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I don't quite understand what having a family means, but from the information I got from [Chichiryuutei Oppai Dragon], my relationship with Verrine and Zeno could be called something close to it.

–Balberith to Sairaorg Bael, True Volume 4, Lion Heart

Balberith is one of the hundred thousand artificial Devils that were created by Hades using the flesh of Lilith and the Book of Lucifer. He’s one of the two devils to be born with a power of a Super Devil, along with Verrine.


Balberith has the appearance of a muscular youth around his early twenties with bronze hair.


Balberith has a cold expression and rarely shows any emotions. However, he appears to at least have some interest in finding an opponent who can possibly challenge him, being disappointed in his battle with Mahabali and looking forward to fighting the Heavenly Dragons who are called the strongest in history.

He wishes to have a father's love after reading the book of Parent and Child, aiming to search for a father after Hades confirmed he is not his father. After watching Issei’s fondness for breasts and reading the kanji of breast, he came to believe that Issei could be his father.

After seeing Issei as a father and becoming a fan the Oppai Dragon show, Balberith’s personality changed to the point he became much more cheerful and more childlike, refusing Gressil and Sonneillon when they attempted to have him walk with them and ignoring their insults. He releases his massive aura when something excites him such as the Oppai Dragon hat and a letter from Issei. He was eager to obtain an Oppai Dragon figure, becoming enraged when other Artificial Devils destroyed one without understanding its value, and becoming emotional after giving up his own figure and later receiving a replacement.


Balberith was born in the Realm of the Dead, created by Hades with Lilith’s flesh in order to use him for his army in opposition to D×D. At some point, he joined Team Black Satan of Darkness Dragon King under the leadership of Zeno to participate in the Azazel Cup.

Powers & Abilities

Immense Demonic Power: Balberith possesses immense demonic power. In fact, he and his fellow Devil Verrine were born as irregulars, being considered Super Devils and frightening even Hades from the time they were just born. His aura is strong enough to cause even the battle maniac Vali to be covered in beads of sweat.

Immense Strength: Balberith has immense power from birth, so much so that he terrified Hades, who is among the Top 10 Strongest Beings, potentially being able to fight against a Dragon God himself. He defeated Mahabali, the Asura Prince and the Azazel Cup's strongest competitors without a single scratch. Hades believed even with him alone, he could guaranteed victory against D×D and their allies. Even after imitating Issei's fighting style, and not fighting serious, he pushed Sairaorg to using his Beast Armor, to the breaking point, as well as almost defeating him. After being reincarnated using a Mutation Rook, his offense has been raised.

Immense Durability: He was durable enough to endure all Sairaorg's attacks in his Beast Armor, all of which have been described as being as strong or stronger than Crimson Blaster, then continued fighting. After being reincarnated using a Mutation Rook, his defenses has been raised.

Flight: Being a Devil, Balberith can fly using his devil wings.


Rook Piece (戦車の駒, Sensha no koma): Balberith was reincarnated using the Rook Piece, which grants him enhanced offense and defense.


  • (Fan letter to Issei)" I am really interested in Oppai Dragon. The reason is because whenever I see Hyoudou Issei-san, I always get goosebumps. I have always watched all [Oppai Dragon] episodes on TV. I really like it. I have a mother, but I don’t have a father. Whenever I watch Oppai Dragon, there are times when I wonder, is this what it feels to have a father? If I say that I want a father, would Hyoudou Issei-san be my father?" (True Light Novel 2, Life.2 The Main Battle of the Rating Game World Tournament Begins!)


  • Balberith comes from the demon Berith, also known as Baal-Berith, who was the God of the Canaanite city, who later came to be viewed as a demon Baalberith by Christian demonology.