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Aika Kiryuu is a third-year student who is in the same class as Asia, Issei and all their friends in the same year.


She wears spectacles, has gold colored eyes and lightly messy brunette hair tied into braids on each side.

She wears the Kuoh Academy girls' school uniform.


She has a very perverted and somewhat mocking personality. She tends to give the Church Trio lewd advice's about attempting to attract Issei. After Tosca joined she received some advises from her too. She doesn't hesitate to also poke fun at the Perverted Trio about their lack of popularity with girls, more often now she specifically teases Issei on the all the girls that like him while encouraging Matsuda and Motohama's jealousy over him.

She appears to be a fan of the rumor between Issei and Kiba, buying the Prince×Beast ‘doujinshi’ manga based off them showing it to the Church Trio and Tosca.

After learning about the Devils' existence - she felt ignorant of Issei and his friends, and wanted to help Asia and the others by attempting to find someone to learn magic from. She has enough confidence with the Occult Research Club and Hyoudou Residence members that she even asked some of them if she could learn magic from one of them.

She shows admiration for Lavinia Reni after being accepted as her apprentice.

Powers & Abilities

Magic: As Lavinia apprentice, she started to learn magic, being able to create a magic circle to use magic and create various explosions. She is also interested in learning about love-centered astrology.

Size Scouter: Kiryuu has the ability to calculate a male's "manhood" size just by looking, similar yet the opposite of Motohama.


  • She is friend of every known girl who was in the church in some point of her life that joined Kuoh Academy. Curiously all of them are or were members of the Occult Research Club.
  • She shares the "Perverted Glasses" nickname with Motohama because both of them are perverts, wear glasses and have one Size Scouter.