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Listen up, young rookies, you should remember what I say. —The Rating Games are a noble’s thing. It’s a form of entertainment only for the upper class. Low-class Reincarnated Devils who do not have talent, wealth, or status delude themselves with enjoying the Rating Games, it’s really such a joke.

–Bedeze to Sairaorg, Saji and Magdaran, Volume 21, Life Ba'al Lion of the Great King —Great King—


Bedeze Abaddon is a former member of the Abaddon clan and was the former 3rd Ranker of the Rating Games.


Bedeze is a blond-haired gentleman wearing a stereotypical nobleman’s attire. By the looks, he's around thirty years old.


Bedeze is a very conceited and self-centred individual, believing that the Rating Game is a form of entertainment explicitly meant for the Devil Nobles. Apart from this, he is also shown to be willing to use any means to attain his goal of his covering up his lack of talent when compared to Diehauser, going as far as using the forbidden King Piece to do so. After his crime of using the King Piece got exposed, he decided to attack the Bael clan again, for his own personal interest, wanting to push all his blames on to the Bael family.

Like most other High-class Devils, Bedeze looks down on those without the talent, like Sairaorg Bael. In particular, he thinks of Issei's role as the Oppai Dragon to be comical and believes him to be nothing more than a tool used by the higher-ups. Ironically, despite looking down on those without talent, he also lacked it and resorted to cheating.

His success in the Rating Game as the Third Ranker also gave him a deluded sense of superiority as he could not fathom his loss after Sairaorg used Breakdown the Beast, forgetting the fact that all his power stems from using the King Piece.


Bedeze comes from the House of Abaddon, a family of Pure-blooded Devils from the Extra Clans. He left the family to join the Rating Games and eventually uses the King Piece after realizing that he can never catch up to the likes of Diehauser Belial, and has corrupted the Rating Game since then.

Powers & Abilities

Immense Demonic Power: Through the enhancements of the King Piece, Bedeze has immense demonic power, which easily rivals a Satan-Class Devil. He boasted that he could've easily destroyed the entire Bael Castle if he desired to by creating a massive portal above it and releasing a massive demonic attack, and was shown to be able to break Sairaorgs Regulus Rey Leather Rex armor with his blasts.

  • Hole (ホール, Hōru): Bedeze inherited the unique power of the Abaddon Clan, the Power of Hole, which he has displayed incredible mastery of. As such, he can make multiple portals able to absorb and reflect attacks as he chooses, as well as letting him use them to teleport himself, a part of himself or his demonic attacks. As a result of the King Piece empowering his demonic power, Bedeze's Holes were powerful enough to absorb Sairaorg's punches which were all enhanced by his Balance Breaker, then redirect it back at him and could absorb and sever Saji's Malebolge Vritra Promotion's tentacles. Magdaran Bael noted even Kuisha's great skill and power using her Hole is still inferior to his, which caused Sairaorg to resort to using the absolute power of Breakdown the Beast to finally break Bedeze's Holes.

Immense Strength: Bedeze was able to briefly restrain one of Sairaorg's (while he was wearing Regulus Rey Leather Rex) legs with one arm.

Immense Durability: Bedeze demonstrated incredible resilience, as he was shown able to endure multiple strikes from Sairaorg, who was using Breakdown the Beast, before ultimately being defeated.

Immense Speed: Bedeze possesses impressive speed. He was shown to easily evade attacks from Sairaorg both enhanced by Touki and wearing his Balance Breaker, and was even briefly able to not only keep up with, but even dodge attacks from Sairaorg after he invoked Breakdown the Beast.

Immense Combat Skills: Despite utilizing the King Piece to enhance his powers, Bedeze has shown that he's still a capable fighter and a dangerous foe on the battlefield, described as the embodiment of the technique-type. Having accumulated experience from combat and Rating Game matches, he is shown to be able to casually outmanuever first Saji in his Malebolge Vritra Promotion, and then Sairaorg who was wearing Regulus Rey Leather Rex, forcing the latter to evolve even further. He was also able to perceive Sairaorg's movements despite the latter being in his Breakdown the Beast form.

Magic Expert: Bedeze is shown to be adept at magic.

  • Defensive Magic: He can use defensive magic as he is skilled enough to create and compress layers of barriers into a powerful defense magic circle, to the point it appeared thin.
  • Teleportation Magic: Bedeze has demonstrated the ability to teleport himself and others.

Flight: Being a Devil, Bedeze can fly using his wings.


King Piece (Formerly): Bedeze formerly possessed one of the rare pieces known as the King Piece, which were banned by Ajuka Beelzebub due to how dangerous they are. After being exposed of using it by Diehauser Belial and defeated by Sairaorg, his King piece was confiscated.


  • Bedeze is one of the two former Rating Game champions who used the King Piece, the other being Roygun.