• PsychoWolf101


    June 18, 2018 by PsychoWolf101

    I am creating this since it will be easier, and since a lot of people are talking about it. ExE refers to many thing so If I miss any let me know.

    1. New form of issei.

    2. Mythology form of CIA

    3. Beings from another world

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  • Raily09

    After researching all the potential powerful characters, comparing their powers and abilities in a logic and reasonable manner, here are my TOP 10 MOST POWERFUL STRONGEST BEINGS IN THE WORLD. Some I put it in groups while there is also an individual spot in which I think it deserve of that character, since some of them can par or rival on each other or have almost the same strength, this is also my opinion okaayy :*

    1. Great Red, Ophis and Trihexa - Obviously Great Red is the most powerful being. Ophis and Trihexa can rival Great Red. But Great Red and Ophis are the only ones that could destroy Trihexa when it is in full power.

    2. God of the Bible - only the God of the Bible had seal Trihexa meaning that he is powerful too. Also God of the B…

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  • GeneralGrievousHero4Life

    Hello there!

    I believe that Aika Kirryu, Matsuda, and Motohama should have their own pages due to them being in a lot of the newer episodes and just because they're important characters in the franchise.



    --Vulture Droid (talk) 00:06, May 27, 2018 (UTC)

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  • B214

    Overall it's an enjoyable episode. The action is well paced and the fight wasn't overly drastic for most section. Just have something to complain about the episode.

    1. Gogmagos' introduction. Gogmagog looks lame and useless like a piece of stone in a road side here, he was beaten by a single thrust of a straw like spear (i know it's a Longinus but Gogmagog looks very lame here, felt as if he didn't even need to appear) and disappear just like that. Same with Le Fay. They just poof into thin air.
    2. My biggest nickpick, Siegfried's Dragon Arm. What the hell is that thing even? A human arm painted in silver. Where's the dragon scale on that arm? It looks lame and borderline creepy. It's like he weld a statue into his back, and weld it badly.
    3. Attack o…
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  • B214

    The group of delinquents have arrived! At least that's how i felt when i saw the ending scene. RIP Azazel for 1 episode, we'll welcome you back next week. The ero was not bad but i feel more compelled to talk about something else mainly: M&M and Serafall.

    The anime is making the M&M duo more pitiful. They get KO and abandon by their friends, gets brutalized by female Devils and will continue to suffer non-stop here on out as their miserable lives turn into disastrous life where they'll be poor, alone and virgin. Then they'll both die of cancer before they reach 35. The epitome of a sad life indeed, by the way most of it are made up and untrue.

    As to Serafall, no matter how i look at her, i think of Tohsaka Rin from F/SN. It just feels weird …

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  • B214

    If this is the last countdown photo we get, then i'll have to say one thing. BLASPHEMY!!!! First she robs Ise of V20 cover now she robs Rias of the last countdown image. Put her on a stake and burn her very essence into ash. She's the true evil of DxD.

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  • Lias' Pawn

    With the anocument of the new Highschool Dxd Seires, i wanted to create this blog post in order to give a place for people to discuus What they may want to happen within the new Highschool Dxd Series, given that we have no idea how long the series will be have a lot of room to play with in terms of charcther devlopments. S0 here we go:

    With the story being expanded due to the authors desire to include more material, I believe that this is a very reasonable expextaiton. It is clear that Ishibumi '''really does like some of the characters he has created for the side sotries, such as Kiyome and Latfia (Mermaid girl) who have apperaed in multiple chapters of side stories. I think  that, once they have some sotries showing their actual fighting a…

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  • B214

    General Discussion 2

    April 4, 2018 by B214

    Replacement for old blog.

    Also some random news. - DxD will end Ise's generation story. - The girls are in love with Ise is mostly fixed now, the guys however.....

    So the possibility if Tiamat or Gabriel joining Ise's harem are very slim now.

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  • Crimson and Darkness

    Since the quotes of Volume 25 is out, I made this discussion blog.

    Title: Yggdrasil of the Summer Courses. (Credits goes to Code-Zero)

    Release Date: March 20, 2018

    • It’s the match between Team Red Dragon Emperor of the Blazing Truth and Team King’s of the Game.
    • Rossweisse has been proposed by the Chief Norse God Vidar.
    • Issei and his team goes to do a special training.
    • The strongest Valkyrie is Brynhildr and the Commanding Officer of the Valkyrie Corps.
    • It’s the end of preliminaries, who will be the victor?
    • Issei vs Vidar
    • Xenovia vs Apollon
    • Rossweisse vs Brynhildr

    • Roygun officially joins Team Red Dragon Emperor of the Blazing Truth for the Azazel Cup as Issei’s Rook.
    • Vidar has his own harem, but the Norse Gods wants Vidar to marry Rossweisse.
    • Team Red Dr…

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  • B214

    American or British English

    December 1, 2017 by B214

    Since Ravel Guy and Bennia Lover can't stop doing their edit warring over this stupid issue, i have no choice but to do this now. Poll will go for 1 week. Once it's finalise/finalize i expect no more of this.

    Final result:

    1. American English - 139
    2. British English - 51
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