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I’m honoured to be able to fight with all of you.

–Connla to the Hero Faction members, Light Novel DX.4, Power.2

Connla is a member of the Hero Faction. He inherited the spirit of the original Connla, the son of the Irish mythological hero Cú Chulainn.


Connla is a young man with black hair tied into a bun, he also wears a pair of shades. His attire consists of a black Japanese school uniform (more specifically, the gakuran worn by Japanese schoolboys in the fall).


Connla's most notable feature is that he's quite stubborn, still attempting to continue fighting even if he appears to be weakened and outmatched, displaying a degree of courage, loyalty and even unwavering determination. Connla deeply respects Cao Cao and follows his orders absolutely. His respect for Cao Cao is so great that he doesn't mind if Cao Cao just uses him, stating that his life wouldn't have any meaning otherwise.

However Connla can be somewhat arrogant whenever he feels like he's gained the upper hand against his opponents, going as far as unintentionally revealing one of his weaknesses to them.


Connla did not have an easy life, as a kid he was feared and oppressed by others due to his ability to control shadows, that is until Cao Cao came to him and persuaded the young man to join the Hero Faction.

Powers & Abilities

Enhanced Durability: Connla's shown to have a great level of endurance, being able to take a explosion from Issei's Dragon Shot and he was able to keep continuing to fight despite the intense burns he received from Issei's Flame Blaze.


Connla creating shadows using Night Reflection

Night Reflection (闇夜の大盾(ナイト・リフレクション), Naito Rifurekushon): A Sacred Gear that grants Connla the ability to control shadows. These shadows can absorb attacks and redirect them in whatever direction the wielder wishes from any shadow within the Sacred Gear's area of influence. It is also shown that it can change the forms of the shadow into blades and spears to attack enemies using shadows and form a shadow barrier shield the user and others, the user can submerge within shadows and reappear out of others, it also entangled enemies and tied them down and there movement using shadows.

Night Reflection's Balance Breaker: Night Reflection Death Cross

  • Night Reflection Death Cross (闇夜の獣皮(ナイト・リフレクション・デス・クロス), Naito Rifurekushondesu Kurosu): also known as the Beast Skin of Dark Night. Connla's Sub-Species Balance Breaker of Night Reflection which creates a black shadow armor that covers his body. He cites Issei's Scale Mail armor as a source of inspiration. Death Cross allows Connla to become like a shadow, gaining its intangible properties and allowing physical attacks pass right through him, although the wielder is susceptible to most forms of energy (heat/cold). Connla can also shape parts of his shadow body into a blade and tentacles that can bind his opponents. In addition Connla retains the ability to manipulate shadows as it absorb attacks using shadows and redirect the attack at enemies.


  • Connla was originally unnamed until Light Novel DX.4.