Gohanangered Gohanangered 10 December 2020

Missing pictures.

Any reason why some illustration pics are being deleted ?

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DarkTerrax DarkTerrax 20 November 2020

Elmenhilde's reason for falling in love with Ise

]] Elmenhilde Karnstein is a female Noble pure-blooded Vampire and a member of the Carmilla Faction, a female-dominated Vampire faction, that was previously in a civil war with the Tepes Faction, a male-dominated Vampire faction.

She was sent by Queen Carmilla to negotiate with the Three Factions to use Gasper Vladi, as she tried to negotiate with the representatives of the factions and Rias Gremory; Gasper's Devil King and master. During the negotiation, she entered into a verbal clash with Issei Hyoudou; the current Red Dragon Emperor and another of Rias' servants, as she mocked him for merely being a servant devil despite being the Red Dragon Emperor.

Later, during the Vampire Civil War, she witnessed her country nearly being destroyed by Qli…

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Insane Makaioshin Insane Makaioshin 17 November 2020

Divine Reincarnation

DxD has proven that regular reincarnation exists with Jeanne, Perseus, Heracles & Connla, but:

  1. Can gods and other species reincarnate?
  2. Could Akeno & Kuroka be Aphrodite & Freyja reincarnated? Akeno is said to be seductive by Fallen Angel standards, so that could explain it. Kuroka is also just as lewd as Akeno & probably the only character that lewd. We've only ever heard of Aphrodite & Freyja, so they could be dead, thus reincarnated.
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Insane Makaioshin Insane Makaioshin 17 November 2020

Another Story Arc

  1. Do you think Ichibumi will change his mind & do 1 more arc?
  2. If so, Do you think Satanael, from SLASHDOG, will release Samael, the Malebranche & the Evil Dragons, specifically the ones already defeated? This could allow the dragons to be killed permanently by the supporting cast to show how much they've grown stronger!
  3. Could Trihexa escape, so Issei, Vali & Genshirou could kill it & the people sealed could be freed? Leaving Sirzechs sealed is kind of unsatisfactory.
  4. I'd like to point out that Sun Wukong said that there are multiple gods trying to take over the world, and he had no knowledge of ExE either, so there's plenty of story there.
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Insane Makaioshin Insane Makaioshin 17 November 2020

Akeno Multiple Peerages

As it stands Akeno Himejima & Shemhazai's unborn child are currently the only 2 people, theoretically, capable of having both Evil Pieces & Brave Saints. Do you think this will happen?

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Insane Makaioshin Insane Makaioshin 15 November 2020

Reincarnation Systems & Malebranche System

Reincarnation systems:

  1. Do you thing Go, Shogi, Gess, Janggi, or Xiangqi will become a reincarnation system, like for Dragons, Yokai or something else? There's a lot of endangered species & way too many humans!
  2. Do you think they'll add the unorthodox chess pieces from chess based variants, like the Amazon, Empress, Princess, etc. to the evil pieces?
  3. Add the unused unorthodox suits, like Cups, Coins, Waves, etc. & the unorthodox face cards, the Soldier, Lord & Knight, & the unorthodox colors, blue, green, purple and Yellow, to the Brave Saints?
  4. There're 21 unorthodox Chess Pieces, 17 unorthodox suits, 3 outdated face cards & 4 unorthodox suit colors.
  5. Unorthodox Chess Pieces: Amazon, Empress( Also known as:Chancellor, or Marshal), Princess (Also known as:Archbi…
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DarkTerrax DarkTerrax 30 October 2020

Diabolos Dragon God: Forms Differences

  • 1 Diabolos Dragon God: Forms Differences
    • 1.1 Diabolos Dragon God
    • 1.2 Pseudo-Diabolos Dragon God
      • 1.2.1 Partial Diabolos Dragon God
    • 1.3 True Diabolos Dragon God

Over the course of High School DxD, Issei Hyoudou acquired the special transformation form; Diabolos Dragon, which allows him to utilize Ophis' power of infinity combined with Ddraig's power to create a new armor. However, during the story, due various circumstances, the armor has developed multiple variations as a result of trying to manage the overwhelming power of the armor.

There are 3 versions of Diabolos Dragon God:

Diabolos Dragon God, also known as Dragon Deification (龍神化, Ryūjin-ka): The initial form of Diabolos Dragon that Issei obtained. It is unstable due to the fact that Issei unlocked…

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DarkTerrax DarkTerrax 12 October 2020

Azazel Cup Pawn Piece values

In the Azazel Cup, while the selection for the special pieces in flexible, allowing a [King] to basically put anyone in any position with a single special piece (with the exception of God-class beings, who take up 2), the concept of [Pawn] value was introduced in order to balance out the team selection. This was done in order to prevent players for registering their most powerful pieces as Pawns then giving them the ability to use Promotion in order to enhance their powers and abilities. For instance, if there were eight Ultimate-class Devils registered as [Pawn] pieces, who all then promoted to [Queen], the Game would become rather terrifying as well as collapsing the balance of the game.

The general theme seems to be that while it is poss…

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BlazinGhoste BlazinGhoste 11 August 2020

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypses

The Four Horsemen should be introdused as the black ops. Agents of the Grigori in of which they should only be summoned when the "End Times" between the three factions start the final battle for supremmacey.

The Rules: 1. Their only Four at a time                                                                                                                                                     2. Their must be a successor before they die                                                                                                                        3. The heritage has to be of a Sacred Gear user and a Spellcaster as parents                                                                  4. The power of the Horsemen can only be used to "Keep The …

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Bennia Lover Bennia Lover 8 August 2020

Age of Characters

This blog is meant to confirm the ages of characters.

List A-Zeoticus, Venelana, Misla, Lady and Lord Phenex, and Lord Bael

These characters are over a 1000 years old based on a quote said by Azazel in Volume 21.

"Do you need to bear the name of ‘Lucifer’ to such an extent? I always thought that. Sirzechs was still quite young as a Devil, he was a young man who hadn’t even lived a thousand years yet."

Volume 21, Khaos Disaster

This means the age to become an adult in Devil years is 1000. All known adult Devils who are mentioned above then are 1000+ years old.

List AA-Zekram, Azazel, Baraqiel, Shemhazai, Penemue, First Devil Heads, Mephisto, Kokabiel, Gods/Goddesses, Armaros, Sahariel, Tamiel, and Rizevim, Gabriel, Michael, Raphael, Uriel, Metatr…

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