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You are pretty good, boy.

–Coriana to Issei Hyoudou, Volume 10, Life.3


Coriana Andrealphus is Sairaorg's Bishop from the House of Andrealphus, one of the extinct families from the 72 Pillars, which held the rank of Marquis.


Coriana is an attractive young woman with long, wavy blonde hair; red eyes, and wears a business suit and purple underwear underneath it.


Coriana is loyal to Sairaorg like the rest of his peerage to where she willingly used her body and stripped in front of Issei Hyoudou during their Rating Game in order for her team to win.


Not much is known about Coriana, other than at some point before the series she joined Sairaorg's peerage. However, she was likely shunned by the other Devils given her mixed heritage.

Powers & Abilities

Demonic Power: As a Devil, Coriana has all the powers and skills afforded to one such as being able to cast spells and cause pheneoma. It was noted that she excels in all categories of demonic powers, but she's is more of a support-type.

Enhanced Magic Power: As a Bishop, she can strengthen her magic and demonic powers.

Magic Talent: Befitting a Bishop, Coriana has various skills in magic and demonic powers, excelling in almost all categories.

  • Ice Magic: She can release spear-like projectiles created from ice using her demonic powers during her battle against Issei.

Flight: Being a Devil, Coriana can use her wings to fly.


Bishop Piece (僧侶の駒, Sōryo no koma): Coriana was reincarnated using the Bishop Piece, which her grants enhanced magic power.


  • In demonology, Andrealphus is a Marquis of Hell who commands 30 legions of demons. He has the ability to turn men into birds and the ability to make men subtle in all things pertaining to mensuration.
  • Coriana is Spanish for "blanket".
  • Despite her clan of Andrealphus being considered extinct in Light Novel Volume 8, her clan is considered to be active in the first lore article on the Ichiei Ishibumi's blog.
  • Coriana is the first female opponent to nullify the effects of Issei Hyoudou's Pailingual ability.