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What Series might be a Awesome idea for a cross over with High School DXD become friends and allies and also enemies.

What of tho?

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J-dog378 J-dog378 26 May

Season 5

I read that people have started a petition to bring the animation style from s1, 2, & 3 back for s5, even though I think the animation style for s4 is more accurate to their light novel style.

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Difference between Crossover, Homage, and Fanfiction

Crossovers are usually 1 work crossed with another, normally done by a co-op initiated by the creators of both works

example of Crossover

High School DxD x The Ambition of Oda Nobuna

Hyperdimensional Neptunia x Seiran Kagura

Dragon Ball x One Piece

Homage is a work paying respect to another work or multiple other works though they usually have permission to do so

example of Homage

Tensura homage of Dragon Ball Z and Street Fighter (Veldora using Super Saiyan Transformation and Kamahameha, as well as several Street fighter moves)

Arifuruta homage to High School DxD and Certain Magical Index (Tio's character concept is a homage to Orphis from DxD, Shea's Hammer is a Homage to RWBY Nora Valkyrie's Hammer)

High School DxD homage to Gundum and Dragon Ba…

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Crowned Clown 97 Crowned Clown 97 27 January

What if?

What would you do if you find yourself in DxD world? And what kind of unique power or unique non-canon sacred gear you like to have depending in your race?

P.S: This blog is for those with reasonable thoughts and opon mind. I don't mind a little bit of crossover powers but it should stay in same theme of DxD.

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Crimsonstardragon Crimsonstardragon 25 January

What Monsters, Youkai, Demi-Gods, might make good options for Issei to Recruit for his Peerage

This is a discussion blog, state ideas for what would be cool possible candidates for Issei to Recruit into his peerage be they a European Monster like a Lumia, Harpy, etc or a Youkai like Nekomatas, Kitsunes, etc or other Demi-Goddesses like Valkeries, Shimigami's, etc

I for one thought about a female European Dragon outside of Tiamat, maybe Tiamat's Daughter or Sister to Bova, on top of liking the Idea of the European Monster known as a Succubus, State ideas that you think might look good as Issei's future Peerage Members.

-European Dragons (Gaint Lizards that have wings and breath Fire)

-Succubus (a Sexy Dream Demon that sucks out the essence of men, draining their Vitality)

-Lilim (a Sexy Demon who is descended from Lilith who is able to S…

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FrankieX98 FrankieX98 22 January

Discussion about possibile Balance Breaker, Abyss Side Balance Breaker, Sub Species Balance Breaker, X-Side Balance Breaker and various kind of power up

Hello everybody I have open this Blog because I want to discuss with you about the possibile power ups and many kinds of Balance Breaker that we could see in future.

So I kindly ask you to tell me your theories regarding what kind of powers that some Longinus and Sacred Gears could give to their current wielders.

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Alexanderayers Alexanderayers 6 January

to the anime lover

do you no how old is she let me no my anime love

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Crimsonstardragon Crimsonstardragon 30 December 2021

what Series might be a decent idea for a cross over with High School DxD

I started thinking about possible cross over canidates for High School DxD beside the Ambition of Oda Nobuna

and the biggest one on the possibility list would be Shinmai (Testament of a Sister's New Devil) since the story concept and world view is unbleivably Similar to High School DxD

though I believe the Demonizer Ziltch, Omari Himari, Date A Live, Magika Swordsman and Summoner, and Val X Love have merit also

what Cross Over Series do you think might fit with High School DxD

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Alexanderayers Alexanderayers 16 December 2021


what happen dxd season 6 now all blog tell me no

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FrankieX98 FrankieX98 2 December 2021

Theories, expectations and predictions for the Shin DXD Volume 5.

Hello to everybody that are members of this wiki that are waiting for the next Volume of Shin DXD. I have decided to open this Blog to be able to discuss with you about my and your opinion regarding what we should expect that will happens in the next Volume.

Some of my hypotheses:

1) The Volume will open with a harem-ecchi scene we are used to, given the fact that Ishibumi as said that this will be a Volume dedicated to Ravel I expect that she will try to get closer to Issei and will begin to express some frustration at the fact of be more the Manager of Issei than a member of the Harem

2) Issei will start talking to Rias and the other girls about Ravel's change of mood, also Ravel will also feel a little fear and insecurity in having to face…

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