• BlazinGhoste

    The Four Horsemen should be introdused as the black ops. Agents of the Grigori in of which they should only be summoned when the "End Times" between the three factions start the final battle for supremmacey.

    The Rules: 1. Their only Four at a time                                                                                                                                                     2. Their must be a successor before they die                                                                                                                        3. The heritage has to be of a Sacred Gear user and a Spellcaster as parents                                                                  4. The power of the Horsemen can only be used to "Keep The …

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  • Crowned Clown 97

    1) Ingvild Leviathan

    • Race: Human/Devil Hybrid
    • Bloodline Power: Sea Serpent of the End
    • Power Level: Satan Class
    • Sacred Gear: Nereid Kyrie
    • Fighting Style: Magic (Wizard-Type) - Hand to Hand Combat

    2) Valentina Lucifer

    • Race: Pure-Blooded Devil
    • Bloodline Power: Holy Power Immunity (Original Lucifer)
      • Anti-Magic: Her Special Power
    • Power Level: Satan Class
    • Sacred Gear: ??? (Upgraded Replica)
    • Equipment: Demonic Spear: Gáe Bolg
    • Fighting Style: Spearmanship - Hand to Hand Combat - Magic (Wizard-Type)
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  • Crowned Clown 97

    Hi everyone, Crowned Clown 97 is here with you. I hope all of you are enjoing your time. Currently I am at the last step on my fanfic so I want a little help from you please!

    I want to create a ExE form for my MC as I have already created his (BxB, DxD and AxA) so what left ExE which I want your suggestions on it.

    The Form name I want it to be the combination of GR & OD's powers which I want to name it Everlasting (Infinity) and ...(Dream). So I want a word which represnt Dream that start with (E) I am waiting for your help ladies and genetlmen.

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  • Genilgames

    the Future of DxD

    January 31, 2020 by Genilgames

    although it is not complete, everyone knows that this is the future of DxD

    Uptaded Version 2.0

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  • Crowned Clown 97

    Hi everyone, Crowned Clown is here currantly I am devaloping a new fanfic about DxD, but I need some help about creating a new transformations for the Boosted Gear and Divine Dividing.

    I want you to share with me your ideas.

    For Divine Dividing I want to create two new transformations. First, one which utilize the three aspects of the queen piece (Rook, Bishop & Knight). Second, a one which combined all three aspects and rank them up to higher level.

    For the Boosted Gear I want a two transformations which does not utilize the pawn piece. One which is new path for the Juggernaut Drive which use some techniques, and the second one which combined both Ddraig an the MC's powers.

    P.S: The Bossted Gear is used by the MC who is the King of his peerag…

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  • B214

    DxD Updates 3

    January 1, 2020 by B214

    Happy new year to all, just created a new DxD updates blog for the new year. By the way, have any of you check the anime site for the latest updates? If not hurry to it.

    Now then hopefully everyone will get a great 2020 and DxD won't be cancelled/ending anytime soon.

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  • Sindbad DKDK

    As you all remember, after three seasons serialised by TNK studio - first in 2012, second in 2013 and third in 2015 - there was a long pause, due to the series going COMPLETELY off of the original story of the light novels, which resulted displeasure and complains from the fans.

    Then, after a 3-year long pause, new long-awaited season 4 finally appeared in 2018, serialized by Passion studio.

    So taking that to a count, High School DxD should get a season 5 soon.

    But the question remains is: WHEN?

    Leave a comment on your suggestions on DxD getting a 5th season.

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  • Timdisturbed01

    Hey guys, I have a sample translation for the special volume called "Having a Mad Tea Party", which I believe was first published in 2012.

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  • B214

    DxD Interview 6

    August 4, 2019 by B214

    Past interviews:

    1. User blog:B214/Happy new year to all
    2. User blog:B214/DxD Interview 2
    3. User blog:B214/DxD Interview 3
    4. User blog:B214/DxD Interview 4
    5. User blog:B214/DxD Interview 5
    6. User blog:B214/Oppai Dragon Interview

    (In a studio in the underworld)

    • Crimson: Hey Ise-Kun thanks for agreeing to help us today.
    • Ise: Sure no problem
    • Crimson: Here's today interview question, please don't open till the interviewees arrive, boss request.
    • Ise: Sure.
    • Crimson: Good luck.
    • Ise: Okay (Confuse)

    Interviewee 1 - Zeoticus Gremory

    • Zeoticus Gremory: Good morning i'm here for the interview.
    • Ise: Good morning
    • Zeoticus: Ise-kun, you're the interviewer
    • Ise: Yes Lord Gremory, i'm helping out today.
    • Zeoticus: I see it's good to be helpful.
    • Ise: Indeed, anyway i'm going to start now.
    • Zeot…
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  • Crimson and Darkness

    Title: School Trip of Sun Shower

    Release Date: August 20, 2019

    Translated by @RikuPhantom.

    • Issei attains his AxA form (Apocalypse x AnswerArms) with the help of his familiar Ryuuteimaru, who is the manifestation of Great Red's power.
    • Issei gains new abilities such as Revelation Barrier, Revelation Blade, Revelation All-Range Blaster, and Tail Blade.
    • Balberith cries because he gave away his Oppai Dragon figures to the children.
    • Erotic scene of Issei x Yasaka but gets interrupted by Kunou and Rias.
    • Second erotic scene in the onsen, where Yasaka once again tries to have Issei’s children with Kunou watching the scene and gets interrupted by Rias and Akeno.
    • Yasaka kisses Issei in the Onsen scene.
    • Issei buys hairpins for Kunou and Yasaka, and Yasaka bec…

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