I’m one of the [Knights] that serve our master Sairaorg Bael-sama, Beluga Furcas!

–Beluga to Yuuto Kiba, Volume 10, Life.3 The Battle to Decide who is the Strongest Youth Begins!

Beluga Furcas is Sairaorg's Knight from the House of Furcas, a family that tames horses and one of the remaining families of the 72 Pillars.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Beluga has the appearance of a handsome young man with brown hair and green eyes. In battle, he wears medieval armor whilst riding upon Altobrau who was emits blue-white flames, which gives him the appearance of a medieval Knight.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Beluga is fiercely loyal to Sairaorg. Like Yuuto Kiba and Karlamine, he also follows the pride and honor of a Knight.

History[edit | edit source]

Not much is known about Beluga's history, other than at some point before the series he joined Sairaorg's peerage.

Powers & Abilities[edit | edit source]

Demonic Power: As a Devil, Beluga has all the common skills and powers of one.

  • Beluga's speed clash with Yuuto Kiba

    Enhanced Speed: As a Knight, Beluga possesses enhanced speed and mobility. While riding on Altobrau, Beruka moves at an incredibly high speeds, comparable to that of Yuuto Kiba; who is famous for his speed.

Beluga's creating his duplicates

Replication: Beluga has also shown to have the ability to create many duplicates of himself and his horse which have the same presence and enhance speed as the real Beruka.

Horse Tamer: As a member of the Furcas clan, Beluga has the ability to tame horses. He tamed and rides a Pale Horse named Altobrau (アルトブラウ, Arutoburau).

Expert Spearman: He also wields two lances when riding Altobrau in battle. He carries one of these spears in his hand while keeping the other stored in Altobrau's mane as a spare.

Flight: Being a Devil, Beluga can use his wings to fly.

Equipment[edit | edit source]


Pale Horse (青ざめた馬ペイルホース, Peiru Hōsu): A horse that lives in the deepest part of the Underworld, Cocytus. It is a horse that is said to be difficult to ride and it will kick and kill any of those it doesn't like, including its master.

Spears: Beluga's weapon of choice during battle.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In demonology, Furcas is a Knight of Hell who rules 20 legions of demons. He teaches Philosophy, Astronomy, Rhetoric, Logic, Chiromancy, and Pyromancy. The fact the Beruka is Sairaorg's Knight and the fact that he rides and tames horses is also a nod to the demon's appearance.
  • The name of Beluga's horse, Altobrau, means "highly wild" as "Alto" means "high" in Italian and "Brau" in German can mean "wild". This would be referring to its highly wild nature of being a nearly untameable horse.

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