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Annihilation Maker, also known as Demonic Beast Creation, is a top-tier Longinus wielded by Leonardo of the Hero Faction. It is ranked among the top four Longinus.[1]


One of the original thirteen Longinus, Annihilation Maker is considered to be one of the biggest "bugs" in the Sacred Gear system, having world-class powers that could destroy the world when used in the wrong hands.[2] [3]

The Annihilation Maker was used by Leonardo from the Hero Faction. Shalba Beelzebub kidnapped Leonardo, using him to forcibly undergo a temporary Balance Breaker to create large Anti-Monsters in order to destroy the Underworld, resulting in a conflict called the Demonic Beast Riot.[4]

In Volume 12, Indra confiscated Leonardo's Longinus from him and sent Leonardo to the Realm of the Dead.[5]

In DX.4, according to Georg, Leonardo was sent to the Grigori to learn to control his Longinus as the higher-ups of the Three Factions were worried about him losing control of his powers.[6]


While Annihilation Maker doesn't have a physical form, the monsters it creates take the shape of black humanoid creatures with various features. Leonardo's anti-monsters take the form of humanoid beings with a single glowing red eye, which can discharge light beams from it.[7]


Leonardo creating Anti-Monsters from his shadow.

The Annihilation Maker grants the user the ability to create an assortment of creatures from their shadows and based on their imagination. As such, the more powerful the user's imagination, the more powerful the creature is upon its creation.[7] The monsters are described to be capable of trampling upon a small country in a matter of hours.[8]

The process of creating these creatures goes as follow:

  1. Shadows appear from under the user's feet.
  2. The shadows grow to the appropriate size based on what the user is trying to create.
  3. Parts of the shadow break off and the desired monsters come out of them.
  4. The monsters act according to the user's will.


A special type of monsters that Leonardo specializes in creating, which are monsters that have abilities that target the opponents' weaknesses.[7] The monsters are shown to be highly resistant to the abilities of the races they are created for, as shown when the Bandersnatch and Jabberwocky were unaffected by demonic powers and magic related to time, space and forceful teleportation.[9] Leonardo is currently capable of creating anti-monsters for Devils, Angels and Dragons.[7]


Bandersnatch and Jabberwocky

Bandersnatch and Jabberwocky (破滅の覇獣鬼(バンダースナッチ・アンド・ジャバウォッキー), Bandāsunatchi ando Jabawokkī), also known as Supreme Demonic Beasts of Ruin is a temporary Subspecies Balance Breaker of Leonardo which Shalba Beelzebub had forcibly awakened. This creates twelve anti-monsters measured to be 150 meters tall named the Bandersnatch (豪獣鬼(バンダースナッチ), Bandāsunatchi) also known as Great Demonic Beast, which can create smaller copies of itself and one anti-monster measured to be 200 meters named the Jabberwocky (超獣鬼(ジャバウォック), Jabawokku), also known as Super Demonic Beast, which are additionally capable of creating hundreds of smaller monsters.[9] As anti-monsters, the Bandersnatch and Jabberwocky are immune to things that would slow them down such as space-time magic. The Jabberwocky also has incredible regenerative powers, able to confront Diehauser Belial, the "Emperor" and his peerage who are top-ranked in the Rating Games, and the entire Lucifer Peerage (without Sirzechs), which is considered the strongest peerage in the Underworld.[9] The Jabberwocky is capable of launching fireballs and releasing rays of light at others.[10]


  • Annihilation Maker's Balance Breaker, "Bandersnatch and Jabberwocky", are references to Lewis Carroll's Alice series, Bandersnatch being a character from Through the Looking Glass and Jabberwocky being a reference to the eponymous poem.
  • In the Afterword for Volume 9, the author revealed that Annihilation Maker has world-class powers, being capable of destroying the world when used by certain people, thus earning it a spot as a top-tier Longinus.[2]
    • In the Afterword for Volume 12, the author has mentioned that the subspecies Balance Breaker, "Bandersnatch and Jabberwocky", has the ability to destroy the World.[3]


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