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…Someday, once again, let’s fight once more, Lucifer—

–Aži Dahāka's dying words to Vali Lucifer, Volume 21, Life.Lucifer


Aži Dahāka was a legendary Evil Dragon also known as the Diabolism Thousand Dragon and Forbidden Dragon of Demonic Origin. He was a member of Qlippoth prior to his betrayal.

He led the attack towards the other world of ExE together with another legendary Evil Dragon Apophis.


Aži Dahāka was a giant Dragon with three heads and six giant wings. He had very dark scales with a shade of purple.


It is stated that Aži Dahāka was a cruel and wicked Dragon. It is also implied that he may have enjoyed pain, as he kept on standing with wicked laughter while receiving damage from the Vali Team.

Aži Dahāka talked in a cheerful and mischievous manner and enjoyed insulting others in a very sharp manner. During conversations, each head of his had a different line but was of the same opinion. His manner of speech was also said to be childish.

In Volume 21, Aži Dahāka had shown an honorable side as shown when he did not insult Vali for his desire to protect his family and even admired and apologized to him for it, as he believed that is what makes him strong. He had shown to completely disrespect and disdain through Rizevim Livan Lucifer and the Old Satan Faction and their ideology and ambition of world domination, as he called the Old Satan Faction and Rizevim as immature selfish brats, with grand words who are lost in their delusions. Just like Apophis, he refers Rizevim as good for nothing loser and a foolish Satan than Vali. 


In the past, Aži Dahāka was created by Angra Mainyu and fought against the army of the Gods of the Zoroastrianism. He then fought and was defeated by the hero, Θraētaona, and was later sealed. He was revived by the Khaos Brigade sometime before Volume 14.

Power and Abilities

Immense Strength: As an Evil Dragon said to be stronger then even the Five Great Dragon Kings, Aži Dahāka was an immensely powerful dragon. In fact, he was said to be among the three most powerful evil dragons alongside Crom Cruach and Apophis. This was proven when he was able to fight all the entire Vali Team alone with Kuroka stating their escape was possible due to him starting a quarrel with Grendel. Aži Dahāka's immense strength is further proven as he could fight against the armies of Zoroastrian Gods and Oraetona single-handedly, leaving them no option but to seal them. In Volume 21, it is revealed that he achieved Heavenly Dragon-class power, being much stronger than Rizevim, but not as powerful as Crom Cruach who surpassed Ddraig and Albion in their prime. He could fight on par with Vali Lucifer, who was wearing his Diabolos Dragon Lucifer armor.

Immense Durability: He was tremendously resilient to physical pain, allowing him to continue to move and fight despite grievous injuries from the extremely powerful Vali Team; which include Vali's Divine Dividing enhanced demonic power, powerful cuts and slashes from Arthur's Caliburn which is the strongest Holy Sword, Kuroka and Bikou's Senjutsu and Le Fay's magic. His body underwent further enhancement by the Holy Grail, allowing him to freely use forbidden magic techniques that could cut down his life without restriction.

Fangs: Aži Dahāka had razor-sharp fangs and extraordinary jaw strength that was able to easily chomp down on Vali, piercing the Scale Mail armor in his Diabolos Dragon Lucifer form.

Master Magician: It is said that Aži Dahāka had knowledge and control over one thousand magic. In Volume 20, Aži Dahāka displayed magic skill that surpassed Rizevim's, bypassing and removing all the seals that the Super Devil had put on the Holy Grail. During his death match with Vali, he had shown the capability to simultaneously activate countless types of different magics including forbidden techniques all at once. It was also mentioned that Aži Dahāka could freely use space and time magic.

  • Elemental Magic: Aži Dahāka as shown in Volume 21, being able to cast elemental magic on a wide scale releasing larges amounts of flames, ice, water, lightning, storms, and darkness. He can also use forbidden type elemental magic spells to create a skull of purple flames, cyclones of curses and jet black lightning.
  • Defensive Magic: Aži Dahāka has shown the ability to create defensive magic to block Vali's attacks during their deathmatch.
  • Teleportation Magic: Aži Dahāka demonstrated the ability to teleport himself, as means of transportation and a means of dodging attacks in battle, as demonstrated during his deathmatch with Vali Lucifer.
  • Space-Time Magic: Aži Dahāka has shown to be skilled in using space-time magic, even being able to produce the time-stopping power of the Evil God, Balor albeit not to the same level.
  • Healing Magic: He can also use rare healing-based magic able to heal his injuries and is strong enough to regenerate his lost limbs such as his heads. While normally the continuous use of such powerful healing requires a large amount of magical power and a sacrifice of the healers lifespan, due to his enhancements from the Holy Grail and his own dragonic nature, he was immune to the negative side effects of lifespan reduction, requiring only a large amount of magical power to regenerate body parts.
  • Barrier Magic: Aži Dahāka is skilled in barrier magic, being able to create an ellipse-shaped barrier, which caused a time dilation effect through distorting the space-time inside of it. He could even trap Vali inside of a barrier space that created an illusionary world based on his deepest desires.
  • Illusion Magic: Aži Dahāka is skilled in illusion magic, being able to combine it with his barrier magic to create a fake illusionary world based on the target's psyche and hidden desires. It is noted to be extremely effective by Aži Dahāka as it felled thousands of strong warriors with it's temptation. In the case of Vali Lucifer, his hidden desire manifested as a world where he happily lives which his mother and siblings. This magic was noted to be crumble a warrior's willpower as demonstrated by Vali Lucifer who himself admitted he would have crumbled and stayed had he hugged the illusion of his mother.
  • Duplication Magic: Aži Dahāka could use his illusion magic to create clones of himself made of magic. Due to his command of magic, he could create around 100 clones who could also use magic to attack including forbidden techniques. Vali Lucifer noted that the clones shared Aži Dahāka's appearance & his aura of magic. It was possible that due to his mastery of magic, that these clones weren't just magical creations but fully fledged facsimiles of the real Aži Dahāka.

Flight: Being a dragon, he could fly using his six jet black wings.



  • In Persian mythology, Aži Dahāka is described in Avesta as a 3-headed 6-eyed creature and symbol of wickedness and evil nature.
  • The character of Aži Dahāka was inspired by King Ghidorah, the golden three-headed dragon in Godzilla.
  • Aži Dahāka is the second character to be killed by Vali, the first being Pluto.