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Angra Mainyu is the Evil God of Darkness in Persian mythology, who joined Hades and the Alliance of Hell to eliminate the DxD team, Longinus users, chief-gods of each mythology, and Ajuka Beelzebub.


Angra takes form of a phantom with a jet-black body with a muscular build and glowing fire-like eyes and has horns on his head. His body also gives out a chaotic aura.


Despite his status as a Evil God, Angra doesn’t mind working with the others gods from different mythologies when there’s a greater threat to him, such as the Longinus users. Angra is also sadistic, taking pleasure of torturing Issei with his form of a woman when he’s under the effects of Alphecca Tyrant and ruthlessly attack him and Gogmagog with his elemental magic circles. He’s also capable of showing fear as seen when Issei attains his True Dragon Deification.


In the past, Angra Mainyu created Aži Dahāka to fight against the army of the Gods of the Zoroastrianism. Later at some point, Angra was summoned by Tartarus to join Hades' Alliance of Hell to fight against the DxD (Team).


Red Dragon Emperor of the Blazing Truth × White Dragon Emperor of the Morning Star: The True Dragon(s) of the Kuoh AcademyEdit

Angra Mainyu was mentioned in Volume 24, who were arriving in the Realm of the Dead for Hades’s meeting with the Alliance of Hell.

Angra made his first appearance in Volume 25, where he laughed after watching Issei Hyoudou declaring his challenge to Hades, finding him interesting and wishes to look forward to their meeting.

Angra reappeared in True Volume 2, participating in the meeting of the Alliance of Hell and watches the recording that Hades was showing to Verrine about a silver humanoid machine being and became interested, considered different from what Azazel and Ajuka predicted.

In True Volume 3, Angra came to believe that the DxD team have assistance from the Gods of each myths and Ophis after hearing the defeat of Erebus and Tartarus, and the Longinus users growth far exceeds their expectations. After Hades decided to make his own move, Angra decided to accompany him on his plan and with Verrine also wishing to join them as she wishes to fight against Issei.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Gremory seal-disclaimerImmense Strength: As an Evil God of Persian mythology, Angra is a very powerful god. He is capable of fighting against Issei Hyoudou, who is using his Pseudo Diabolos Dragon God armor, though he admits that Issei is strong and he would eventually lose to him.

Gremory seal-disclaimerMaster Magician: Angra is a very skilled user of Zoroastrianism magic. He is noted by Issei to be skilled at targeting a opponents weaknesses, as he excels in using magic that targets an opponent's weaknesses.

  • Gremory seal-disclaimerElemental Magic: He is capable of using several elemental magic. He is also capable of creating light magic to target the weaknesses of Devils and even Dragon Slaying magic, which is effective against Dragons.
  • Gremory seal-disclaimerDefensive Magic: He can create defensive magic circles to shield himself from damage
  • Gremory seal-disclaimerTeleportation Magic: He can create magic circles to teleport himself or others.
  • Gremory seal-disclaimerTransformation Magic: He has the ability to shapeshift, as he was able to transform into a form of a black-haired woman with a voluptuous figure.

Gremory seal-disclaimerDivine Aura: Angra can use his divine aura to enhance his magical attacks.

Gremory seal-disclaimerMaster Inventor: Angra is the creator of the legendary Evil Dragon, Aži Dahāka, who he created to fight against the army of the Gods of the Zoroastrianism. He is capable of creating a clone of Aži Dahāka and even create Evil Dragon copies of the Two Heavenly Dragons, Ddraig and Albion, though they lacked the full power of the originals and were incapable of using their special abilities.




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