resembles a majestic jet black Dragon with a black and golden aura surrounding him. Since he has black wings, Crom Cruach is a Western Dragon.


Unlike the other Evil Dragons, Crom Cruach appears to be calm and quiet as he usually leans on nearby walls when on standby. He also appears to put his objectives first as, despite his love for battles, he was willing to leave after ten minutes when he was only told to hold off his enemies. He also seems to have a much greater amount of self-control since he backed down after Issei refused to fight due to exhaustion.[1]

As noted by Vali, Crom Cruach is even more of a battle maniac than he is and spent all the years he was absent training between the human world and the Underworld. When fighting, Crom Cruach prefers to fight alone, getting angry if an outside combatant interferes with his battle. He has also a very strange demeanor, such as not repeating his words more than twice as is seen when Issei asked him in Volume 20, and also tends to not answer a direct question or order if he deems it to not matter, and will answer in silent response.

Crom Cruach also has an extremely merciless side which is what earned him an infamous reputation as an Evil Dragon as shown when he ruthlessly brutalized Niðhoggr after the latter attacked Ophis.

Despite all of these traits, he has a honorable and respectful nature befitting that of a true Dragon, even though he is an Evil Dragon just like Apophis and Azi Dahaka, due to his hatred of dirty and nasty tactics and tricks as, during his intervention against Niðhöggr through the DxD Gremory group, he states that he will relentlessly and ruthlessly beat him up until his consciousness fades. Tannin also noted that out of all the Evil Dragons, he is the purest one despite being called the most evil out of all of them, because he lived for many centuries and Crom Cruach's eyes have seen many things including the vast changes in the history of the human world which, in turn, have changed Crom Cruach's views. He also can appraise and praise his opponent as he did with Fafnir and Asia for her bravery to stand against him and her courage making him feel deeply honored.


In the past, Crom Cruach was controlled by Balor, the Evil God from Irish Mythology. After Balor was defeated by Lugh, Crom Cruach went around to observe the human world and the Underworld as part of his training and experience. Afterward, he left the land where he resides due to finding the intrusion of Christianity an annoyance.

Sometime during his training, he met and joined Rizevim Livan Lucifer's group in order for him to be able to fight strong foes and see the place where Dragons would reach at the end.

Powers & Abilities

Immense Strength: Crom Cruach is superior to Apophis and Aži Dahāka in power as the strongest Evil Dragon, soon surpassing Ddraig and Albion in their prime from conscious training. He fought Issei in Crimson Armor and Vali in Scale Mail without getting serious and simply stalling them. Crom Cruach forced Dulio into using Balance Breaker, something that Michael forbade him from using. He could release a blast rivaling the Infinity Blaster that destroyed the barrier field and the area around him. Crom Cruach fought on par with Vali using D×D Lucifer, who stated average god-class beings couldn't defeat the former. He defeated Fafnir, despite him breaking his arm in Outrage Mode with no issues, then fought Ddraig to a standstill, and defeated Aži Dahāka II.

Immense Durability: As a human or dragon, Crom Cruach has immense resistance to pain and damage, which he strengthened from training. He endured Issei's Crimson Blaster (+ Ascalon) from one canon; having minimal damage and losing one wing, a notable feat as he wasn't modified using Sephiroth Graal. He caught the Tathlum replica, a magic bullet lethal to him in the past with his teeth; then withstood strikes from Vali in D×D Lucifer, had no reaction to Fafnir breaking his arm, Ddraig's attacks strengthened from Boost and Penetrate, and endured Aži Dahāka II's forbidden magic techniques with minimal injuries that quickly healed.

Immense Speed: Crom Cruach has shown to be extremely formidable in terms of speed as he is able to counter and fend off attacks from Vali who has light speed in his Balance Breaker and Issei who has Welsh Sonic Knight's God speed in his Crimson Armor.

Fire Breath: He can breathe immensely powerful flames, which could be widened to where they could cover the sky and strong enough to melt Vali's silver armor and break his Compression Divider. Crom Cruach's flames could take down Fafnir without much effort and surpassed Ddraig's flames, which were enhanced using Boost.

Dragon Aura: Crom Cruach can imbue his punches and strikes using dragon aura to further enhance them and could release a tremendous aura rivaling Issei's Infinity Blaster while having control over them to compress them. He can also shape and release his dragon aura as bullets.

Shapeshifting: He has the ability to shapeshift from his dragon form to human form. However, according to himself, there's no substantial difference in his battle strength regardless of the form he chooses.

Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Crom Cruach is incredibly well-versed in hand-to-hand combat, being able to fight both Issei in his Crimson Armor and Vali in his Scale Mail at the same time with minimal movements, then he overwhelmed him during Qlippoth's invasion of Heaven. He can also enhance his physical attacks through turning his hands into dragon claws and using dragon aura.

Battle Intuition: Due to his overwhelming battle experience, Crom Cruach developed his natural instincts into an intuition able to counter his opponents whose moves and attacks cannot be tracked using normal methods. Crom Cruach was able to avoid Vali's attacks in Diabolos Dragon Lucifer despite not seeing them and could distinguish Ddraig's aura bullets that were enhancing using Penetrate while adapting and responding to them. Noted by Ddraig during their fight he keep improving his senses while fighting that not even the genius Vali Lucifer wouldn’t be able to defeat him.

Stealth Expert: Crom Cruach is shown to be able to perfectly hide his presence from others such as Issei, Rias and Kiba, who were unable to notice him until it was too late or he starts talking himself.

Flight: As a dragon, Crom Cruach can fly using his wings.


  • "Bananas really are nice things." (Volume 20)


  • Crom Cruach has started to have a liking for bananas after Asia gave him one.
  • Currently, Crom Cruach is the only known major Evil Dragon that isn't either dead or sealed.


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