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It’s a pleasure to meet you, Sekiryuutei-sama. I am Seekvaira Agares-sama’s [Queen] and her butler, Alivian.

–Alivian introducing himself to Issei Hyoudou, Light Novel DX.2, Life.6 Maniac’s Sanctuary

Alivian is a reincarnated Devil serving as Queen and a butler for Seekvaira Agares. He is formerly a Eastern European Dragon (East Slavic Dragon) from the Dragon clan called "Zmei".


Alivian is described as a black haired bishounen wearing a butler uniform.


Alivian is shown to be a serious person who has the proper manners of a butler and attendant as he is used to dealing with his master's encentric behavior.


At some point in the past, Alivian was recruited by Seekvaira Agares into her peerage.

Powers and Abilities

Demonic Power: As a Queen, Alivian possesses considerably high demonic powers, as he is stated to be the strongest member of the Agares peerage. During the rating game against Sona's Peerage, He is both great at attack and defense and he is an all-rounder type who’s good at both fist fight and magic forcing Saji to transform into Vritra in order to fight him head on.

Immense Strength: As a Dragon, Alivian has great strength which is further enhanced by the the Rook trait of his Queen Piece.

Immense Durability: Alivian has considerable defenses as a dragon, which is further enhanced through the Rook trait of his Queen Piece,

Enhanced Speed: From the Knight trait of his Queen piece, Alivian has great speed.

Enhanced Magic Power: Due to the Bishop trait of his Queen Piece, Alivian is able to strengthen his magic and demonic powers.

Shapeshifting: He has the ability to shapeshift from his dragon form to human form, though he mostly stays in his human form.

Fire Breath: As a dragon, he is capable of breathing a powerful fire breath.

Dragon Aura: Alivian can fire aura bullets with his dragon aura and aura breath.

Flight: As a dragon, Alivian can fly using his wings.


Queen Piece (女王の駒, Joō no koma): As a Queen, Alivian has all the traits of a Rook (offense and defense), Bishop (magic power), and Knight (speed). He appears well-rounded in all Queen traits compared to others.


  • Alivian is prohibited from turning into his Dragon form without Seekvaira's permission.
  • He is the second male Queen that was introduced in the series.
  • Alivian is one of the two Dragons who became a Devil, the other being Tannin.
    • Alivian and Tannin are also male Queens for their respective masters.
  • Upon his promotion to High-class Devil, Alivian choose to accept the offer of being granted his own Evil Pieces.