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Diehauser-niisama, I really admire the way you look when you’re competing, it’s really cool. You’re the pride of me and the Belial family.

–Cleria to Diehauser Belial, Volume 23, The Return of the King


Cleria Belial was a member of the branch family of the Belial Clan and the cousin of the former Head of the House of Belial, Diehauser Belial. She was the High-class Devil who ruled Kuoh Town before Rias Gremory.



Cleria was noted to be a kind and gentle girl. Like all members of the Belial Clan, she was noted to have a strong love towards her family, being particularly close to her cousin Diehauser whom she considered to be her pride and the pride of the Belial family as she looked up to him greatly and adored him like an older brother. She was noted to be devoted to her lover; Masaomi Yaegaki, as she genuinely fell in love with him and didn't try to make him fall from his duties to the Church as the romance between the two threatened to break the status quo that existed between the Devils and the Church.

Cleria also had a strong curiosity as she was stated to greatly enjoy rumors and gossip, such as the rumors of the King Piece, which she was able to uncover despite the Great King Faction going to great lengths to keep it a secret.


Cleria was born to the her father, who was a member of the branch family of the Belial Clan. During this time, the Belial Clan was noted to be in a difficult financial situation due to the past mistakes made by the previous heads, which caused the clan's influence to wane. As a result of that, she and the rest of the clan were forced to live together with her uncle and aunt, as she became very close to her cousin Diehauser, whom she adored like a older brother. After Diehauser began to compete and achieve great results in the Rating Games, Cleria was able to obtain her own Evil Pieces and become independent from the family as she was made the overseer of a town called Kuoh Town in the Human World.[1] During this time, she meet and fell in love with Masaomi Yaegaki, a exorcist of the Protestant Church.[2] Due to her love of rumors and gossip, she investigated the rumored existence of the mysterious "King Piece". After her discovery, the Bael clan and Great King Faction were able to learn of her discovery of the King Piece and her relationship with Masaomi. Secretly allying with the Church under the pretext of trying to break up the relationship between her and Masaomi, the Great King Faction had her killed in order to preserve the King Piece's existence as a secret.[3]


The Legend of Oppai Dragon and his Lively Companions

In Volume 17, her cousin Diehauser Belial joined Rizevim Livan Lucifer and Qlippoth in exchange for them helping him determine what happened to Cleria and who caused her death.

In Volume 18, her lover Masaomi Yaegaki was resurrected by Rizevim and informed of Cleria's death as he went on a rampage to attack the people responsible for his and her death, such as attacking his former colleagues, members of the Great King Faction and Touji Shidou, with him killing the former two and poisoning Touji by using Yamata no Orochi's poison. During the Qlippoth's invasion of Heaven, while he was battling against Issei Hyoudou, Irina Shidou, Xenovia Quarta and Asia Argento, he was liberated from Yamata no Orochi's power as Cleria's spirit appeared and embraced him.

Powers and Abilities

Demonic Power: As a Devil, Cleria has all the common skills and powers of one.

  • Worthless: As a member of the Belial Clan, Cleria possesses the unique ability to render other abilities or objects "worthless".

Flight: Being a Devil, Cleria can fly using her wings.


  • Cleria's relationship with Masaomi Yaegaki is noted to resemble Asia Argento's relationship with Issei Hyoudou, of two people from different species being in love and being forbidden to see each other due to the fact that they belong to different factions that were enemies.