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The match between both Team Red Dragon Emperor of the Blazing Truth led by Issei vs Team Leisure of the Kings led by Typhon is held in Thor Stadium, which was decided to be Yggdrasil Climb. The rules are that the players must run up the artificial Yggdrasil, and the one who reaches the goal on top is declared the winner. The game can also be won by defeating the enemy King. Pawn Promotion is possible after reaching the halfway point, as Pawns can promote into any piece they choose after reaching the halfway-point.

The game field is artificial World Tree Yggdrasil, which has a spiral-staircase was hung around the tree as well floating islands which surrounded the tree that can be used as footholds for battles.

At the start of the game, Team Red Dragon Emperor of the Blazing Truth split up into two groups. One group ran up the spiral staircase and the other flew while passing over the floating island, creating space to avoid a single large attack against the entire team by the enemy team. Members of the the Team Red Dragon Emperor of the Blazing Truth team  who took the stairs were Issei, Irina, Xenovia, Rossweisse, Ravel and Ouryuu as the group comparatively consisted of those who had confidence in their stamina.  And the other group, who flew through the sky were Bova, Roygun and Bina. Asia and Elmenhilde, who didn’t have confidence in their stamina rode on Bova’s shoulder. 

As both teams climbed up Yggdrasil for thirty minutes, they noticed the floating islands as Apollon stood in the way of Team Red Dragon Emperor of the Blazing Truth, with Xenovia, Irina and Nakiri staying behind to fight him, with Rossweisse closing the area in barrier magic to prevent Apollon from leaving in the case that they lose. Apollon was able to fight the trio easily though they held their own by using teamwork to try to restrain Apollon with Excalibur Mimic's whip form and a light whip

After entrusting Apollon to Xenovia and others, Team Red Dragon Emperor of the Blazing Truth reached a huge cavity in the gargantuan Yggdrasil after around ten minutes of climbing, in which they encountered Artemis. Leaving her to Asia and Bina, Rossweisse once again erected a magic barrier as the Red Dragon Emperor of the Blazing Truth team continued to climb. Artemis engaged Bina and Asia, who was being protected by Fafnir, in combat as she launched arrows imbued with godly aura though Bina was able to shoot down her attacks and Asia was being defended by Fafnir. Asia and Bina were able to gain the advantage when Fafnir releases his mini clones which aimed at Artemis' crotch in order to eat her underwear.

Around an hour after the match began, Team Red Dragon Emperor of the Blazing Truth arrived at the middle section of Yggdrasil. A flag that symbolised the halfway-point was placed across the entire circumference of Yggdrasil. After passing the halfway-point, Team Red Dragon Emperor of the Blazing Truth [Pawns]; Ravel, Bova, and Elmenhilde were promoted to [Queen]. After promoting and moving away from the halfway-point, Team Red Dragon Emperor of the Blazing Truth encountered Typhon and Vidar as Bova, Roygun, and Elmenhilde were left to deal with Typhon, while Issei, Rossweisse and Ravel went to deal with Vidar and the Valkyrie Squad.

Typhon changed the weather just by unleashing an attack as when Bova tried to charge in, an extreme downpour of rain and wind was directed at him and killed his momentum. Even though Elmenhilde drank the blood that was prepared beforehand by Issei and Ravel, which gave her the characteristics of both a Dragon and a Phoenix, she was unable to even endure Typhon’s attack. However, Roygun Belphegor created a Crack on the strong winds, flashes of lightning and the likes that were unleashed by Typhon. The wind and lighting that had Crack on them strayed off towards other directions and didn’t land any direct hits on them. Typhon stopped controlling the weather for a short time and breathed flames from his mouth, but after having a Crack made on it, it was divided into numerous parts that killed its vigor and dispersed his brutal firepower. After scattering the attacks and finding an opening, Bova and Elmenhilde unleashed their own attacks, even though Bova and the others’ attacks connected, there was no noticeable damage as Typhon praised their fighting spirit.

Issei faced Vidar, while Rossweisse and Ravel faced the Valkyrie Squad. Issei was initially able to gain the advantage during his fight against Vidar as he revealed that he has extended the duration of his Pseudo-Dragon Deification, as Rossweisse and Ravel initially struggled against the Valkyrie Squad until Rossweisse revealed that she had a kiss with Issei, which caused the Valkyrie Squad members became shocked to hear that one of their ex-comrades kissed. Taking advantage of that, Rossweisse and Ravel were able to retire all of the Valkyrie Pawns, as Brynhildr used light magic on her sword and reengaged the duo.

Ddraig fighting together with Issei

Vidar then revealed his artificial Sacred Gear armor, Ragnarok Earth Berserk, which was created by using a jewel that contained Midgardsomr combined with Vidar's boots, as Vidar used the speed of his armor to outpace Issei and land a hit with his finishing move, Fimbulvetr Shot, sending Issei flying and damaging his armor. Typhon and Apollon approached Vidar as the announcement of the Team Red Dragon Emperor of the Blazing Truth team members who were fighting them was heard and Typhon wanted to take Vidar's place fighting Issei as he agitated Ddraig, though Vidar declined his offer. As Issei tried to face the 3 God-class beings, the counter on is right arm reached zero and Ddraig, who resides in his Sacred Gear, manifested next to him.

Challenging Typhon to a fight, Ddraig and Typhon flew into the air as Typhon controlled the weather and produced a thundercloud in that particular area and tried to hurl bolts of lightning at Ddraig. Ddraig took those lightning bolts head on without evading, but the sparks simply ran through his body and didn’t do any damage. Ddraig returned it by expanding his stomach and breathed fire from his mouth. Typhon tried to extinguish the fire by using a strong wind, but it didn’t do anything to the fire as his body was bathed in it.

Apollon tried to assist Typhon by firing divine aura at Ddraig but Ddraig simply warped the trajectory of the divine aura by flapping both his wings at once and counter-attacked by unleashing his draconic aura. Apollon tried to defend by using a defensive magic circle which was easily destroyed by Ddraig's attack as the attack blasted Apollon to Yggdrasil. Apollon continued to try to assist Typhon but was getting easily overwhelmed by Ddraig as he dodged a holy aura attack of Cross x Crisis attack of Xenovia, who challenged Apollon to a fight again.

Before resuming his fight with Vidar, Issei proposed to Rossweisse by asking her to give birth to child which she accepted. As Issei and Vidar resumed their fight, they decided to finish the fight by using their finishing moves at once as Issei used his Infinity Blaster and Vidar used his Fimbulvetr Shot. Realizing that he needed more power, Issei added his Longinus Smasher on top of his Infinity Blaster which overpowered Fimbulvetr Shot as Vidar dodged the bombardment. Taking the advantage, Issei launched his Ascalon Holy Sword which was enhanced with Boost and Penetrate at at Vidar, damaging his armor. As Vidar tried to kick it away, Issei fired Ascalon II which was enhanced with Boost and Penetrate, to completely destroy Vidar's armor and eliminated him from the match.

Rossweisse was able to defeat Byrnhildr by sealing her movement with a sturdy seal which Byrnhildr was unable to destroy as Rossweisse unleashed a blast of magic to eliminate her and Ddraig defeated Typhon, winning the match for Team Red Dragon Emperor of the Blazing Truth.


Team Red Dragon Emperor of the Blazing Truth Team Team Leisure of the Kings
Issei Hyoudou (King)
Grayfia Lucifuge (Queen)
Ouryuu Nakiri (Rook)
Roygun Belphegor (Rook)
Xenovia Quarta (Knight)
Irina Shidou (Knight)
Asia Argento (Bishop) 
Rossweisse (Bishop) 
Ravel Phenex (Pawn)
Bova Tannin (Pawn)
Elmenhilde Karnstein (Pawn)

Typhon (King)
Apollon (Queen)
Vidar (Rook)
Brynhildr (Knight)
Midgardsormr (Knight)
Artemis (Bishop)
Helmwige (Pawn)
Ortlinde (Pawn)
Grimgerde (Pawn)
Schwertleite (Pawn)


Floating Island 1

  • Xenovia Quarta, Irina Shidou and Ouryuu Nakiri vs Apollon


  • Grayfia Lucifuge, Asia Argento and Fafnir vs Artemis

Floating Island 2

  • Elmenhilde Karnstein, Bova Tannin and Roygun Belphegor vs Typhon

Floating Island 3

  • Issei Hyoudou vs Vidar
  • Rossweisse and Ravel Phenex vs Brynhildr, Helmwige, Ortlinde, Grimgerde and Schwertleite 
  • Ddraig vs Typhon
  • Xenovia Quarta vs Apollon


Floating Island 1

  • Xenovia Quarta, Irina Shidou and Ouryuu Nakiri vs Apollon (Winner: Apollon)
    • Irina Shidou and Ouryuu Nakiri are eliminated while Xenovia Quarta is imprisoned in a pillar of light due resisting the effects of Holy Light by possessing the Scabbard of Excalibur, preventing her elimination.


  • Grayfia Lucifuge, Asia Argento and Fafnir vs Artemis (Match Undecided)

Floating Island 2

  • Elmenhilde Karnstein, Bova Tannin and Roygun Belphegor vs Typhon (Winner: Typhon)
    • Elmenhilde Karnstein and Bova Tannin are eliminated while Roygun Belphegor reached the limit of her stamina and was unable to continue fighting

Floating Island 3

  • Issei Hyoudou vs Vidar (Winner: Issei Hyoudou)
    • Vidar is eliminated
  • Rossweisse and Ravel Phenex vs Brynhildr, Helmwige, Ortlinde, Grimgerde and Schwertleite (Winners: Rossweisse and Ravel Phenex) 
    • Helmwige, Ortlinde, Grimgerde and Schwertleite are initially eliminated.
    • Brynhildr was later eliminated by Rossweisse.
  • Ddraig vs Typhon (Winners: Ddraig, Issei Hyoudou, Rossweisse, Ravel Phenex and Xenovia Quarta)
  • Xenovia Quarta vs Apollon (Match Undecided)