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(June-September of the first year)

Birth of the Breast Dragon Emperor (乳龍帝誕生 Chichiryūtei Tanjō) is the second story arc of High School DxD. The story arc follows Volumes 3 through 6 of the light novels, the current chapters (Chapter 23-present) of the manga, and the second season of the anime which covers Volumes 3 & 4. The remaining 2 Volumes will be covered in the third anime along with Volume 7.


Part 1: Excalibur of the Moonlit Schoolyard

  • Rias sleeps with Issei in his room naked.
  • The Occult Research Club have their meeting at Issei’s house after the old school building is getting clean up.
  • Miki shows the club members the photos of Issei’s childhood, where Yuuto glares the one with the Holy Sword.
  • The Occult Research Club members train for the Kuoh Academy’s Ball Tournament.
  • The members of the Student Council are introduced.
  • Issei forms a new rivalry with Genshirou Saji, the pawn of Sona Sitri.
  • Freed Sellzen returns to Kuoh Town.
  • It’s revealed that Yuuto is a survivor of the Holy Sword Project.
  • Ddraig warns Issei about the Vanishing Dragon.
  • The exorcists members of the Church, Xenovia Quarta and Irina Shidou are introduced.
  • Irina is revealed to be Issei’s childhood friend, who he mistakend her as a boy.
  • Issei and Yuuto battle against Xenovia and Irina, and loses.
  • Issei, Koneko, Saji, and Yuuto joined forces with Xenovia and Irina to destroy Excalibur.
  • The Alliance team encountered Freed and his associate Valper Galilei.
  • Issei, Koneko, and Saji are punished by Rias and Sona.
  • One of the leaders of the Fallen Angels, Kokabiel is introduced.
  • Kokabiel revealed that he was one that stolen the Excaliburs in order to start the Second Great War.
  • Kokabiel revealed that God of the Bible and the original Four Great Satans were killed in the Great War.
  • Yuuto achieved his Balance Breaker Sword of Betrayal.
  • Xenovia revealed her true weapon Durandal.
  • The Vanishing Dragon appears and defeats Kokabiel under the orders of Azazel.
  • Xenovia becomes a Devil under Rias’peerage after she was excommunicated from the Church when she learned of God’s death.

Part 2: Vampire of the Suspended Classroom

Part 3: Hellcat of the Underworld Training Camp

Part 4: Holy Behind the Gymnasium