Akeno Himejima is a first-year college student at Kuoh Academy and one of the many female protagonists of High School DxD. She is Rias Gremory's Queen as well as her best friend. Akeno is one of Kuoh Academy's Two Great Ladies alongside Rias. She is also one of Issei's fiancées.


Akeno is a beautiful young woman with a voluptuous figure, very long black hair and violet eyes. Her hair is usually tied in a long ponytail, reaching all the way down to her legs with two strands sticking out from the top and sloping backward, with an orange ribbon keeping it in place.

Like most of the girls at Kuoh Academy, she wears the customary Kuoh Academy girls' school uniform, along with black calf-length socks.

As revealed in the visual book with her data [1], her body measurements are [B102-W60-H89 cm] [B40-W24-H35 in]. Her body weight is [54 kg] [119 lbs] while her height is 168 cm (5 feet 6 inches).

In the anime, during battles, she often transforms her clothes into a traditional miko attire, consisting of a white haori with red accents, a red hakama, and a pair of zōri with white tabi.

When she first revealed herself as a Fallen Angel in front of Issei in Volume 4, she reveals one Devil wing and one Fallen Angel wing. This later changes to six Fallen Angel wings with the aid of two bracelets (no longer required) given to her by Azazel. In True Volume 2, it changes to eight Fallen Angel wings. In this form, it is stated by Yuuto Kiba that she looks like a high tier Fallen Angel; possibly a Cadre.


She is first seen to be very elegant and gentle, but is in fact highly sadistic in battle and doesn't show any mercy or remorse towards the enemies she slays. She also loves to tease Issei and Rias. Akeno has also stated that she has some masochism in her as well. She is shown to be quite vulgar, flirting with Issei as such and doesn't care if Rias knows or saw her doing the act, but does care enough to not steal him away from her. After falling in love with him, she becomes very seductive and obsessed to have an affair with Issei whenever she finds a chance, which is often interrupted by Rias and some others.

She also has a weak side to her once she removes her mask of being an Onee-Sama, what is left is her true side of "depending" on a man which is generally Issei. If danger arises to him, she will become depressed or it can also lead to a rise in her tension. The latter occurred when Issei was injured in the Rating Game between the Sitri and Gremory groups, and the former when Issei was thought to be dead in the Dimensional Gap.

Despite being seductive toward Issei and acting like a mature young woman, Akeno is still innocent and emotional towards love and acts like a girl her age whenever she is on a date with Issei. However, this still does not stop her being seductive and flirting with Issei. Despite being seen as calm and clear, Akeno does get jealous like the other girls and will fight for Issei.


Akeno is the only child of Shuri Himejima, a Shinto priestess and Baraqiel, a Fallen Angel and one of the leaders of the Fallen Angel organization, Grigori. As a child, Akeno was close to her mother and fell into despair when she witnessed her mother's death, blaming her father for not being able to protect her. After the death of Shuri, Akeno stayed with her mother's relative before being kicked out due to her Fallen Angel blood.

At the tender age of 10, without food or money, Akeno journeyed throughout Japan using her skills to purify evil spirits that she learned from her mother in order to survive, doing so for a year and a half. When she stumbled into a certain town, Akeno indirectly saved a human that was contracted with a Devil from the Gremory Clan. Fearing that the Devil would kill her due to her Fallen Angel heritage, Akeno decided to hide from them. Later, while trying to leave the town, Akeno was suddenly attacked by her relatives from the Himejima Clan who came to kill her. Before her Grand-Uncle Suou Himejima could land the decisive blow, Rias, and her father's Bishop, Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa, appeared and talked Akeno's family out of killing her with two conditions; first Akeno is to never enter the territory under the Himejima Clan and second, to always stay beside Rias. She then moved into the Gremory Palace where she was taught various things from studies, to how a lady should act as well as deepening her bonds with Rias, becoming her best friend in the process.

Upon entering Junior High, Rias received her Evil Pieces and made Akeno her first servant. She later entered Kuoh Academy alongside Rias and helped her in re-establishing the Occult Research Club becoming its Vice-President.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Demonic Power: Despite being a Reincarnated Devil, Akeno shows great potential in demonic powers where she is on par with Rias (her king and a High-Class Devil). Akeno's prowess is acknowledged to be the strongest member of the peerage right behind Rias herself with Riser Phenex commenting that before the ten-day training period, only Akeno can fight on par with the members of his peerage. Her overall demonic powers and magic are enhanced through the power of the Bishop aspect of her Queen piece. Later on, she became one of the first three members of Rias's peerage to be promoted to Middle-Class along with Issei and Yuuto. It is stated by Azazel that her power is equal to that of a High-Class devil. By Volume 21, Akeno power enhanced to the point of defeating an army of mass-produced Evil Dragons.

Akeno using Holy Lighting

Akeno using Holy Lighting

Holy Lightning: Akeno's signature skill that she inherited from her father, Baraqiel. Akeno combines the power of light and thunder to create Holy Lightning. Akeno can make high-density holy lightning strikes on her opponents.

  • Fallen Angel Transformation (堕天使モード , Datenshi Mōdo): A form that is achieved by condensing her Holy Lightning blood. In this form, Akeno gains six black wings and drastically enhances her Holy Lightning abilities. At first, this transformation required the use of two special bracelets made by Azazel, but as of Volume 17, Akeno is now able to enter this form on her own. In True Volume 2, Akeno's strength increases to the point of gaining eight black wings.
  • Holy Lightning Dragon (雷光龍 , Raikōryū): Due to her constant draining of Issei's Dragon aura, she has gained the ability to shape her Holy Lightning into the form of an Asian Dragon, which can move as if it was alive. It has been shown to be immensely powerful, devouring large fragments of rocks and erasing one of Grendel's fireballs. In Volume 19, Akeno can create five large holy lightning dragons. In True Volume 2, Akeno can shape her holy Lightning into the form of a five-headed Asian Dragon.

Expert Magician: Akeno has shown herself to be skilled in the use of magic with her, Rias and Rossweisse being the top magic specialists in the Peerage (before Rossweisse left).

  • Elemental Magic: Akeno excels at natural elements like lightning, ice, fire, and water. Similar to the Holy Lightning Dragon, Akeno can also form Asian Dragons out of fire and ice and send them against her enemies. Akeno can create thunder clouds in the sky, making lightning bolts rain on her opponents. Akeno could freeze Cerberus fire instantly and she can create spears of ice at her opponents.
  • Cloth Manipulation: Usually when Akeno needs to use all of her magic power, she alters her clothes into a Shinto priestess attire that gave her the epithet, "Priestess of Thunder".[note 1] She also uses this to repair hers or the clothes of others.
  • Defense Magic: She has been shown to be able to use magic to strengthen the power of her defense by focusing on the Rook trait of her Queen piece, to protect herself as well as others from powerful attacks.
  • Purification: Akeno has the power to purify evil spirits which she learned from her mother. However, since she lacks Senjutsu prowess, her ability is inferior to Koneko's and Kuroka's.

Enhanced Strength and Defense: As a Queen, Akeno possesses enhanced strength and defense through the Rook trait of her Queen piece, but due to Akeno never resorting to physical confrontations, it's unknown how her physical prowess compares to Koneko.

Enhanced Speed: As a Queen, Akeno has the Knight speed enhancement through her Queen piece. In Volume 24, Akeno was capable of evading many of Zhu Bajie's attacks with ease.

Stealth Expert: As mentioned by Issei and Rias, Akeno has developed a skill to sneak behind people without leaving any presence.

Flight: Being a Devil, Akeno can fly using either her Devil wings or Fallen Angel wings.

Equipment Edit

Oni Mask: The Devil mask allows Akeno to summon two six-meter tall demons. One named Ura, the famous evil Oni that became the head of its kind and lived in Onigashima; and second, Ibaraki Doujou, a legendary onigami who served as the right hand of Shuten Douji, one of the Three Great Youkai of Japan.


  • "Ara Ara Ufufufu." [Oh my, Oh my (giggles).]
  • "Those who even try to lay a hand on my president shall be punished endlessly." (Season 1, Episode 3)
  • "You can rely on me more, you know." (Season 2 New)
  • (To Issei) "...You said some killing words... After hearing that... won't I really get serious..." (Volume 4, Life 3)
  • (To Issei) "Ufufu. That would make it my first kiss, I guess." (Volume 7 New Life)


  • Akeno has large breasts due to her Fallen Angel blood, as Azazel mentions in Volume 8 that female Fallen Angels possess seductive bodies.
    • Azazel has stated that, even for a Fallen Angel, Akeno is particularly seductive.[2]
  • Akeno's last name, Himejima, means "Princess Island".
  • Akeno inherited her sadistic personality from her mother and her masochistic personality from her father.
  • It was revealed in Ishibumi's other work, -SLASHDØG-, that Akeno is related by blood to Tobio Ikuse as cousins.[3]
    • Tobio's grandmother is a member of the Himejima clan.
  • Akeno's birthday is on July 21.[4]
  • Issei in Volume 1 of the novels called Akeno "Yamato Nadeshiko" which means "personification of an idealized Japanese woman", or "the epitome of pure, feminine beauty".
  • Akeno, alongside Asia, have the most familiars in the series with both having six each.
  • Akeno uploads videos to DeviTube about Japanese traditional performing arts.
  • Akeno has a driving license.


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