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Ascalon is a famous Holy Sword that was previously wielded by Saint George to kill a Dragon. It is currently in the possession of Issei Hyoudou.


Ascalon is the holy sword that Saint George used to kill a Dragon. It was previously kept by the Church along with the Durandal and the Excaliburs.

Issei received the sword from the leader of the Angels, the Archangel Michael, prior to the meeting of the Three Factions, after modification ceremonies from the Three Factions, Issei could wield it, and stored it inside of his Boosted Gear. He primarily uses the sword in situations where cutting a target is needed, countering swordsmen, or against Dragons and Dragon-related beings.[1]

From time to time, Issei has lent Ascalon to Xenovia for situations which Durandal is either unusable or unsuited to, or to use it alongside Durandal in combat.[2][3][4]

Issei was able to send Ascalon to Kiba to wield through his evil piece after his "death", thus temporarily transforming one of his pawn pieces into the holy sword to defeat Siegfried.[5]

Later on, instead of using the actual sword Issei started to transfer the dragon-slaying ability of Ascalon to his punches and attacks.[6]

Issei had received a newer version of Ascalon from the Alchemists of the Church referred to "Ascalon II" crafted after receiving the techniques from the Three Factions, but it is considered more of a dragon sword since the aura seems to suit him more, which was stored in his right gauntlet.[7]

Issei received another version of Ascalon II referred to as a prototype, which no one else could wield since Ascalon II was created for him alone and stored in his tail as the Tail Blade using it as a sneak attack.[8]


Ascalon has the appearance of a European sword with a reddish-purple grip and a golden hilt with stylized crosses at the edges of the guard.

In the anime, the guard has a different appearance, and more resembles four golden dragon claws sticking upwards. The sword has the appearance of a European sword with a grey hilt, a red diamond design imprinted on it surrounded by four blue lines that curve slightly and a golden pommel in the shape of a cone-like arrow. The blade is also notched three times on both sides near the bottom and the fuller, which reaches slightly above the notches, has a gold edge in the shape of a large pearl and the rest is colored purple.


Like other legendary Holy Swords Ascalon can unleashed powerful holy aura. It is also imbued with dragon-slaying power, letting the user to easily harm dragons and dragon-related beings. Before Ascalon was handed to Issei, all Three Factions performed ceremonies on the holy sword to enable him, someone without a light factor and Boosted Gear owner to wield it.

Having been imbued with the dragon power of Ddraig, Ascalon received an enormous boost in power thus turning it into a more offensive weapon, which was able to damage Siegfried, who entered Chaos Break, being more effective than his Holy Demonic Sword.

Issei can also utilize his Transfer powers with Ascalon. He also later learned how to channel the dragon slayer powers of Ascalon into his Crimson Blaster.

Having been stored inside of Boosted Gear, Issei is shown to be able to imbue its power into his punches instead of using it as a normal sword due to his lack of skill in using swords compared to Kiba and Xenovia, but can extend its holy aura to attack from a distance.

Issei can also endow Ascalon with Boost and Penetrate, with the effects staying even after he launches it as a projectile against Vidar.[9]


Ascalon II

Ascalon II (アスカロンII, Asukaron II): This is the second version of Ascalon, which the alchemist of the Church made after receiving the techniques from the Three Factions for Issei Hyoudou, but it is considered to be more of a dragon sword rather than a holy sword due to the aura being matching that of Issei's dragon aura. Similar to the original Ascalon, it was stored in his right gauntlet.

Ascalon II Prototype

Ascalon II Prototype (アスカロンII プロトタイプ, Asukaron II Purototaipu): This is another prototype model for Ascalon II, but due to no one being able to wield it due to Ascalon II being meant for Issei, no one would wield it properly. Though it doesn't have the same abilities as Ascalon II, it is still strong and was stored inside of the tail of his Scale Mail and used as a Tail Blade.


  • The word Ascalon comes from Ashkelon which means "to weigh."
  • In episode 11 and 12 of the anime's second season, Issei showed the ability to extend the blade. Whether this is a normal ability of the sword or an ability gained with the fusion to the Boosted Gear is not clear.


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