• XeonDude

    Anime Like

    April 11, 2012 by XeonDude

    So I think HighSchool DxD is Amazing....!!

    But my question here is are there any other good ecchi animes with a good storyline. One of the biggest reason I think HSDxD is that good is because I really like the story. So any ecchi anime without a decent story is okay too, but the storyline plays a big part for me.

    If possible some anime which contain real ecchiness, no hentai please I'm not one of them ;P Something between those two levels is okay though xd


    best regards


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  • DeathGodPrayer

    release date: 7/7/13 (July 2013)''''' .Another blog about season 2: Second Season Confirmed ( I was to lazy to write everything here, I think I also wont be deleting what was writen in this blog )

    Information so far:
    Season 2 might be released in Fall of 2012, if no then its more likely to comeout in 2013. It has been speculated that there will be something like 30 episodes.
    There may be 6 OAV's/ special episodes before the second season.

    The anime will need to have more than 50 episodes ( in total ).
    There has been speculation of "College DxD" being made after Highschool DxD has finished.

    If anyone has more information the please tell me.

    My Opinion:

    I really liked the anime and I think its the best anime that I have seen so far, it would be real…

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  • AceCliveGT

    Spoiling people

    April 6, 2012 by AceCliveGT

    Hi everybody i want you to decide if ou want to let people spoil things for the readers on the end of the pages. If you want the spoilers to stay vote for no! if you want the spoilers to stay vote yes!

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  • Stellar rose

    So how did everyone find the first High School DxD special. IMO, it had no plot but I felt it ended way too quickly. I'd have love too seen Koneko hitting Issei on the head with a baseball bat...or the watermelon. Poor Issei XD

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  • AceCliveGT

    Hi everybody! well i wanted to adopt this wiki and psoted that on the community wikia to adopt it. But i first need all your opinions about this before i can get the status. That's why i ask you if you agree or oppose with me becoming a admin here. (only registered users with some amount of votes may vote)

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  • AceCliveGT

    Favourite character

    March 6, 2012 by AceCliveGT

    Who is your favourite character on the series? That is my question to you all! I personally like issei and rias (the others to but they are me favourite) they both inspire me alot!

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  • Slurpeemachine

    this show

    February 17, 2012 by Slurpeemachine

    this show is amaziing i cant wait for episode 7 to get subbed ive been checking like every 20 mins

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