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I’m different from the First Generation that became a Buddha. I just live doing as I like. My name is Bikou. Nice to meet you, Sekiryuutei.

–Bikou introducing himself to Issei Hyoudou, Volume 4, Life.5 Welsh Dragon and Vanishing Dragon

Bikou is a Monkey Youkai who is member of the Vali Team previously affiliated with the Khaos Brigade, now a part of Team DxD. He is the descendant of Sun Wukong and the current Monkey King.


Bikou is mostly seen in his human form as a young man with short light-colored hair (Black in anime).

He is dressed in ancient Chinese armor that was used during the Three Kingdoms period.


He has a flippant and playful personality who likes to joke around with no elegance and is obsessed with battles just like Vali Lucifer. He also appears to laugh in a vulgar way like Kuroka does (according to Fenrir).


As a member of Sun Wukong's clan, Bikou comes from the Mountain of Flowers and Fruit like his ancestors. He was given the title of the Monkey King at some point before the series but decided to leave the mountain and join the Khaos Brigade, becoming a member of the Vali Team.

Powers & Abilities

Youjutsu Expert: While not at his ancestor or Kuroka's level, Bikou has showcased the ability to perform Youjutsu.

  • Replication: Bikou has the ability to make many duplicates of himself to attack his opponents.
  • Transformation: Similar to his ancestor, Bikou has the ability to transform and is usually seen in his human form. In DX.1, he has proven to be able to transform into Rias as he and the Vali Team pretended to be members of the Oppai Dragon tokusatsu program.

Senjutsu Expert: While not at his ancestor or Kuroka's level, Bikou has showcased the ability to perform Senjutsu.

  • Touki: Bikou can use Touki, increasing his offense, defense, and speed. He can channel touki into Ruyi Jingu Bang to enhance its offense and defense power.

Immense Strength: Bikou is shown to be on the level of an Ultimate-Class Devil. He was able to go toe-to-toe with Tannin, a former Dragon King, and an Ultimate-Class Devil (although Tannin was holding back). According to Sun Wukong, Bikou has grown significantly stronger from fighting powerful enemies after joining the Vali Team.

Immense Durability: Bikou was able to withstand Tannin's Fire Breath with little injuries (however, Tannin was also holding back at the time). In Volume 24, he was able to endure an attack from Yuuto, who was wielding Gram. He has a huge amount of endurance, being able to withstand being a guinea pig in Kuroka's gruesome Youjutsu experiments to create a special poison powerful enough to affect Sun Wukong.

Immense Speed: Bikou has been shown to be extremely fast, able to keep up with Kiba at high-speed combat.

Master Combatant: Bikou is a formidable combatant, able to use and mix different fighting styles. He could fight powerful supernatural beings such as Tannin and Grim Reapers. He could hold his own against Yuuto, a master swordsman who mastered Gram, the strongest Demon Sword. Working with the current Zhu Bajie and Sha Wujing, he could overwhelm Sun Wukong the Victorious Fighting Buddha after the latter was weakened by Kuroka's special poison.

  • Master Staff: Imitating his ancestor, Bikou is highly skilled in wielding a staff, enough to hold his own against Yuuto's superior swordsmanship in terms of skill as well as defeating his ancestor.


Ruyi Jingu Bang (如意棒, Nyoi-bō): Similar to his ancestor, Bikou wields a staff sharing the same name as him, which can extend and retract in size and length. It is noted that he can summon a replacement of the Ruyi Jingu Bang in combat, as first shown against Kiba.

Jīndǒu Yún (筋斗雲, Kinto'un): Bikou can summon a golden cloud similar to his ancestor that he can ride on.


  • Bikou's height is 172 cm. (5 feet, 8 inches), as stated in an issue of Dragon Magazine.
  • Bikou's name means "Beautiful Monkey", in reference to his monkey-like appearance, also refers one of the nicknames of the original Sun Wukong, Měihóuwáng (美猴王, "handsome monkey king", Bi-kou-ou in Japanese)
  • In the novels, Bikou is sometimes called Bikou Sun Wukong, meaning "Bikou the Monkey King".