• B214

    Guys Ishibumi just announced that Shin DxD will be ending next volume. The reason is due to his health issues. Refer to the tweet he twitted out today.

    For those of you who use Google Translate to check, yes it mentions nothing about Shin DxD ending on the 3rd volume caused it's a joke. Hopefully you get to remove your stress.

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  • Sindbad DKDK

    Bad News Everyone!

    Some of you might not know this yet, but this friday, on May 10 2019, the main source of DxD novel translations for us DxD-fans and novel readers - Baka-Tsuki - suffered a DMCA attack!

    By request of it's publisher, Kadokawa, all novel translations for the project were removed from the main page !

    As DxD-fan and novel reader myself, I'm VERY OUTRAGED!!!!!

    We ALL - DxD-fans - are citizens (some from different countries)! We ALL have RIGHTS! We ALL love High School DxD! We ALL love to read DxD novels! But most importantly, WE ALL HAVE THE RIGHT TO KNOW THE STORY IN OUR RESPECTIVE LANGUAGES!!!!! In THIS case - in ENGLISH!!!!

    They can't take away the right for us to read the novels JUST LIKE THAT!!!!!

    So what can we do? Comply with it? …

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  • Crimson and Darkness

    Title: Superhero Trial

    Release Date: March 20, 2019

    • One of the chapters is Maid of the House of Pendragon. This will be the first introduction of Elaine Westcott, who is Arthur’s lover and Le Fay’s teacher. This chapter is also focused on Le Fay’s relationship with Issei. For information on this chapter, here’s the link of the spoilers provided by the MIA admin Jopjopjop = Honestly I’m more looking forward to this chapter most of all. XD
    • Another chapter is the Superhero Trial. This focused on the members of the Hero Faction and the first introduction of the descendant of Zhuge Liang.

    Unknown Dictator name is Magnus Ross (マグナス·ローズ ) He's a…

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  • Timdisturbed01

    Hey everyone! I'm here to promote my current fanfiction titled "Another Nightmare". It is a crossover between 'Highschool DxD' and 'Testament of New Sister Devil'. Issei and Basara are both harem kings and the heroes of the story, along with an OC villain added in. The story is based on both canon light novels of each series, balanced with other stuff as well.

    Here is the link: [[1]]

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  • Merkarion

    The Original Gremory Clan Ability....not much is known about it.

    Here what stands in this Wiki about it:

    "it is presently unknown what magic ability Zeoticus Gremory and their ancestors possessed, but it is known that the Gremory Family are born with powerful Demonic Powers and have superior control of it as shown by Sirzechs who inherited both the Gremory and Bael's traits."

    Is it possible that it could simple be that....very powerful reserves of Demonic Energy and superior Control over it....some might say that would be weak compared with other Traits like "Worthless" and the famous "Power of Destruction" I think not.

    Devil Magic is feeded by their Demonic Power and the Power of Imagination, which theoretically means if a Devil Imagines…

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  • Merkarion

    So my new Blog. As the four Symbols on top are indignating it is about the four Bloodlines of the Original Maous, their Abilities, what made them different and what is left of them.....and what does that mean for DxD as it goes into Shin DxD 2.

    Before someone is saying it...Yes the Symbol for Asmodeus is never officially shown, not in Manga, not in Anime and not in the LN. I decided to use the Old Maou Symbol that is seen in the Anime of High School DxD when the Gremory Group is ambushed by the Old Maou Faction Devils on behalf of Diodora Astaroth.

    As for what is known about the Old Maou Bloodline look here.

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  • Lovelygirl12

    Random Discussion

    November 28, 2018 by Lovelygirl12

    hey good morning yall this is my first time on here so plz be nice to me

    Talk about what you like and it’s not DxD related.

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  • The Ultimate Pawn

    I created this blog post as there have been 5 new Longinus that have revealed in the series amd 2 already existing ones that finally made their appearance(Innovate Clear and Telos Karma).

    So this post is for discussing Longinus and Sacred Gears(even the artificial ones). You can discuss the abilities of already existing Longinus and Sacred Gears, try to think of new possibilities for them like Balance Breakers, or try to come up with your own whether it's a regular or artificial Sacred Gear or a Longinus.

    So have fun guys!

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  • Merkarion

    Annihilation Maker´s Power

    November 20, 2018 by Merkarion

    One of the four strongest Longinus Sacred Gear (if you count the Original 13 Longinus)

    But I think we never saw it´s full Potential.  I mean we saw Gigantic Monsters and Anti Monsters, but is that really all?

    Everybody seems to think that as bigger is more Powerfull (but if you see Sirzechs you know it is not...he is Human sized but in true Form would wipe all twelve Bandersnatch and the one Jabberwocky from the existance...)

    I had to think about, why not create Parasites to weaken the enemy.... to create Symbionts to make himself more Powerfull or Protect the bearer (because someone like Leonardo looks not as strong if he is cornered without his Monsters)

    What are you thinking? What Monsters are possible ? And what is the Price to create them…

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  • Nico24

    Vali the butt dragon :

    November 18, 2018 by Nico24

    Hello i am reading the volume 12 of the LN after have watc hthe 4 seasons and at what moment vali obtain this nickname by odin ? Seem t oit is not say in anime . 

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