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The match between both Team White Dragon Emperor of the Morning Star led by Vali vs Team Rias Gremory led by Rias is held in Fafnir Stadium, which was decided to be Board Collapse. The rules are that the field will begin to collapse starting from the endpoint of the field from both sides until the center remains meaning that eventually, all places to hide and escape will also disappear resulting in a battle.

At the start of the match, both Kiba and Vasco began to rush through the replica of one of the cities located in the Underworld. Soon enough, Gogmagog appears in the skies using jets on its back, Vasco responds by taking out Durandal II and jumped into the skies to attack the golem causing the giant to be blown back due to the pressure of the strike ten-meters. Bikou arrived, attacking him from mid-air while riding on top of his golden cloud, but instead is attacked by Vasco's "Holy Fist" sending him crashing to the ground creating a crater despite blocking it using his Ruyi Bang with a bleeding nose as Vasco.

Gogmagog returns releasing a rocket punch toward Vasco, but the old exorcist kicked away Bikou who returned from the ground and swells up his fist before knocking away the Rocket Punch with his superior strength. This all sparked a reaction from the supernatural beings watching as an old human could handle an ancient weapon and the current Monkey King at the same time. Arthur, Vali wearing his silver-white armor, and Fenrir arrives onto the battlefield with their leader commenting about the "Strongest Humans".

Vasco later pulled out a secret concoction to return to his prime condition, which was in his fifties. Fenrir rushed at him at high-speed, but the veteran exorcist read through his attack, then punched the God-Devouring Wolf in the face sending him backward. Vali released an enormous silver-white aura at him, but it was sliced in half using his Durandal II; he followed appearing behind Vali, the White Dragon Emperor responded by appearing behind the exorcist with his fist covered in demonic power, but he ended up striking an afterimage and suffered a direct strike from Vasco.

Bikou responded striking him using Ruyi Bang that Vasco dodged, the Monkey King made countless clones using his hair, which attacked the exorcist, but all of them were eliminated by the exorcist. Vasco released an enormous holy wave destroying the clones, then attacked him using a punch sending Bikou crashing into a car causing him to compare the old exorcist's strength to Sun Wukong. Vali shot at Vasco again using demonic power, however, the veteran exorcist evaded each of the attacks; he later appeared to attack Vasco before realizing it was an afterimage instead and Vali evaded the attack from behind.

Vasco released a tremendous wave from Durandal II eliminating road, parked cars, buildings, and everything in that singular direction striking the barrier causing a tremor across the entire field. He followed up using a punch smashing his silver-white armor and followed up with a slash from Durandal II breaking far more of his armor in spite of it being blocked by Vali. After seeing his teammates overwhelmed, Arthur stepped up wielding Caliburn and telling them to proceed with the other battles.

In the Eastern Section of the field, Akeno and Lint encountered the current Zhu Bajie, Sha Wujing, and Le Fay near an artificial waterfall. Akeno fought Zhu Bajie releasing her Holy Lightning to counter his fireball and hitting him realizing it was a massive masochist causing his enthusiasm and physical stats to rise. She moves to make her Holy Lightning Dragon attack Zhu Bajie but Le Fay uses a magic circle to defend him from Akeno who then attacked Le Fay using her Holy Lightning Dragon.

Lint fought against Sha Wujing using her purple-flame sword and a special pistol, the latter responded using her water manipulation. The two continued their fight neither getting a single hit in with Lint confusing Sha Wujing for a Kappa causing the latter to become heated and controlling the water around her to a greater extent. Lint later unveiled her six silver angel wings releasing more flames to counter the water.

In the Southern Section of the field, Rias and Gasper waited there with Valerie (in hiding) and Crom Cruach, with Gasper releasing his bats to examine the area figuring out that Koneko and Koneko were looking for each other using senjutsu and Vali with Fenrir arriving in front of them. Vali flew to his opponent, Crom Cruach standing on the crane above Rias and Gasper; with Fenrir facing off against Rias and Gasper, the latter already transformed into his "Forbidden Invade Balor the Beast".

Both Vali and Crom Cruach started attacking each other without saying another word, as the Evil Dragon turned his arm into a dragon arm, releasing an enormous aura toward Vali; the latter dodged it realizing that the buildings behind him were destroyed from that single attack. Both Heavenly and Evil Dragon continued their assault on one another in close quarters combat, with Crom using punches, knee strikes, elbow strikes, and even head butts.

Vali retaliated releasing demonic blasts, which destroyed everything similar to Crom's, to where a normal person wouldn't survive, but the Evil Dragon deflected them using his fist and followed up releasing intense flames that covered the skies. To counter this, he used Compression Divider, but the flames were too powerful to compress completely and returned to normal. He followed up by releasing a silver-white aura from himself to erase all the flames with Crom going after him ignoring the demonic attack fired at him and grabbed onto Vali's arm and sent him flying into a skyscraper using a single thrust with his transformed arm.

This surprised everyone since Vali was hailed as the Strongest White Dragon Emperor, but was being bested with physical, aura, and flame attacks, which were all basic dragon abilities. He soon returned to the fight wearing his Diabolos Dragon Lucifer, then flew toward Crom using godlike speed, but the Evil Dragon still struck him naturally without seeming confused about it and was injured only after Vali released his Lucifer aura yet still damaged him using a punch. Crom revealed though he couldn't see Vali, he could still attack him using his honed Battle Intuition accumulated from his lifetime of combat experience and training, with Albion further stating that the Evil Dragon surpassed his partner in offense and defense while being stronger than both him and Ddraig in their prime.

Vali then used Satan Compression Divider to successfully compress the flames that Crom spewed at him, he then brought out the Dividing Wyvern Faries to use Half Dimension to slow down the Evil Dragon who started to break them despite even being bombarded by the absolute aura of his Diabolos Dragon Lucifer with both of them taking hits from one another.

Rias and Gasper soon started to face Fenrir, with the crimson-haired princess releasing her power of destruction and Gasper controlling his black beasts, with the God-Devouring Wolf avoiding all of them. Fenrir released a howl accompanied by a grey aura and liberated more of his original strength after being brought in the Vali Team. Rias and Gasper soon uttered a chant and used a technique that caused Gasper to merge with Rias' shadow turning into a humanoid-shaped dark beast in a deep red aura of destruction and the third eye with a deep red pupil and a total of ten wings dubbed "Forbidden Invade Balor the Princess".

Seeing this Rias as a threat, Fenrir attacked her, with the latter vanishing in her shadow and appeared releasing the power of destruction infused with darkness, causing the entire building to be destroyed as it continued to rush toward Fenrir. Fenrir dodged it only to be stopped in time, but released its aura escaping and continued to avoid the assault as their fight as well as Vali's and Crom's fight continued.

In the Western Side of the field, a downtown area, both Koneko and Kuroka faced one another (at some point in their fight, Issei calls them using Pai-Phone), with both of them agreeing to fight to see who gets their first night him first as his wife. Koneko entered her "Shirone Move" releasing white-flamed kasha, with Kuroka negating all of them using a mixture of demonic, youjutsu, and senjutsu techniques. Koneko reacted and later unleashed an onslaught of punches and kicks at close-range coated using touki, with Kuroka using short-range teleportation to increase the distance between them with Konke predicting where she would appear.

Kuroka soon started attacking using black-flamed Kasha kicks and punches mixed with touki and senjutsu. But, Koneko reacted releasing white-flamed kasha but released her "Shirone Mode", covered herself in touki causing three tails to appear, resulting in a tremendous touki covering her entire body and moved to attack. Kuroka was unable to follow her ultra-high-speed moves and Koneko managed to strike her resulting in her winning the fight.

In the fight between Arthur and Vasco, both of them were wielding their swords covered in a dense holy aura, in which resulted in destruction across the area. Arthur used Caliburn to block Durandal II, but he kneeled due to the pressure behind the strike. He soon followed using Caliburn to pierce through space, but Vasco avoided the strike aimed at him. Arthur continued on with his assault using Caliburn's power over space, but Vasco had continued to dodge each of them.

After Vasco commented that Arthur relied too much on his talent until this point, with the latter not coming up with a single response or rebuttal and instead covered Caliburn in a tremendous aura and the veteran Exorcist replied using his Holy Fist, with the latter winning in the end and continued until it broke through the tall building behind it. Arthur and Vasco continued their match although the latter was winning.

During the fight between Bikou and Kiba, the Monkey King and Knight had used their clones and Dragon Knights respectively to fight against one another. Kiba wielding Gram fought against Bikou wielding Ruyi Bang, but Kiba who had been training with Vasco changed and improved his usage of Gram releasing destructive power while on impact to make up for the difference in strength pressuring Bikou and using Sandanzuki to cut through his golden staff, which Bikou replaced.

Kiba after releasing his Dragon Knights created a Holy Demonic Sword, which turned into countless ones, then struck again using Gram covered in a holy-demonic aura striking Bikou.

Meanwhile, in the other battlefields, Link released her Balance Breaker, Akeno soon unleashed enormous Holy Lightning Dragons as Le Fay defended using defensive magic. Vali and Crom continued fighting, resulting in destruction in their wake, while Rias who continued to fight against Fenrir was reaching her limit using Gasper Balor's power. Gogmagog returned releasing blasts at Rias who countered using her demonic power, but Fenrir soon stabbed a broken metal pipe into a building, which Gogmagog released lasers through retiring Valerie who had been hiding in there.

Rias was now facing Fenrir and Gogmagog as Vasco arrived leaving an exhausted Arthur unable to continue fighting. And based on Gasper's evaluation of the situation and her condition, Rias soon surrendered the match.


Team White Dragon Emperor of the Morning Star Team Rias Gremory
Vali Lucifer (King)
Fenrir (Queen)
Gogmagog (Rook)
Current Zhu Bajie (Rook)
Arthur Pendragon (Knight)
Current Sha Wujing (Knight)
Kuroka (Bishop)
Le Fay Pendragon (Bishop)
Bikou (Pawn)
Rias Gremory (King)
Akeno Himejima (Queen)
Koneko Toujou (Rook)
Vasco Strada (Rook)
Yuuto Kiba (Knight)
Lint Sellzen (Knight)
Gasper Vladi (Bishop)
Valerie Tepes (Bishop)
Crom Cruach (Pawn)


Main Road

  • Gogmagog and Bikou vs Vasco Strada
  • Vali Lucifer and Fenfir vs Vasco Strada
  • Arthur Pendragon vs Vasco Strada 
  • Bikou vs Yuuto Kiba


  • Zhu Bajie and Le Fay Pendragon vs Akeno Himejima
  • Sha Wujing vs Lint Sellzen

High-rise Building Construction Site

  • Vali Lucifer vs Crom Cruach
  • Fenrir vs Rias Gremory, Gasper Vladi and Valerie Tepes
    • Fenrir and Gogmagog vs Rias Gremory, Gasper Vladi and Valerie Tepes

Downtown Area

  • Koneko Toujou vs Kuroka


Main Road

  • Gogmagog and Bikou vs Vasco Strada (Interrupted)
  • Vali Lucifer and Fenfir vs Vasco Strada (Interrupted)
  • Arthur Pendragon vs Vasco Strada (Winner: Vasco Strada)
    • Arthur Pendragon reached the limit of his stamina and was unable to continue fighting 
  • Bikou vs Yuuto Kiba (Match Undecided)


  • Zhu Bajie and Le Fay Pendragon vs Akeno Himejima (Match Undecided)
  • Sha Wujing vs Lint Sellzen (Match Undecided)

High-rise Building Construction Site

  • Vali Lucifer vs Crom Cruach (Match Undecided)
  • Fenrir vs Rias Gremory, Gasper Vladi and Valerie Tepes
    • Fenrir and Gogmagog vs Rias Gremory, Gasper Vladi and Valerie Tepes (Winner:Fenrir, Gogmagog, Bikou, Zhu Bajie, Le Fay Pendragon, Sha Wujing and Vali Lucifer)
      • Valerie Tepes is eliminated.
      • Rias Gremory declares her retirement.

Downtown Area

  • Koneko Toujou vs Kuroka (Winner: Koneko Toujou)
    • Kuroka eliminated.